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Welcome to the new video in the Grand Theft Auto tips and tricks series. You know who I am: Gary7MT Now, let’s analyze the latest Grand Theft Auto online mode update: arms smuggling, which brings new business opportunities The purpose of this video is to introduce you to all the information about costs, wages, investments, upgrades, time required, and this new, grand Theft Auto style arms deal So that you can make the best choice and decide whether you want to participate in this new business Agent 14: Remember, we have never met, you have never met me. I don’t know you. Anything you hear me say to you is delusional. I didn’t say anything. Remember well Agent 14: We will contact you later Agent 14: You are a hero Now let’s talk about a few basic principles: Just like asking for wealth and wealth, import and export tycoons and wild mobsters, you can only “buy and sell” in the open battle.

Another point is the same as the Assassin: getting or selling your products does not necessarily require your personal presence or interaction The bunker first needs to complete a preparation task, and then there will be a renewal task every once in a while You must be online to make the product This is just when your employees are transforming raw materials into high-tech weapons, you are free to do tasks, rob, race cars, watch TV or walk in circles (he…) Now, let us talk about the first factor-price To start your business, you need a bunker-you can choose which one you choose. The location of the bunker will not affect the quantity and quality of weapons produced The cheapest bunker is located in Perito, the price is $1,165,000 The most expensive bunker is located south of the prison and costs $2,365,000 In both cases, we did not add any personalization facilities.

Of course, some people will want to add personal style For example, adding personal space, shooting range, weapons depot and transportation tools, but this will obviously increase the cost How to choose Renjun choose. But be aware that taking the rich route will leave a big hole of $4,000,000 in your wallet It’s like forcing you to sell a lot of weapons just to cover this astronomical bunker cost Our suggestion is to keep everything in its default state except for adding a shooting range Because the shooting range can unlock two kinds of MKII weapons, provide a bunch of free projectile weapons and unlock a bunch of T-shirts, hoodies, and hats When you have your new bunker, enter it, wait for the long cutscenes to end, and then click on the computer located in the research area to start the “prepare task” This mission is always the same: arrive at an Armed Nation branch, steal a cross-country ranger full of supplies and drive it to the bunker After doing this, you are technically operational.

However, you can adjust your business a bit. First things first: upgrade Equipment upgrades will speed up production, increase the value of your weapon products and consume less raw materials This upgrade also affects the appearance of the bunker The effect of staff upgrade is exactly the same as equipment upgrade. Once bought, the new staff will arrive in about 10 minutes Upgraded security facilities will reduce the possibility of being attacked by the enemy. Please note that it is lowered, not removed. So don’t think you won’t be attacked According to our tests and what others said on the Grand Theft Auto forum: No matter whether the security facilities are upgraded or not, it is very rare to be attacked It took us nearly four days and nine hours to stand on the roof with nothing to do before we were attacked Compared with the quest for peace in the wealth insurance, arms smuggling obviously has one more task to defend your business. In this mission, you arrive at a truck, kill a bunch of competitors, use a classic hacking game to disarm three bombs, and finally drive the car back to your bunker.

If the mission fails, you will lose all inventory But if you successfully drive the truck back to the bunker, you will only lose a small part of your inventory But be careful: when your enemy finds you, it will start a five-minute countdown Fortunately: even if you die, the mission will not fail, but remember to disarm three bombs before time runs out Otherwise the truck will explode, leaving nothing in your bunker Oh, and one more thing: when you hack into the bomb, more enemies will spawn. So hack into those bombs as soon as possible Closer to home, when you complete the preparation tasks and purchase the upgrade, there is one thing you can change: that is the employees We can assign staff to the production line: use raw materials to make products Or they are all assigned to research: use raw materials to unlock Mark II weapon attachments and vehicle modifications 45 research projects are privately owned by Ammunition, ranging from research on unlocking, modification of armed vehicles, to a lot of weapon accessories modification We have shown you every upgrade in the previous video, but there has been nothing to discuss how it works.

Research speed is twice as fast as production speed, and both have to consume raw materials You can choose to transfer all employees to the study to unlock accessories faster The result of transferring all employees to research is to reduce the time required for research by half Of course, you can also use money to unlock items instantly Speaking of spending money, how long does the research take and how much does it cost? Please see this table As you can see, if you do not upgrade and separate the staff to the production line and the research side, you need to be online for nearly 17 hours to unlock a research project On the contrary, if you move all the staff to research and purchase both staff upgrades and equipment upgrades, you only need less than six real hours to unlock a research project This makes it only takes four to five days to unlock all items But, as we said, you can also use money to speed up the process This method will cost you between $45,000 and $225,000: Depends on how long the research rod needs to be to fill up Therefore, this means you have to spend up to $10,125,000 to unlock all items at once Considering the effectiveness of MarkII weapons and the practicality of armed vehicles in free mode, our best suggestion is to complete the research project as soon as possible But let’s get back to business, after we spent the whole week unlocking all the research projects, the staff will automatically move to the production line, so no one in our bunker is wearing white robes.

