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GTA Online Ultimate Car Tuning Guide! Upgrades, Wheels, Setups & More! – GTA 5 Fact-Finding #33


Hello everyone I’m Broughy1322 and in this video I’m going to be giving you all the info and resources you need in order to upgrade your cars in GTA Online in the best ways possible to maximise their performance. Now this is all stuff that I’ve gone over on this channel over the last 7 years of covering racing in this game, but after making my website a few years ago and gradually adding more info to it on the GTA cars side, I decided to once and for all collect everything together when it comes to GTA car performance. So if you want to go to broughy.com/gta5cars right now, which is a link I’ll leave in the top line of the description and pinned comment, you’ll have everything there that you need. From a link to the master spreadsheet with lap times and top speeds, key vehicle info, handling data, and more for every single vehicle in the game, to tier lists for the main raceable car classes, it’s all contained on that page.

What’s new are two separate pages, entitled “GTA 5 Car Upgrades” and “GTA 5 Car Setups”, which give you a complete guide to first of all upgrading your cars to make sure that they’re going as fast as possible, as well as setting them up to make sure they’re handling to your liking. The pages also try to explain why it all works as a lot of people don’t know that setups can make a difference to the way a car feels to drive (mainly because they’re very small changes that most people won’t notice under normal driving circumstances). So this video is going to use those pages as a base and try to quickly go over what you need. If you want the full story and a more detailed explanation, it’s now all together in one place at broughy.com/gta5cars. This is information that’s been dotted around the racing communities for a long time now and I just wanted to bring it all together in one place.

Those pages will of course continue to be updated if anything changes in the future. So first of all let’s deal with car upgrades as they’re pretty straightforward. The base upgrades you need on every car that can have them are brakes, engine, transmission and turbo. You need the maximum level available for each for the best performance, and even if the stat bars in Los Santos Customs are already full, you’ll still gain a benefit. For example engine level 4 will give the car a higher top speed and better acceleration than engine level 3, even if the acceleration bar in Los Santos Customs is already full and nothing is happening with the top speed bar. Don’t trust those bars, they’re completely useless. Electric cars don’t get turbo and in some cases transmission upgrades, and if you try to add them via other means such as iFruit they won’t stick to the car, so they’re a waste of money trying to do it that way. Spoilers are also needed for any car that has them. Adding any non-stock spoiler increases grip and the maximum speed that can be taken around corners.

To clarify, “non-stock” means any spoiler that isn’t the top option in the spoilers category list. Once again even if the traction bar in Los Santos Customs is full, you’ll still be gaining a benefit from a non-stock spoiler. Also keep in mind that some cars don’t have a spoiler category, but get their traction bonus from other modifications (such as the spare wheel option on the Dubsta). Keep an eye out for the traction bar increasing when upgrading to identify these parts, or use the notes column on the aforementioned master spreadsheet’s Key Vehicle Info section.

A certain number of cars will also benefit from having Off-Road wheels, which makes them handle smoother over kerbs and bumps in the road. There are no major traction differences between any wheel type, so off-road wheels are neither more or less grippy than high ends for example. You can see which cars benefit from having Off-Road wheels by checking the “Off-Roads” column in the Key Vehicle Info section of the master spreadsheet.

This is where you’ll also find the “Camber” column which lets you know the very small number of cars that benefit from camber inducing maximum suspension upgrades to handle better, such as the Asbo. The “Open Wheel Wings” section of the master spreadsheet will also give you the information you need on the effects of front and rear wing upgrades on Open Wheel Cars, such that you can tune them for cornering or top speed as I covered in the Open Wheel lap time testing video.

Finally, when it comes to upgrades that are easy to understand and should just be applied without any thought, stick maximum armour on your cars. There is zero penalty for doing this when it comes to performance, and they’ll be stronger when being hit by other cars (or if you hit anything). Cars in GTA do get damaged and will lose performance if damaged enough.

