GTA Online Guide – How to Make Money with The Diamond Casino Heist


Welcome to the new GTA series video tips and tricks. I’m Gary7 MT, in today’s episode, we will analyze new business opportunities Added the latest GTA Online update in Los Santos and Blaine County, namely Robbery at Diamond Casino. As with all our other videos that are opposite to this video, we research cost, salary, Investment, upgrades, time and more, then we will focus on the real core of DLC, Looters. But in order to avoid any possible questions about this issue, the arcade shop is not for you Profit from it-the cheapest stores cost more than one million dollars Unlike all different arcade games, every 48 minutes will not generate more than $5000 in revenue. This means that even if the game is played for 24 days and 7 hours, it will take you several weeks to make a profit.

The interesting thing about the arcade shop is the main control terminal, nearly $2 million In addition to shopping, players are allowed to manage all other businesses through it. Nightclubs, bunkers, air transport, motorcycles help business. . . . . . There are some minor restrictions, such as not being able to start any special vehicle work Or steal raw materials for the motorcycle gang, but other than that, almost everything can be Finished directly from the arcade shop. The cost is definitely high, but it can manage and supplement every business you own No need to move up and down on the map, the main selling point of MCT. Having said that, let’s talk about the interesting part of the real update: Robbery at Diamond Casino. Different from the initial act of being forced to rob during a heist mission or a doomsday heist With a group of friends even started introductory cutscenes, Rockstar Games brought From many to diamond casino robbery single player experience almost Everything can be done in private battles alone, away from trolls and overwhelming players With flying toys.

The only moment when the second player is needed is used for the actual heist. Complete the first mission and Leicester’s mission statement is complete, it’s time to talk about the scope Outside the casino, this is important-but replayable-tasks you have Find out all the exits and entry points of the casino, plus five attractions. After arriving at the casino, take pictures of the front entrance… Parking… Guard… A door with a password key can be found nearby… Roof camera If you own a penthouse, you can reach the management area and take photos The blueprint on Becker’s desk unlocks the option to buy a model door- You know, practice breakthrough! Then you should take the elevator to spy on celebrities on the roof terrace.

Take a picture of the door on the terrace behind the bar… The one near the pool… And the two security doors at the back-one on the far left, at On the far right, add this wall-mounted camera head. Upon completion, arrive at the apron and take a picture of the entrance of the north and south apron. You can now go back to the elevator or grab a parachute to reach the door behind On the north side of the casino. You should take pictures of these two entrances too The last two pictures are for safety reasons at the entrance to the tunnel and the entrance to the sewer tunnel. With the right place, it’s time to discover five additional points about the contents and scope of the vault After hacking into the guard’s cell phone, please obtain the Wi-Fi carrying signal and remove the camera from From left to right, and vice versa, until the pop-up window appears in the lower left corner of the screen Say “signal point range”.

There are a total of six rooms, five with a point for each place of interest and the vault you will find in it Find what you want to steal. The contents of the vault are randomly distributed and may contain cash… artwork… gold… Or diamonds, the latter is a special event that Rockstar chooses to activate under the following conditions Certain days or even weeks of the year. The full cash net amount brings players a total of 2,115,000 US dollars and an additional 200,000 dollars for the artwork Another 400,000 more gold was returned. On the contrary, the value of diamonds totals higher $3,290,000. After finding the target, the range of access points and points of interest, it’s time Choose your method and start preparing the task. We will not go into details, but there are three ways to rob. In “Hidden Tracks”, the purpose is to avoid being spotted using side entrances and silencers on weapons Kill the enemy before being found.

If you do it correctly, you can save a penny during the whole robbery, but remember “Grand Theft Auto Online” is not as good as a stealth game. The easiest and most sure way is “soldiers never tire of fraud”-allowing players to enter the entire process Out of the casino without having to fire a shot, on the contrary The “many” method you will use must be in and out of the vault Use guns and explosives. After choosing your method, it’s time to choose a team. Each crew member provides you with different service preparations and items, some are only available If you have worked with them or completed specific events.

