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GTA Online Quick Cayo perico guide for elite challenge and solo farm By: decoy139


INTEL GATHERING BEFORE THE ISLAND -Start up mission and go to kotsaka drivers seat. -click fast travel and go to the closest spot to the marker. -(if you own sparrow) fly over and park a bit away and snipe the guys its faster trust me. (using the rockets can weaken the plane and them it can take for ever to get to cayo perico) -(if no sparrow) call a dinghy from the kotsaka menu.


-(first time) just do what the mission tells you. enjoy the experience, explore do whatever. there are a few hidden things around the island and its kinda fun you can even send pics of some of them to pavel for funny comment’s. after this first time you gonna hate doing this its fun but not so much after. -(second time+) ( before you go any further check the hangar and shed in the land strip for coke you will need it for solo and may need it for coop always do this ) if you explored well you may have found the drainage tunnel already. If you did not simply go to el rubios compound on the north of the map jump in the water and swim under the compound. -(once you have the drainage tunnel unlocked) take the dirt bike by road at the beginning. offroad to the right past the first port area to your left you will eventually get to a guard post with a fence blocking of the path and the party area (from the first intel gathering) to your right. go to the far left of the guard tower fence (careful not to get spotted) you can ride your dirt bike straight up the small mountain attached to the fence. Next go foward at a moderate pace straight to the tower becareful to avoid guards and keep an eye out for cars patrols. Do the mini game look at the cameras( if your going solo you own have to do the basement if multiple people check every storage room) -(if solo or there is not enough gold in storage go down to the port on the right side of the island nearest to the compound there is a shed and a building which spawn loot check for coke) -now get spotted and leave the island.

SET UP (only do these)

  1. Vehicle kotsaka or longfin

  2. Equipment torch, code/cutter, scanner.

  3. Aggressor weapon set up. Buy suppressors (5k)

HIEST Choose kotsaka or longfin for infil Drainage tunnel for entry any exfil dosent matter. Spawn go to tunnel get into compound.

Once inside you can do things your way but i basically do a one full counter clockwise circle around the compound killing every guard in the way.

i use the smg for any far shots and the shotgun for close range and dual patrols aswell as the heavy goes down in 3-4 headshots from the shotgun. If you kill everyone eles first you can kill him fast emough that the alarms wont sound even if he gets a shot off.

Only destroy the cameras you need like the first one to the right and the one by the main building.

Search for the safe in the wall free 50 to 100k and take the keycard

If coop go and take the outside gold first and then head to the basement (remember the coke outside the compound if your bag isnt maxed from gold in the rooms and basement thats what your gonna take to max it out)

Go down to the basement via a side door not the elevator in the wall. The finger print scanner plus loading screen take longer than running down and doing the fingerprint scanner at the bottom

Take the primary. Go up amd leave the compound via the main gate.

Outside kill the first guard by the bike go right kill the gaurd by the tree then with a shotgun(or coop partner) kill the othere two.

Shot the camera by the gate take a dirt bike drive om the road slowly and go up the liytle hill to your left (not all the way up using your smg go up the hit and shot the sniper on the tower he is one shot chest and up.

Use the bike and drive to the left of the hill till you hit the cliff side drive slowly following yhe cliff till you hit the docks.

Shot the guard by the crane or on the othere side of the dock near to the crane. Tumr right there are 3 guards on the dock shot the one thats hy himself (tricky shot make sure to shot him from an angle that your bullets wont fly by any othere guards)

Now of you are maxed out on gold simply grab the dinghy nearest to the crane and drive straight out of the island you wont get spotted if you make a hard left while leaving. There is ome patrol boat just haul ass behind it.

If you arent maxed on gold takeout the guard and camera by the shed and search it for coke if not enough or no coke check the othere place only kill the two guards that patrol the area no need to kill the dual patrols. Then get on dinghy and leave.

Gold>coke>weed>painting>cash if you dont find coke next best thing is weed. Paintings and cash are always the worst but in the worst case scenario just take what you can. If you did everything as i said and at a solid speed you will also get the elite challenge which is like 50k or something,


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