Hey, what’s going on guys SSundee here and welcome back to some more GTA you guys remember last episode We finally got ourselves a jet So what we’re gonna be doing this episode you guys remember Thunberg. I’m currently in whenever I type I looked at my name I’m currently in his gang the GTA cartel He said he’s got a job for me today I have no freaking clue what that means, but when your… when the leader of your gang speaks you better freaking listen? So today, I’m gonna be linking up with him in a second but before that You do snow we got to do if you look on the right-hand side We have five hundred and thirty dollars in our ba, in our wallet. You know we do around here You know our ritual? We got to spend all of our money on the slot machines, so we need either three gold three Diamonds or four emeralds it’ll multiply our winnings by five We can do those if you think if you think we can multiply your winnings by five every light equals millions of dollars just Roll with it the like button ah Here we go We’re gonna be spending five hundred and thirty dollars in three two one, please What diamonds are gold Go Oh Stupid slut somewhere in the head dude digadz Well there goes negative $530 all right well Let’s go link up with fun burg.

Oh actually real quick before I wake up with sundberg. He told me next Saturday He’s holding a tournament on this server like a 1v1 massive tournament It’s gonna be insane, and he invited me to Participate so dudes. I think that’s why he’s given us a job today to get ready for this tournament I’m not sure. He’ll let me join us discord. I thumb barrack leader of the GTA cartel. Please don’t kill me. Please don’t kill me Don’t harvest my organs Okay So you haven’t okay? So first day you have a tournament Next Saturday bet you invited me to that’s the first thing second thing you have a job for me today sir sir Please don’t kill me. I will do the job for you. Honorably I have a free party up for you today a 3-part job with the crab Do you mean it’s a little bit of an initiation to the gang? You know we need to to see some some skills are there.

You need to initiate me into the gang into the cartel I’m ready – I got my chainsaw ready Do you probably won’t need that for the first part? Okay? So the other day I did some Some gambling in a video didn’t go so I’ll need to make sure that your luck is a little bit better than mine Okay, so you did some gambling in a video at the casino? Where’s the casino a casino right there? There’s a casino, okay? So you did some gambling at the casino and failed miserably Yeah Yeah Everything I owned Okay, okay, so first part of the job.

What do you offer me? Okay? We’re gonna. Go kill the owner you’re gonna Go kill this dude. I gotta tell you so bring Bridget SWAT headed free Okay, what do you want for me? Oh yeah? I want you to do train accept. Oh trade accept Okay, hold on trade accept. Okay. I did it what now fair enough I think you said we the profit because I’m assuming that you will win this You want me to gamble $100,000 did you need to go big or go home? What are you gonna do to me if I lose are you gonna count my kidney? This is more of a test to see where your lucky piece.

You know a Hundred grand, I’m sure. Did you got this right right? No Goldbrick Won-soon a 50k 75 K. Oh This is the most money I have ever had in my bank account let’s fun fun birth Are you sure you want me to spend a hundred grand on this jerk right here? Yeah, I already took my money, so you know take it back for me, please Page if you think I can win you think I can win every every like it’s a loser look button Scrolling it. I thought that wasn’t So many house is it 3-2 Okay give you all the diamonds numbers, okay, I’m attendee You’ve got to be kidding me Sundberg We are rich We are rich We can buy anything we want you where do you want to go you want to do it you want to go on a honeymoon? Travels go on a honeymoon come on. Let’s go. It’s a treat on me I Hold on I’ll give you your money back hold on hold on hold on okay? Tell her oh and I always got a trade at teller Trump teller Trump is true treated me right.

Okay hold on Oh by goldbrick. Oh my gosh. I have eight. Gold bricks. Okay. How do I trade with you? Assess trade fund break slash trade Dunbar hold on the get rid of all this food. Okay. Slash trade Sundberg okay, did you get it? Yeah? They’re real all right anyway, okay? There you go Sundberg two hundred thousand dollars for the leader of the GTA cartel. Can I keep my kidneys? Can yes can I keep my kidneys? You can keep your kidneys, bro. This is good first job was a success. I thought Berg Hey, are you double fisting gold? Talk about the leader of the GTA cartel is balling out of control. I love it. Okay, so that’s the first job What’s the other two parts? What do you got for me so the second part and the third part is I want you to go to the war zone? come back with five brand new kills and a Full set of diamond armor You want me to kill five people and come back with diamond armor.