After doing this, you can start producing weapons. But remember one thing: you don’t have to wait until the inventory is full to sell weapons It’s different from the rich and dignified insurance, whether you sell a box of weapons a hundred times or sell a box of weapons at once, the value is the same. But remember: never sell more than 25 boxes alone, because if you sell more than 25 boxes, you may need to drive two or more vehicles to a specific destination, and this situation will often lead to mission failure Now you are free to sell your weapons in Blaine County or Los Santos, the difference is that the closer the bunker is to the unloading destination, the easier the task.

However, arms dealers, the profit from selling in Los Santos is much higher than selling in Blaine County, 1.5 times more to be precise. In addition, if you purchase all upgrades and transfer all employees to the production line, you will have a whole warehouse of products available for sale after twelve hours. Conversely, if you have not purchased any upgrades, the required time will be 33 hours This is only the time required to transform raw materials to products The time of the created weapon is presented as follows: If there is no upgrade at all, it takes 10 to 20 minutes to create a box of weapons, and its value is $5,000 Conversely, if we invest some money in the upgrade of personnel and equipment, the same weapon can be made in 7 to 14 minutes, and its value is $7,000 We still have one important basic arms smuggling element that has not been discussed: supply If you decide to buy raw materials instead of stealing them, you will have to spend up to $75,000 to completely fill up the raw material inventory The staff will receive supplies in more than 10 minutes Now, if you think like a real entrepreneur, you will find that the cost of buying raw materials is almost half of your profit! This is nonsense! In order to avoid this situation and retain profits, you can choose to steal raw materials In this type of mission, you and your friends steal raw materials by stealing in the mines, disrupting transactions, invading Meriweather headquarters, or stealing tanks with a troop helicopter.

Or when your friend returns to the bunker, stand on the flatbed cart and use the heavy machine gun to send all the idiots you chase to the west. The problem with the replenishment task is that a single task is difficult to fill the entire raw material inventory If you play by yourself, you will not fill up more than 20% of the inventory, and each other member will make up another 20% So, how much supply do you need is once again a simple math The quantity of raw materials used in different upgrade situations will be different If there is a comprehensive upgrade and all staff are arranged to the production line, a complete inventory of raw materials will produce 20 boxes of weapons, and the entire commodity inventory can hold 100 boxes of weapons.

Therefore, to completely fill your bunker, you need to replenish raw materials at least 5 times Now that we have time and all the details of supply, demand, etc., let’s take a look at the real profit To do this, let’s do some sales. Just like when replenishing raw materials, sales must be completed within a specific time Among them, most of the time, you have to drive the car to one or more locations, fight with Meriweather, unload the product and leave the area As with other updates, every rival player in the battle will receive 1% of the transaction revenue As always, your colleagues’ earnings are rubbish. If you let them act as CEO/VIP associates, their earnings will not exceed $10,000 Starting a motorcycle gang before the transaction, instead of being the CEO, can get them up to $35,000 But the key to how much you can get from your sales is how much you spend on upgrading The less you invest, the less your return.

Because as mentioned above, the value of goods will be lower Without upgrading at all, the value of the entire weapon inventory will not exceed $750,000 Those who purchase both employee upgrades and equipment upgrades can sell products for more than $1,000,000 The cheapest bunker is in Perito If you do not upgrade at all and move all employees to the production line, you can sell 100 boxes every two days. If you choose to sell in Blaine County, you can get a total of $750,000 in profit This means that if we don’t need to pay $4,700 every 48 minutes, we can get back the cost if we sell several times. In order to show these figures more precisely, as we did in the Asphalt movie, let’s imagine the worst case Assuming that we bought the most expensive bunker and added every personalized facility, it would cost $4,000,000.

Then purchase all the equipment, staff and security facilities upgrade, which will cost another $2,000,000 Under this circumstance, we need to buy goods that are full of stock nearly six times before we can pay back But at the same time, we have to pay employees nearly one million wages So, all in all, we will need nearly 4 days (82 hours) and seven! Buy goods that are full of inventory seven times to reach breakeven and earn $250,000 And this money is likely to be used to accelerate research And it takes a lot of time, but just like the Assassin, Arms Smuggling is designed for players who can keep going online. All in all, arms smuggling can be seen as a new version of Assault. It is best to use Motobang to recruit your friends when selling products, rather than the CEO. Because your friends will get a bigger income in the former, about $25,000-$30,000, while the latter is only $10,000 To unlock every item and make a profit, you will need to spend a lot of money, up to $10,000,000. And weeks, even months The good news is that no research project is necessary or very powerful If you are an active player, you should invest in the bunker, you may soon make a profit Otherwise, just enjoy a lot of other content provided by this game.

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