GTA V – Mrs A and Mrs B [Cut Missions] [Beta Analysis]


“Mrs.A and Mrs..B” is a chain of tasks cut for Franklin. There were 5 encounters in total. Mr. A and Mr. B are neighbors who are close and hate each other very badly. Franklin’s goal in these tasks is to help them humiliate each other. All future information was spread in the “missions.xml” file, accidentally left in the X360 / PS3 game files. In the first encounter, Franklin meets Mrs. A. Franklin helps him get revenge on his rival, Mrs B. Franklin visits Mrs B’s home and smashes her car with a melee weapon. Then he throws his car into the water. In the second encounter, Franklin meets Mrs. B Franklin feels bad and helps her to get revenge on Mrs. A. He tells her that Mrs A is proud of her garden … Franklin decides to pee in her pool.

ON THE OFFICE Suddenly Mrs A’s husband returns home, sees Franklin by his pool and calls the cops Franklin has to lose the cops. In the third encounter, Franklin finds Mrs A crying on the sidewalk. They start circling the whole neighborhood and spreading some rumors about Mrs B. MISSION AREA Mrs. A drives the car in Franklin while talking bad things through the megaphone about her rival Mrs. ANALYSIS If this task was not interrupted, There would be another place where we saw this megaphone.

The interesting fact is that the megaphone was originally mentioned as a type of weapon. You can still find the icon and render in the game’s files. In the fourth encounter, Franklin helps Mrs B by using Mrs A’s husband. Franklin takes Mrs B and Mrs A’s husband to a local bar. BAR DA Mrs B easily seduces Ms A’s husband, because she already has something for him. … After a while, they started to “communicate very closely”. Franklin takes a photo of the incident and sends it to Mrs A.

Interestingly enough, this is the same person who saw Franklin “probably” penetrating his pool. How Franklin convinced him he took the two to a local bar is completely unknown. LAST ENTRY Franklin walks down the street and sees Mrs A getting garden shears. Suddenly Mrs B appears with a golf club in her hand. A fight begins between the two rivals. Franklin can either help or sit back and watch them kill each other. END OF STORY In 2011, people find a strange cast crew called “offensive” in “Online Talent Agenda.” People make a high estimate that they are related to GTA V. Article: Grand Theft Auto V’s codename is Rush? And are these his big players? If you read the cast team today, you can recognize almost all story characters.

Actually, what is unique is that you can find Mrs A and Mrs B here and their past stories as well. Mrs. Avery: Neurotic football mom, home maker, 48, anxious and pain relief additives. The neighbor gets mad at MRS Bell. Miss Bell: She lives fast and sweet widow from California. 45 years old. Ugly but comfortable with himself Just imagine, the actors for these characters had already started in 2010. the game would be announced a year later. Apart from these strings, it is a pity that nothing is left of them in the game’s files. According to the “CHARACTER” series, Franklin was able to access their mobile communications. Planned from the very beginning, these women were cut in the final version of the game. Was this “Strangers and Freaks” mission interesting? YOU DECIDE! I would like to remind you that this information is taken from the “missions.xml” file of the game.


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