That’s how we roll need a cartel Sunberg I don’t want to commit murder for you. You’re gonna make me Go don’t seven are you gonna bail me out of jail if I go to jail is it promise promise? The car if the leader of the free world the leader of the cartel tells you to kill five people you better frickin do it – Berta are you gonna help me you’re gonna help me Do this are gonna do about myself you have to do this one by yourself alright, so my part two and part three is five kills and Diamond armor is that everything? That is everything all right, so I’m currently at 21 kills stud Berg hmm I will not come back until the task is complete all right.

Let’s do this We’re going into the war so we need five kills and a fool. Oh yeah, remember this I Didn’t tell Sundberg this but you remember like two or three episodes ago when I did that deal with that one guy I already have three pieces of diamond armor Don’t you tell no one okay, okay 25 Kills, and I need a diamond helmet leader of the GJ cartel ask for something. You’re freakin do it I want to keep both my kidneys exactly where they are Okay, so what I’m doing run around.

Hopefully I can for more ammo more ammo well It’s like I find a diamond helmet in one of these chests. If not I can buy whoa okay I can sell all of this for up money, and I believe you can buy Diamond gear for money which I forgot how much it is I think it’s pretty expensive to hold on grab this shotgun ammo assault ammo tier two weapon So what I normally do whenever I’m running around this sir looking for loot I only take tier two and up of guns like this is a tier two I don’t worry about whether and I take all arm because itself for a crap-ton well. Let me grab this system together 75 kills Nothing any 5 kills as well. Oh. Oh yeah, I forgot about this What a hold of you go to my garage go to my garage It’s played So what I’m gonna do I’m gonna fly around way high up in there nobody whatever people play out out video games they never look up nobody ever looks up so as soon as I see somebody I’m Gonna dive bomb on them murder their face because you don’t take fall damage in this game or on this server I’m gonna dive bomb on them with my shotgun out and one shot him okay This airplane is nuts well now Let’s see if we can find some Oh dojo I put it so he put $1,000 bounty on my head Chris wrong with you people I think somebody’s down there He sees me up here look at the bounties that are getting focused so he knows I’m here Go ahead 500 at five.

Oh, what’s wrong with me, okay whoa? One guy down wonder. What was he doing even had a lunar staff What the crap was he doing I’ll take it though we have one kill out of five, I think I see there’s somebody right here Okay three loaded. Oh, there’s a guy there. There’s two people okay. I don’t want to fight two people fight you people Okay stop it sir, Sir. Sir. I need hey. This is not fair to me one. I don’t like this Okay, I should be able to take these dudes out I Should be able to take these dudes out. Huddle you go to my Shack or my sniper. Let me reload my stuff oh no Skeletons fighting me – this is not cool game. This is not cool. I don’t like this okay Jump away – boy eat eat. I got to eat gotta eat. Okay. Okay, okay? I do have a chainsaw Why is it changed all not doing anything What I Can’t do any damage to let me try again hold on hold on let me try again Hold on I got this I got this I got this Okay, okay, what I’d hold me gonna.

Hold me go to my okay Okay, oh oh, I gotta get out gotta get out gotta get out. Okay. I gotta you gotta get out gotta you gotta here Why did I not do damage to them? Let me heal up? I’m gonna go back it. Oh here. He comes here He comes here. He comes he has no clue where I am Okay, when are we doing to stand here? I’m gonna jump. I’m gonna jump to get my hunger down then I’m getting eat up to heal We load my shotgun here he comes he’s right there Reload my AR he’s trying to run reload my AR let me get in there Rob reload my okay okay here we go here we go. I got this But why did it not suit we’re gonna go We’ll get down, what got down, okay? Double kill Okay jump away Jump away, the cops are on me. We just got a double kill three kills out of the five Is what I’m talking about weird it there Loot go? Where did I kill these guys at right here here? We go.