Just know that these are mandatory tasks! Let’s start with the gunner. Options include Carl Apolaki, Gustavo Motta, Charlie Reid, Chester McCoy and Patrick McCreary. Karl and Gustavo are open to everyone but only those who own the hangar can get Charlie. Chester is only available if you own a bunker or arena studio, Patrick needs The rescued event from the police station by random completion is added to the menu. No matter which method you choose, Carl is the companion. He is definitely a cheaper option, but the weapons he provides are good enough. Carry out your favorite load and complete the mission to get the weapon. Available drivers are Tariana, Karin Martinez, Eddie Tor and Zach Nelson Chester McCoy cannot be used if he has been selected as the Gunner, and vice versa.

Karim, Tariana and Eddie can be used in addition to Zac if you Own a motorcycle club-he only provides motorcycles, no cars. Similarly, Chester McCoy can only be used if you own a bunker or arena studio. Just like the gunner, you will want to do a lot to use the rider as cheaply as possible, so please buy Karin. Of the four possible vehicles, always want an outpost classic. This car is almighty, and as a reward, the blinds on the back provide the driver with Give passengers more protection. No matter which task method you choose, please remember to install in the car Upgrade level 3. This makes the car equipped with EMS upgrades, 100% armor, bulletproof tires, Racing brakes and gearboxes, and turbocharger kits. If you plan to do this on both cars and robbery with three or four players Otherwise, keep $25,000 and install the upgrade only on black and green cars with shutters. Last but not least are the hackers and the options are: Ricky Lucens, Christian Fields, Jon Blair, Yavi Schwarzman or Page Harris. Ricky and Christian are open to everyone but only if they own a nightclub, Jon can.

You can use Peppa and Yavi only if you have a horrified bit, only destroy 50 Jammers around Los Santos and Blaine County. A hacker is a very important person because he decides how long you will get In the vault, how much time you have to grab money, artwork, gold Or diamonds. To emphasize this point, if you don’t trigger all the alerts before reaching the vault, Yawei You will be given 3 minutes and 30 seconds to rob it. Page let you 3 minutes 25 seconds, Christian 2 minutes 59, Jon 2 minutes 52, and Ricky, The worst hacker in the world, minutes feet 2 minutes and 26 seconds. Triggering an alert before entering the vault reduces the time that hackers can allow you to enter the inside 30%-In this case, Yawei can only give you 2 minutes and 26 seconds and Ricky gives you One minute and 42 seconds… suck the roots. Needless to say, always look for the best hacker: Yavi or Page. They are five seconds apart in the vault, their difference is only 1% Commission, so if you have all unlocked, the difference is small.

On the other hand, if both are locked, go to For Yavey, because he is much cheaper than Page. Selected the team and weapons, vehicles and collected hacking equipment, it’s time Make preparations. All tasks marked on the board with asterisks are mandatory, while others Will increase the chances of success for the looters by marking the enemy or camera position, There are more, but we will introduce three different methods of decomposition at the same time later. 99 of the 100 preparation tasks can be translated “Go there, steal something, and then bring it here or there”.

It is important to always follow what is said in the avoidance game It’s harder than they have to do. For example, there is a mission that must go to Brooklyn prison. If you steal the prison bus, drive it inside and kill the guards with a silent weapon Then get the ghost after leaving the periphery. If you do it right, it won’t raise your expectations. The same is true for the mission in El Burrow Heights, where you must steal the laser cutting. There are a large number of soldiers and a few half-track armored vehicles in the area, the level you want will rise Almost immediately became four stars. Avoid helicopter or group tactics-just jump inside a skeleton horse armored vehicle and fire from inside.

You will be able to kill them all and retrieve items without scratches. The same goes for retrieving items from Fort Zangudu or Humane Lab. Work smarter, not harder, if you have questions about what you are going to do, we got you Covers each of us’s guides and every task of the robbery. After completing the mandatory task, you can technically start the robbery, but before doing so Depending on the method you choose, there are some optional preparation tasks The workload needs to be reduced once entering the casino. From now on, our mission style adopts the “hidden trail” method. What you don’t need is a “mask” unless you are going to play with two or three friends, You also don’t need an “electric drill”.

