GTA Online WHAT TO BUY This Week & How to MAKE MONEY (Weekly DOUBLE MONEY Guide & HUGE Discounts)


so yeah Rockstar did it again no double money on any business but come on guys cheer up a little this week we have huge discounts guys come on alright so I’m gonna show you now what to do this week and what to buy okay so do not even bother buying the ETR I mean don’t get me wrong it’s a good car handling it’s pretty decent it’s okay but this week you need to focus on something else the same thing applies with the Deveste.

The top speed is pretty great on this vehicle but in corners if you have a lot of speed handling it’s pretty bad so I would rather buy a krieger or Emerus so keep your money okay so moving on on the properties we have a huge discount for arcades hangars bunkers and facilities alright so arcade is actually the best method to make money in this game so I strongly suggest you to buy this one the Vinewood arcade it’s easier to do preps you can do them in around 40 minutes something like that if you have an oppressor and yeah after buying the arcade make sure to always check your safe it will produce around $5,000 each in game day you don’t need to buy all these arcades just add the default ones and you are good to go moving on next with the bunkers they have a huge discount 70% that’s huge the Chumash bunker it’s great for new players but I really recommend you to buy the route 68 bunker it has the easiest missions even if you are selling a bunker solo with a full stock also the price is pretty similar with too much so make sure to buy the route 68 facilities also have a 70% discount which is huge I suggest you to buy the same facility as the bunker the route 68 one as you can see here it’s very close to your bunker clubhouse there are also three MC businesses near so yeah the reason I’m telling you to buy the route 68 one also the bunker it’s because of this you can always use Lester’s invite in your facility just go to this assistant request the helicopter and bam in just few seconds you are near the bunker and your MC businesses so yeah guys make sure to buy the route 68 facility alright moving next with hangars always pick one from this tree here the Zancudo area it’s full of military personnel so to have access to this airfield without getting a wanted level you’ll need to purchase a hangar I recommended to buy this one the a2 hangar since it’s the best located and it’s easier to land near the main door moving on next I don’t recommend buying the Avenger I mean it’s pretty useless for me I never used it I would never use it for that we have the Mobile Operations Center which is similar and you can call it right near you next on the list is the Bombushka.

I really recommend buying this plane, it’s amazing especially for the solo players this is a huge help when you have multiple vehicles to carry for example if you have four motorcycles you can easily stack them in the back of the Bombushka, also you can use the plane to sell your MC product when you have four more cycles you can even put here up to two cars for example if you have the getaway vehicles prep if you have both cars in Paleto Bay, this would be a huge help okay next we have the Tula I don’t recommend buying this plane it’s pretty useless it’s a waste of your money, instead make sure to buy the Molotok plane.

This is an awesome plane it has a great handling great speed you can land this beast almost everywhere it has unlimited missiles as you can see here this plane is just perfect so make sure to buy it. I even tried here to land a plane on on the Maze Bank Tower to see how this plane will behave and as you can see this is pretty stable I mean look at this this plane is simply amazing for example here look how easy is to land on the street the biggest advantage of this plane is that the wings are pretty small I mean the plane is really small as you can see so yeah guys a big thumbs up for this plane alright guys so the most important thing to buy this week is the oppressor mark 2 the Thruster in my opinion it’s pretty bad to use it I mean just one hit and you will explode it’s pretty hard to control so yeah don’t waste your money instead look how fast I can do the headhunter mission with my presser this vehicle is just the best vehicle in the game in my opinion you can land like everywhere you want the missiles are super accurate and who can do the headhunter mission in just two minutes and even faster.

Don’t even bother to buy the Terrorbyte to unlock the trade price, you’ll need to do also five client jobs but as you can see the price is not that big is not a big difference so make sure to buy it as it is the APC is just a waste of money don’t even bother guys I mean yeah don’t even bother moving on next on the Elitas travel. This page didn’t have a discount in like years I recommend you to buy these two vehicles nah I just kidding guys don’t even bother spending your money on this expensive useless vehicles they won’t help you with anything only with a big hole in your pocket so yeah I do really recommend buying the Swift helicopter it’s pretty fast it’s the first on the list on the Pegasus vehicles and you can call it super fast.

The Luxor plane is the same a waste of money moving next I really recommend buying the Hellfire car it has a great top speed this car looks amazing and you can use it in different races also pay attention in corners these muscle cars tend to slip a lot so be careful okay so moving on next I recommend you to buy the yokte it’s pretty cool I mean you won’t use it that much but the discount price is pretty huge so you should definitely buy it by the Aquarius one it comes with a helicopter a private pool and you can also have some fun with the piracy prevention mission and also win some cash all right so to make some money this week and also to have some fun with your friends you can try the bunker series missions my favorite one is the Kill Quota and it’s Slasher these are really fun to do they pay decent money so give them a try guys all right so far so good for players who want to have a big challenge this week you’ll definitely want to try the time trial I have a trick here for you make sure to call your bike first as you can see here then go to hide options jobs and show all your jobs on the map in this way you can spawn right near the time trail instead of choosing the hard way to climb the Mount Chiliad.

All you need to do is to start the race so long and when you need to choose your vehicle or the bike simply quit and you will spawn right on the Mount chiliad near your bike and time trial I also have a small tip here after you start the time trial and you are doing like me you crash or something like that near this area here I guess you already know you can call vehicles on mount chilliad don’t find a new session I have a solution for you I found here in this area right near this rock here if you register as motorcycle club you can call your bike but there is actually a sweet spot where you can do this as you can see here the bike will be placed a little far from you so there are actually two small rocks on the ground as you can see make sure to face them call your bike and you will have it right near you this one is one of the hardest time trails so good luck ok so thank you for watching guys and as always stay awesome

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