Okay? This guy dropped three dollars Oh i’ll take it and this guy dropped three dollars not much, but I’ll take it yeah three of our five kills alright hold on let me go back to let me go to the gun shop I’m gonna sell everything so we’re currently at a hundred and fifty seven dollars in our wallet So if we sell all of these guns, let’s see how and all this armor Let’s see how much money we end up with eight hundred and twenty seven dollars.

I’ll take okay, so I’m gonna go put away six hundred ugh, Donna or Donny hey hello, Donny, let’s buy Six of these there we go so we will bring two hundred dollars into the war zone Just so we can call our jet and everything Dude, that was good. We have three of our five kills. Let’s get back at our jet Let’s do I don’t we go to f5 mode there we go Let’s look for some more food. We need two more kills. I mean there’s there’s a chicken down there, but does that count? Oh good lord, oh oh there’s a guy right here. Okay, let me get out my shotgun. He’s got a minigun dive bomb That minigun is nuts hold on I’m gonna snipe him Okay that minigun doesn’t do much damage though that mini go okay hide behind here high bind here. We’re good. We’re good We’re good ready for this oh My gosh that does so much damage Four kills he had a minigun though. Did you see how much he destroyed my face kind of ish? Alright we’re at four kills out of the five who’s gonna be the last sucker who wants to die Need help I know this this is for the cartel There’s a guy right down here No armor Miss miss listen.

This is this is for the cartel. This is my initiation I’m sorry Please I’m a horrible person Miss listen they don’t bribe me with food. This is this isn’t my doing. This is the cartel I’ll make it quick Russell try to make me look like a good person try to make me look like an angel So the diamond armor yeah, I need the helmet five thousand dollars for this oh My gosh all right let’s go talk to Donny, Donny Trump. Give me a give me a small loan Give me a small loan of that way. Where’s five $5,000 let’s grab one of these. Oh, good lord, okay, Donny Bye hold on sell There we go we got $5,000 I think Donny.

Thanks for doing business Donny grab this helmet oh We gotta give this over set hold on let me go to enderchest we got to give this full set of diamond armor to the cartel I want to keep my kidneys I thought burg I Have done your dirty bidding. I have to killed five people and I have gotten a full set of diamond armor wait really Well, you’d have faith in me Okay, how do I trade with you again? Oh trade? thundberg okay, here’s your full set of diamond armor all right put that there put that there put that there and put that there Okay, so I have one you? $200,000 I have killed five clean the streets up for the cartel, and I have given you a full set of diamond armor Very messy you can keep the diamond armor, though That was just to see if you could do it I can keep it. You can keep it. Can I keep my kidneys? Also, you can also keep your kidneys we so I could keep the diamond armor, and I have some Welcome stuff for you as well.

Yes somewhat for me some You know welcome to the gang Completing initiation kind of thing so I’m in I’m officially in I find that what my what my have made it Okay, well do you got for me? Okay? First fee, and these are given your share of the profits from the bet oh So you’re gonna give me half of the gambling money, yeah, so you know some hundred came back, and then we split the other 100k Ahaha, take it. Thanks, dude. I appreciate that okay, so I got a full set of diamond armor and 50k And I’m in the cartel, and that’s not it wait. That’s not it Then to match your new fancy diamond armor Some protection gear for you prot three iron so that is the same as diamond armor When it comes to how much damage it protects you from So you can split it up, so I have a full set of prot three iron armor 50k and I get to keep the diamond armor and that’s not all Well, that’s the final thing Do you know get you up to speed a little bit? okay, im giving you this Tier five shotgun I’ve been using a tear four The cartel and needed people to be geared up.

And remember if you die with that. You won’t drop it, right So if you die with a tier five in your inventory You never drop it just like the chainsaw and the lunar staff yep This was a good day I now have a model 11 tier 5 shotgun Thunburg this is good. This is I knew I knew joining the cartel was a good idea? That’s what everyone say YouTube please don’t ban me from your platform ok that’s pretty good And Next weekend next Saturday.

He told me there’s gonna be a tournament so be on the lookout for that I’m gonna be entering in a 1v1 tournament. I’m gonna Anyways news for now I’m gonna end this here again If you guys are still enjoying this series hit the like button down below Also hit the subscribe button for new to my channel thudburgs Channel, and I yes we’ll see it dude’s next time

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