GTA Online Executing Griefers Guide By: BeautifulEnd949


This is a guide to dealing with those Mk2s:

Option 1,

  1. Assess area where griefer is operating.

  2. Sticky bomb an entrance to a car park.

  3. Use a nightshark to lure griefer into said carpark and execute.

Option 2, Same as above but also sticky bomb your nightshark in case they get out and try to shoot you.

*nightshark must be fully armoured up. It can take more missiles than a mk2 holds but hopefully griefer has used up a lot of them by the time you are engaged. Also nightshark does not show up as a special vehicle on map so griefer will think you are in a normal vehicle believing you are easy pickings.

The above is the easiest method as griefers are usually dumb. However if they have some skill then the following options can help:

Option 3, Use homing launchers when they are taking a rest in between griefing kills.

Option 4, Snipe them by aiming scope just slightly ahead of them. Using first person acclimatises you quicker to fight mode.

Option 5, Use drone to kill them – this is only useful is they are on a tall building.

Option 6, Call Lester or CEO ghost organisation and get a Mk2. Do not activate auto lock on until you are really close to them then fire missiles continuously.

Option 7, Using Terrorbyte park up in between trees in Vespucci beach making sure vehicle won’t tip over. Get in the back and bounty them or call Lamar and send mugger. Get into chair ready to fire missiles.

Option 8, Same as above but use MOC, try getting friends to help as you have three guns.

Option 9, Park your sub next to your yacht. Launch cruise missiles continuously at griefer. Remember griefer can attack you. So when you see griefer coming to you activate yacht defences. Call Lamar, now when mk2 is blown up start shooting at random areas on beach until they spawn. Launch RPGs too. Griefer will get mugged and be down – execute.

Option 10, Get a jet preferably hydra or strike force which has great turning circle. Fly higher than Maze bank activate off radar dive into griefer usually you will execute by launching missiles if not then circle non-stop while shooting canons also launch flares. Griefer will run out of missiles – then execute.

Option 11, Use avenger above your yacht. Fire canons executing griefer. If not then when safe jump out of avenger into yacht and activate air defences. Follow option end of option 9.

Option 12, Chernobug but this is a weak vehicle so you can only shoot long range.

If griefer in jet then it’s an easy explosive sniper shot, usually twice. No need for tactics.

If griefer on ground use mugger, use RC car / RC tank – but launch these some distance away so you spawn into safe area away from griefer.

Khanjali is good but mk2 can take them out easily.

Make friends and collectively attack griefer.

If griefer is exploiting don’t engage. Report or vote kick.

Remember assess situation before engaging. Also have a job ready to teleport to if you get into difficulty.

Griefers usually go passive or ask you to chill or try to vote kick you, take it as a compliment 🙂.

Hopefully you will have a peaceful lobby with just standard violence.

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