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GTA Online comprehensive (ground) PvP guide


before you start reading this, please leave your opinions on PvP and “tryhards” at the door, this post is just to provide information, hopefully helping someone. I realize it’s vastly looked down upon, however I really don’t care. just do what makes you happy.

this game has a HUGE skill ceiling, but easy to learn mechanics, keep that in mind.

I play AUTO AIM. Free aim is a little different, I’m sure someone else can help you with that.

also: freemode PvP has no rules, don’t be pissed when someone uses something dirty, like BST or a mk2, bitching about “rules” is for pre-planned 1v1s within a certain playstyle, not fighting randos in freemode

I’ll admit that my writing is shit, but I’ll do my damn best. English is my 3rd language.

outfit: doesn’t really matter, just wear something somewhat thin, no parachute either. no it will not make your hitbox smaller, it will however make your thermal blip smaller, and far harder to hit abusing thermal’s ability to shoot through walls. oh, and wear a bulletproof helmet, there’s no argument here, just wear one, if you don’t like the look just have one on a separate outfit to use when you get into a fight. you’re at a massive disadvantage if you don’t wear one.

okay, with that out of the way, let’s cover the most basic thing first: weapons.

You should be using 5 main weapons, if you’re using anything besides these 5, you’re doing it wrong and should use these 5. there’s a decent amount of overlap between every engagement location, so these 5 are good for general use.

those five are:

  • the Combat MG mk2 (shortened to CBMGMK2 for ease of typing)

  • the heavy sniper MK2,

  • the grenade launcher, and the

  • homing launcher (shortened to HL for ease of typing).

  • Pump Shotgun MK2 (shortened to PSMK2 for ease of typing)

there’s only two of these that require modification, you can leave the homing launcher and grenade launcher stock, mine still are.

(pro tip: these should be your only 2 heavy weapons in your custom weapon loadout, it eases buying ammo in the interaction menu and you can just tap the right trigger while hovering over them in the weapon wheel to switch between the two, it’s easier than going “no wait shit I meant to take my homing launcher out” when you’re standing there with your cock out and a minigun in your hands.)

the heavy sniper MK2 should have a thermal scope, heavy barrel, extended mag, and whatever muzzle you want, I use the suppressor because I don’t mind the recoil, if you want less, use the “flat end” or “bell end” muzzle option. The thermal scope is essentially a requirement because of the shit render range on console, if you’ve ever had someone disappear from in front of you while you were shooting at them with a sniper you know what I’m talking about.

2 should have NOTHING BUT A HEAVY BARREL. no extended mag, no nothing, just put the heavy barrel on and whatever visual mods you want, leave it stock besides the heavy barrel. why? because leaving it like this makes the lock on range 55 meters. for reference, a AR locks onto someone at a max range of 35, and a CBMGMK2 with everything on it will lock onto someone at a max range of 45. this means you can lock onto someone, and they can’t lock onto you, even if you’re using the same gun. this will ruin your accuracy in 3rd person, but you shouldn’t be in 3rd person if you’re fighting anyways, always be in 1st person. it makes any gun you’re using a lazer beam even if it has no accuracy increasing attachments on it. here’s a 2 year old post about someone being confused about this very thing.

PSMK2: much the same as the CBMGMK2, leave it stock besides explosive ammo. gives longer lock on range of 30M.

onto how to use these 5 weapons:

sniper: I’d say 70-80% of fights in this game are sniper fights, or end up being sniper fights. get good at strafing and dragscoping with the sniper, there’s nothing for me to say about developing muscle memory and skill, all there is to do there is practice.

CBMGMK2: this is what you use if they’re at mid range, you’ll develop a feel for what range to use every weapon at, just know that you need some R&G skill. just never roll first, do your best to aim upwards when you lock onto them and carry your crosshair to their head. it takes them from a 4-5 shot to a 3 shot, not much of a difference but with the cranked DPS of the CBMGMK2 1 bullet is all it takes.

grenade launcher: get ready to use some trigonometry, get a feel for the arc of the grenades, and then abuse the shit out of it, if someone’s behind a building spam grenades over it, making sure to start at a high arc and make your way down. this will almost guarantee a kill.

homing launcher: if you’re on Xbox get into the groove of slightly pressing RT so that it goes into that “aimed but not locking onto anything” mode so you can aim at things without locking onto everything in existence. every 7 or so sniper shots throw a homing launcher at them to switch it up. if someone’s flushed up with a wall that you can clearly see the other side of, shoot a homing launcher at it, the explosion will travel through the wall and kill them. the same effect can be had if someone’s standing flush with a corner, and you shoot just in front of that corner at the ground. this also works for being underneath someone, if the surface they’re standing on is thin enough, you can shoot a rocket and kill them from underneath it, without ever having a direct line of sight to them.

advanced weapon handling:

something you will notice watching an experienced PvP player is that they use almost every weapon in the game completely differently than someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. here’s a few examples.

sniper: there’s not much to do here, nothing special really. just get into the grain of switching to your sticky bomb then back to your sniper after every kill, or after every 7 shots of the 8 round mag. you shouldn’t ever see any reload of any type, ever. this applies to every other gun in the game as well, as it’s far far faster than just waiting out the reload animation.

grenade launcher: this is how you should be using your grenade launcher. slightly hold down RT so that you “aim”, then shoot, then tap the left bumper to “stow” your weapon, then hold LB to pull up the weapon wheel, then select the grenade launcher and start it all again. it should look like this: RT, LB, LB>select grenade launcher, repeat. it takes some practice to get down, but you should get the hang of it pretty quickly, if you’re not as fast as me, that’s fine, I have over 8000 hours of muscle memory. oh, and always be moving when doing anything, always be strafing when you’re in a fight.

homing launcher: there’s two methods to spamming this, method 1 is more accurate but is slower, and method 2 is faster but less accurate. both basically do the same thing, just select different parts of the weapon wheel. method 1 you shoot, then select the assault rifle slot, then back to the homing launcher. and method 2 you select the throwables slot after shooting. which one you choose is up to you. my homing launcher spam is considered rather trash among PvP players, but that’s because I have carpal tunnel in my right hand. yours will probably be better with a few hours of practice.

damn, just got hit with writers block hard asf. umm, if you want me to add something to this guide please just tell me? I’ll make a vehicle PvP guide soon.


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