Now just to clarify this point, the electric drill is used to open the safe inside Vault, but no time unless you play with a complete team. Completing the “patrol route” will show all security personnel of the location casino The stealth method is easier. “Dugan Shipping” is the same as the weapons and armor available in the casino Safety-they will have bad weapons and no Kevlar helmets or bulletproof vests. “Security Intel” is only completing six “Diamond Casinos and Resorts” The story mission and the reason you want to complete this mission is because it shows All camera positions and viewing cones are on the minimap.

Ensure the theft of Level 2 “Security Pass” by completing homonymous tasks in order Just slide the key card to pass through the locked door. The “Penetration Service” mission will provide players with downhill equipment-if you I chose the apron entrance-night vision, a very useful combination Use “EMP device” to disable all lights and cameras in the casino for one minute, It also reduces all enemies in the cone. The “soldier never tire of deceit” method eliminates the need to complete the “mask” or “eternal ancestor” task “Maintenance Equipment”, “Bugstar Equipment”, “Fireman Equipment”, “Dugan Shipping”, “Electric drill” mission. You still need to complete “Security Intel” and “Patrol Route” because there will be It is useful to know the location of the enemy.

Also grab the used overtaking vehicle to enter the vault and Special forces clothing can help you stand out. Once again, complete the mission of Level 2 “Security Pass” to give you key card advantages Used for locked doors. Choosing the “positive” approach makes everything simplest All you have to do is shoot any action. So again, you don’t need to complete the “mask”, “patrol route”, “security Intel” or “Tunnel Drilling Machine” task. Try to complete the task of “Dugan Cargo” debilitating the enemy, Carry out the “Enhanced Armor” mission to take more damage, as usual, The key card of the door can be obtained by carrying out the level 2 “Security Pass” mission. Completing mandatory and optional tasks is now the time to rob itself. Unlike the actual robbery that has become the norm, players are free to do anything The hell he wants-step by step from following the plan to ignoring the plan His way, shooting-does not trigger the mission failure message. For this video, we will consider the specifics of all three methods Plan the entry point and exit step by step. Let’s start with the “hidden track” method.

Choose the casino “staff lobby” as the entrance and exit of both. Use a stun gun to disable the fuse box of the metal detector, and then use it by silent Kill the enemy’s weapon. If there are two enemies on the left, destroy the camera before killing them, otherwise you will Sound the alarm. You can disable all camera stun guns you want to use-no more than one pair At the same time-but you can only destroy one without alarm. The positions of the enemies are random, but they do follow a specific pattern. Therefore, after killing the front desk personnel, enter the control room and kill the enemy Walk down the hallway, but beware of the camera on the right-destroy it or Wait for the enemy to be cleared before killing him. In the room, you will see a big green button. Press it to open the door of the small room. There is trolley cash in it-amount The available amount is not fixed, but it can start from $25,000, or 30,000 to a considerable $100,000.

Not much, but greed is the name of the game and things in your pocket are better than those in your pocket. Now, whether you rob the room or not, you can reach the stairs and go to the basement to kill The guy on the stairs and disabled the camera uses a stun gun. Once you reach the basement, kill the two guys in front of the elevator, then head to Glass door. Wait for the enemy to pass through the door and clear the camera, then kill him and The other three enemies in the room-they are placed far enough to kill them The alarms were raised one after another. If the guy is looking for a key card reader at the security checkpoint, use Nano drones kill him or shoot him through the glass on the door.

When finished, swipe your card, pass the trap and get in the door. To increase efficiency, you want to keep the temperature high, so keep it near 800°F. After opening the vault door, it’s time to divide your team: let one person work hard to crack the door, While others (or others) collect loot and rob the boxes marked with red lights. Once all the goods are collected, there is less than 20 seconds left before the timer, Leave the vault to avoid triggering the alarm. After going out, trigger the EMP device when working nearby through the return trip door. From then on, you have 1 minute to reach the staff lobby, go through the stairs, and then return Enter the casino door-you may need to kill control nearby enemies Undiscovered space.

