GTA5 A noobs guide to MC raids and how you can benefit from them! By: psvrgamer1


Other reddit posts have explained how raids are triggered but this post is offering tips on how to benefit from raids when they happen.

Firstly – raids if successful on MC businesses only remove supplies, stock, staff and equipment. Sounds bad but in reality any purchased upgrades arn’t lost (security, equipment and staff upgrades all remain when business restarted via a setup mission.)

So first tip – be aware of how much stock and or supplies are currently in that buisness as this will determine the correct course of action.

If you have less than a third of stock or supplies at the time the raid triggers then let the raid happen knowing that a simple 5 min setup mission will resupply your buisness with equivalent 75k of stock.

If you have more than a third of product and or product and remaining supplies are high then you can do one of two things. You can defend your buisness if you choose to but this just maintains the status quo or you can do the following which I think benefits:

Press playstation button, option and close application. This will close session without saving and when you load back in you should be in a session just prior to the raid triggering. The raid won’t trigger until you register as an MC via the interaction menu.

DONT register as an MC via the interaction menu instead visit the buisness and press right on the computer terminal inside the buisness. This will auto register you as an MC without triggering the raid at this point. Using the computer terminal sell all stock.

If MC buisness full then only the post office vans or dumper trucks are hard solo so you might lose a little money if you get either of these or you could change sessions in the hope of a better sale.

Once you have finished your sale the raid may trigger and if it does let it happen for two reasons. Firstly you will have no stock to lose as you have just sold it. Secondly the easy setup mission after gives you a full 75k of stock for a 5 to 10 min easy mission so you gain by doing this overall.

If the raid isn’t triggered it will come soon if you register as an MC using the interaction menu.

I hope after reading this no one will be scared of another MC raid again and hopefully benefits by choosing not to defend the buisness.

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