So that’s it for the basics, and the vast majority of people can stop there and never think about it again because nothing else that you might be thinking of, from body modifications to suspension, has a major impact on the performance of a car. While everything that I’ve talked about have very obvious effects on performance, like the turbo upgrade increasing top speed and acceleration, everything that I’m about to talk about it much more subtle.

However almost every modification can change very slightly how each car feels to drive, and that’s when we get into the realm of car setups. To preface all of this this, I’m going to be going over this relatively quickly and not too in depth. If you want more reading head to broughy.com/gta5carsetups or get to that page from the aforementioned link in the description. Also, if you’re even 2 or 3 seconds per lap slower than the top drivers or even more, none of this that I’m about to talk about will be of any use to you anyway. You’re much better off putting your time into working on racing lines and general racing ability.

Nothing I’m about to talk about will make a car be able to get a quicker lap time. It will just allow the better drivers to be able to get closer to the theoretical best lap time more consistently by tailoring the handling of the car more to their liking. A lot of time and experimentation is required to find what suits best, and there’s no point in doing all of that until you’re already on top lap time pace. And if you want to have a very easy to use cheat sheet for what to apply to a car that will give it a relatively balanced setup in most cases, to either use as a starting point or to just apply and forget about it, apply the following in addition to the usual upgrades.

Take the smallest non-stock spoiler available and leave every other body modification stock. Apply full neon lights in any colour. Choose Cosmo Tuner wheels if off-roads don’t help the car, or Raiders if they do. And if there’s anything else that I haven’t mentioned, leave it stock. Now the way setups work in GTA is by moving where the Center Of Mass of the car is located. If you put a massive spoiler on the back of a car, it moves the point at which the mass of the car is located towards the rear. Different spoilers and body mods don’t have different weights, but they do change where the centre of mass of the car is depending on their size. When the centre of mass is towards the rear of the car, you’ll experience understeer, which is when the front end of the car won’t turn enough, because there’s less weight pushing down on the front wheels. When the centre of mass is towards the front of the car, you’ll experience oversteer, which is when the back end of the car steps out, because there’s less weight pushing down on the rear wheels. The best thing is to drive the car with stock body mods, then adds or remove things based on what you’re experiencing as you drive around.

For example, if the car has too much oversteer bring the centre of mass rearwards. This will naturally take a lot of time and fine tuning for each car though. So with that being said, front bumpers will move the centre of mass towards the front of the car, rear bumpers and spoilers will move it towards the rear, and other cosmetic mods will have an effect too.

For example bug catchers in muscle cars will move the COM forwards, while big shakotan exhausts will move it rearwards, with bigger effects coming from larger modifications. Neon lights, while difficult to believe, also have an impact on the centre of mass, shifting it towards whichever light you’ve applied by a pretty significant amount. They also bring it closer to the ground to improve overall stability without the negatives associated with doing the same thing using suspension (namely steering response feeling slightly heavier). Not related to centre of mass are brakes and wheels. Some top drivers prefer to have less than maximum brakes, and even in some cases running stock brakes, depending on how much they like to brake and turn at the same time without locking up into a corner. Wheels on the other hand are a whole issue, with almost every single wheel having a very nuanced and different effect on the way the car handles. Again no wheel will give any more grip than another, but one might shift the grip the car has slightly more towards the front whereas another will shift it towards the rear.

There’s too much to go into for this video so once again rear the full page at broughy.com/gta5carsetups for all the info you need. And that’s pretty much it for the short version. It’s about as short as I could’ve made it and I tried to keep things as simple as possible. But like I said check the link in the first line of the description for the full details of all of this, as well as basically everything you could ever want to know about cars in GTA 5. Bookmark it if you ever want to refer back to it, and of course you’re welcome to check out the rest of my site which has a whole host of info about all sort of things relating to my videos, streams, and GTA in general.

Let me know if this has been of some help you, or even just mildly interesting, and enjoy sorting out your cars in game! Thanks a lot for watching everyone, and I’ll see you next time..

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