GTA Online HOW TO COUNTER GRIEFERS IN GTAO [guide] By: melikestrees


I am bored and wanted to share some knowledge, so there it goes. If you have any other tips please feel free to comment.

Oppressor Mk2

There are two main ways to kill a mk2. The first is the following:

  1. Activate either Ghost Organization or Off The Radar.

  2. Get on your own mk2.

  3. Sneak behind the griefer.

  4. As soon as you hear the lockon beep, start spamming rockets.

The second way is to just drive towards them in a Toreador and spam rockets once you hear the beep.

If you are on a vehicle and see a mk2 approaching you, get out of the vehicle so they can’t get a lockon, wait for them to get near you, and shoot with the explosive shotgun. It’s a one-shot kill. If you don’t have an explosive shotgun, shoot with a rifle.

On the defensive side, the nightshark is a great vehicle, since it can take all the 20 rockets of a mk2 and not explode. Add a meme horn for extra provocation. You can try to kill the mk2 by throwing sticky bombs up out the nightshark window, but it’s a bit hard to get a hit.


It is easy to take down jets with the heavy sniper mk2 + explosive rounds. 1 shot and the jet is smoking, 2 shots and it’s down.

Don’t use the thermal scope! The round reticule of the Advanced Scope makes it easier to aim, and the Advanced Scope also has more zoom. So use the Advanced Scope.

Griefers get super mad when you destroy their jets. It’s very funny.

Griefers on foot

A griefer/tryhard will often try to start a pissing contest on the ground with you. Their weapons of choice are the heavy sniper mk2, RPG, and homing launcher, and they will usually be using Bull Shark Testosterone (BST), a CEO ability that gives you extra health and increased damage.

In this case, I recommend:

  • RC bandito and RC tank. Both do not show on the minimap, allowing you to surprise attack the griefer. RC bandito is particularly effective.

  • Off The Radar/Ghost Organization. Sneak behind him on foot, then kill with an RPG or a rifle. This will only work if you are attacking first and the griefer is distracted killing other players.

  • Mugger. Always send a mugger, just to piss them off.

If you are in a tight situation and need to escape, use the Lester invite to teleport to your facility. To get this invite, you must have started the Doomsday heist preps but not finished them.

Griefers during sales

It is best to not sell in a populated lobby. If you do, to minimize the chances of getting blown up I recommend:

  1. Keep an eye on the minimap. If you see someone suspicious, activate Ghost Org or Off The Radar.

That’s it basically. If they get near you, you are dead. So don’t let that happen.

Additionally, you should switch your aim mode to “free aim” for sales. Free aim lobbies are notoriously more chill than assisted aim lobbies.

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