Jump outside the fence, towards the vacation car that can be parked Roads, racetracks or near houses. Always try to stay away from the enemy and reach the sewer tunnel to lose the wanted level And contact buyers from hauling without losing a penny. The second method is the easiest method, if the operation is correct, it will also allow the player End the robbery and all the spoils. Choose transport overcrew as the entry camouflage and special forces as the exit camouflage, choose The staff hall serves as an exit. Once you proceed, you will find yourself and your teammates imitating a super athlete. Just follow the instructions and you will find yourself in the vault without an alert Always trigger, and you provide hackers to fill your duffel bag. Again, let one person invade and split your team door, while the other-or the other-first Collect the loot and crack the red code box. Leave the vault before sounding the alarm and reach the stairs and staff hall The alarm will sound. Wait for the enemy in the corridor to move away and quickly walk to the right to wait The next enemy.

Wait until he passes the door, then kick him out from behind. Then enter the clothes to change clothes. After finishing, go outside, reach the car, enter the sewer tunnel to throw away Doubt and reach the buyer. It’s very simple. The last method is not only the most combative, but also the most interesting! Use the gate as the entrance again, and the employees lobby as the exit. The task itself is easy: aim at the enemy and raise your head to reach the basement and basement. Considering that all possible alarms have been triggered, the time in the vault will be Limited, so focus on the target and use thermal charge to bypass the keyboard Thereby opening more ways to steal! Before triggering, be sure to exit the alarm area full of nerve gas in the vault.

Use weapons to clear the way back to the casino, reach your vacation car, enter the sewer tunnel Or arrive at the helicopter Vinewood Police Station on the roof of the helicopter to contact you After the buyer clears your required level. Please note that although this is a fun and easy way to rob, it will also leave Your money is at least over. Obviously due to limited internal time, the vault and the loss of cash to the enemy trying to shoot You, hit your duffel bag. Get more awards along with the robbery can be unlocked from the elite challenge Participate in the classic challenge “Professional Planner”. Elite challenge is not difficult, especially if you choose low-level buyers And use the sewer to lower your wanted level. You can even reach the rooftop police station in Vinewood-when active The level you want-steal helicopters to contact buyers.

Or you can even steal more time 150K instead of staying in the vault The longer the better. The best strategy for the elite is what we have shown in the past few days Because we always choose to steal as much as possible Also select the amount of cash allowed by an advanced buyer task. To get the professional award, you need to unlock the hard mode of heist. To do this, you need to complete the robbery twice. Use the method of your choice for the first time to unlock the hard mode, the second time Any other method. When finished, you will see a skull on a pillar on the billboard The first way to play, this means that heist can now be played again in hard mode. The difference between normal mode and hard mode is really not so good.

The time given by the hacker is the same, so the number and location of the enemy-they will Just hear the footsteps to react faster or someone is dying You will also have more disk vault doors to drill through-six instead of four- Complete two cracks instead of one enemy and camera will immediately trigger the alarm They see you or no corpse is vacant for a moment, vacate it. In addition to the reward itself, the reward is 10% more intrinsic potential Vault. So, as mentioned at the beginning, the video that wraps it up, and the arcade itself is not Viable business, this is what mall unlock makes it interesting. Casino robbery is undoubtedly a good way to score points considering large amounts of cash in a short period of time With the help of friends, complete the minimum necessary tasks and rob itself No more than an hour. The task is not too difficult, the robbery is very interesting, thanks to a dozen or more different The combination between entrances and exits. Coupled with the consideration that high wages are a fair level of replayability.

Remember, if you have to pay a high price, always choose the “soldiers never tire of fraud” method, Especially if you receive artwork or valuable objects as vault content. This is the easiest, fastest and safer way to take the entire vault home-next Press “Hidden Tracks”, and finally “Magrant”. “Diamond Casino Robbery” is the 34th GTA online update starting from the first, The “Beach Bum” uUpdate released in November on September 19, 2013, and brought a new method The looters borrowed a lot of money from the singles for the player experience. Shopping mall is a passive business, helping you get some extra cash when doing things Everything you want in the game, but the real success comes from the heist planning room.

A family owns nearly 10 million dollars in all cabinets and gets this kind of income Cashback will also take some serious time to make the arcade shop a viable business Only for active players. Anyway, a lot of things are done thanks to the arcade shop. For a tight ass, so make some money and buy the mall as soon as possible. This is this collection of tips and tricks. If you want to chat with us, other players or just find someone to play GTA or Together with Red Dead Online, join our official Discord server or follow our social media accounts On Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. From the GTA series video staff and me, your crime partner Gary7 MT, see you next time..

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