GTA Online guides – RPG vs Homing launcher


Hey guys what’s up? Rockitt here. I have some big news for you. I reached RANK 100! Took a while to get that, been playing GTA 5, ever since the PC release date So you can get kind of a guesstimate at the rate I’ve been leveling up. anyways the main reason why we’re here is to take a look at the weapon that you and locke at a level of 100 B rPG now a lot of you out there would most likely think that the RPG is a bit of a lackluster Unlock see reading that everyone has access to the stinger missile RPG you know the helicopter pilots bane of existence So what I’m going to do is I’m basically going to compare both rocket launchers see how the compare in terms of usability Speed and reload time so I’m here at ammunition I’m just going to show you how much it cost to buy rockets for both these sting around the rPG you [can] see that the [stinger] for each Rocket it will set you back about 750 Dollars Whereas the RPG is slightly cheaper at $500 per shot.

So already there’s an advantage to the RPG with having cheaper shots which you know can save you a little extra cash in the long run also the RPG can hold 20 Rockets compared to the stingers 10 so you can carry 10 stinger rockets and 10 rPG rockets so yeah 30 rocket So you can just pull out of your ass and combat So you’ll be making Explosions til the Birds come home and will definitely be an advantage in a survival match or if you’re having a mad Firefight with a bunch of players that are trying to shoot in helicopters So now we’re going to test the accuracy and the [speed] of both guns I’m going to send a rocket from each launcher towards a tower over there and as you can see both launchers have no troubles Regarding accuracy having little to none difference in the accuracy both rockets are easily capable of making it [to] the tower no problems now I’m going to test the speed of which it takes [from] firing the first rocket reloading and then firing the next one as you can [see] the rPG beats [of] sting and by about 1/3 of a second in terms of fire [rates] So the RPG is definitely not from that word if you’re not against helicopters Planes ETc.

That is So [all-in-all] the rPG is definitely something to look forward to a feeling the 90s really It adds much more firepower to your arsenal with no downside so so you get cheaper shots They deal slightly more damage than the stinger apparently and you can carry 20 of them rather than just 10 So it’s a [no] [brainer] to grab one of these things once you reach level 100 [so] now all that’s left is to grab my way up to level 120 so I’ll probably do a video on what is like to own a minigun how expensive the ammo is and all that nerdy stuff except so Make sure to subscribe to my channel and look forward to that, and I will see you in the next video. See you around guys.

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