GTA Online Heist – The Union Depository Contract [Solo]


Peace, okay, who’s ready to go for the [ __ ] gold, y’all union depository, you ain’t, [, __ ], this town till you hit the union baby. They got a ship in a bar sitting. There all right for the taking and kenny got a buyer all lined up, although if you ask me this the kind of buyer, you only want to sell to once, you feel me only way they could be any more shady was if they had fib tattooed on Their ass and for all i know they do but k, says it’s cool, so it’s cool, all we got ta do is find a way inside find a way into the vault and get moving on this thing. Let’S make our mark listen up. We getting ready to hit the union depository y’all, i’m talking gold, you don’t need.

One of them passes to the depository is bought. Elevated, kane’s client pinned down some one percent [ __ ]. That’S got his own personal pass. Sending you the address now, [ __ ]. Will you get there shoot first search later, take the elevator [ __ ], [ Music ] come on [, Music, ] wow.

I sent you some options: [, Music, ], [, Music, ], hello, [ Applause, ], okay, looks good i’ma. Have my people keep an eye on that suv and bringing whatever gear is in there when it’s time to get moving, keep the pass and drop it off at the auto shop next time, you’re here, good work! What’S up fool get this the client that we stealing the goal for gave us a tip about the union. Depository bank manager he’s been cheating on his wife with his secretary now i hate a [ __, ] cliche. So that’s another reason.

We gon na use this to blackmail him and get the vault codes. Ain’T gon na be easy, but first you got ta steal a police chopper. I heard on the scanner said: there’s one over at lsia. They got the car tracker. We need to find this fool and the high-res camera we need to catch him creeping i’ll, be in touch so so it’ll, let you know when you got the bank manager’s car.

So once you got the bank manager’s car proceed to tell his ass, don’t get too close, though pools all of it. There’S never picking them getting fresh and sending my way like that. Hey good work, if that [ __ ], don’t want this pick in the wrong hands. He’Ll have to give us the ball codes and then i’ma snitch on his ass anyway. There’S such a thing as justice, y’all [, Music, ] peace, uh, [, Music, ].

All right. Let’S go rob her back. Let me get k up in here. Oh i’ve been waiting on this call baby. We moving this my [ __ ], the union depository.

This is the [ __ ], big leagues, now y’all hit me with that plan. Again, baby girl. We pick up the security card. Leave the getaway walk right in the front door, walk right out with the goal, then all we got to do is drive it over to this contact. You got that’s right now.

This lady, who paying us, is a shady ass [ __ ], like she wearing government issue, pantsuit kind of shady, so we ain’t [ __ ] around with this one, keep us on headset. Let’S do this, hey kate, you know who little miss pants are working for. I know enough not to know you feel me [ __ ] i y’all in uniform, so get in the mindset, get them id badges shiny. We playing this low and slow. That’S right, and you know what real security guard.

[ __ ] don’t be doing waving their guns around and [ __ ] you draw down you’re as good as caught. Remember your private security got ta play the part. You did just look like you itching to shoot someone, but don’t know how to flick the safety yeah try to look like you got a head injury and you failed the lspd psych test. You know you’re a little slow, don’t say nothing to the guard. Just flash!

Your id and eyeball that [ __ ] [ Music ] all right. Let me see your id okay on. You go just swipe your pass inside the elevator it’ll. Take you right down. Nice sounds like we threw.

The car should send the elevator down to the basement. Next, stop the vote right babe! It ain’t far hope y’all limbered up. That’S the ghost [ __ ] gon na be heavy yo. You in why y’all whispering k, i’m hyped girl, [, __ ], how to [ __ ]!

You so chill cause it’s my job! You wan na fluster, my [ __ ], you better get on your back player. Damn all right, y’all get that gold upstairs before this girl give me another [, __ ] thing to be thinking about [, __ ]. I know that sound. We busted, i thought the id took care of that [ __ ], listen as soon as you got as much as you can get the [ __ ] gone [ __ ] her up y’all.

They waiting up there [ Music ]. I need some backup [ Music ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], oh [, __ ] sounds like a war zone out there keep your head down just get to the parking lot. You updating your status or something get your ass out of there. [ Applause ] get some distance. Anyone ever you and me: [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], uh, [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [ Applause, ], reality; [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], go down; [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ]; yes, [ Applause, ], [ Applause, ], [ Applause, ], [ Applause ]; ah, we are already [ Applause, ], [ Applause ].

Oh i like the sound of that y’all in the car, [ __ ] y’all put the [ __ ] in your rearview mirror yet relax k. This is the fun part. Y’All know these fools. Can’T drive for [ __ ]. I feel you, but this client is real assistant that her face don’t get seen by no cops ain’t.

No one hit a cop like a cop in a [ Applause, ] suit, [, Music, ], hey how we know this clown of yours is legit. Okay, this ain’t, some entrapment [ __, ], she’s cool she cool. She need us more than we need. Her came to me because i ain’t from round here: ain’t, no lspd or any other kind of files on me. I keep my [ __ ] protected baby, hey babe.

I know you do if she good with you. She good with me why the hell that acting [ __ ] ton of gold, though same reason as anybody else, baby just a different color house long as they money green i’ll, take it let the church say: amen, baby, [, Music, ] me, [ Applause, ], [, __ ] guys [ Music, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause ], i uh, hey, don’t be bringing the cops to this meet. The last thing we need is be pulled into some internal affairs [ __, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], hey! I don’t hear sirens damn straight baby: let’s get this [ __ ] dropped off and let’s get paid [ Music, ], [ Applause ] you made it. She just gave me the green light.

Let’S get rich y’all, [ Music ] union depository show check that [ __ ] off the list. Are you crazy and little? Miss pantsu didn’t even send no fib his squad. After my ass, which means you must have killed that [ __ ] out there pleasure getting paid with you peace, you

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