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Hello everyone and welcome back to another GTA online guide where today we’re gonna be taking a look at the RC Bandito a Remote-controlled car added as part of the arena war DLC. So let’s dive right in shall we so for the price of 1.6 million you can get your hands on. Oh No, I can’t afford My own mcdonalds No worries. Give me a sec. duh duh duh duh But it did it, dude Alright now I can buy the car. So take a look at the customization options we have Oh No, I can’t afford My own KFC No worries. Give me a sec he looks like a nerd my pokemon brings all the nerds to the yard and their like give me a sec.

But it did it, dude Yaaaaassssss Now I can afford the upgrades in between the times where I was able to sell the two cars for money to buy BRC Bandito I took the remote-control car for a test drive with its stock past just to see how it handled and all that good stuff To spawn in the RC Bandito after purchase simply go to your inventory And there it is on the bottom when you spawn it. You don’t just control the car you become the car The results a few things happen number one you go off radar Number two your body disappears from the game world number three You become pretty much invulnerable and finally number four. You have a ton of fun Goddamnit, I’m stuck the RC Bandito handles about as well as a lightweight car with a small wheelbase would its top speed isn’t? That great and is pretty easy to lose control over top speed resulting in some pint-sized epic crashes But because this thing is made out of an experimental adamantium metal in both its body and chassis Crashing in this thing isn’t much of a problem.

I to receive very soon Anyways with stock parts As you would expect The car doesn’t really allow you to do much except for drive it around as well as the ability to bunnyhop about 10 Centimeters into the air yeah surprisingly the car is always fitted with some sort of popping ability I’ll be it a very crap one, but you get one nonetheless If you decide to just buy the car once you’re done driving the car around using the exit vehicle button or get destroyed somehow you only have to wait for one minute to Grab another but when you upgrade the car to the match, you can get your hands on a bomb, which lets you blow Try hearts and casuals alike a much better bunnyhop as well as some mines though Do keep in mind that these upgrades are nothing like the actual arena wall cars for one those mines which are so goddamn Cute you only get to carry three of them at once and you only have the choice of either EMP or kinetic mines the bunny hop even upgraded to the max lets you jump no higher than say the height of a small van And the bomb takes a little bit of time to arm, which is a very good way of bouncing things out However, what Rockstar didn’t take into consideration about this thing is just how broken the thing is in every other regard Let’s see just how tough this thing is.

Shall we? Jesus what’s the sing made out of diamonds? Yeah, this tiny little RC car takes three rockets to kill that’s more than some dedicated armored cars And as far as I’ve seen there’s no effective weapon that one can use to keep these things away from you These things can’t harm you simply by running into you But because people are going to abuse the hell out of the sin because it’s armed with explosives You gonna want to try to keep these things away from you? I tried shooting the obvious weak point of the explosive on the side of the car to see if it would immediately Destroy it and they also have my friend try to keep me away from him using an atomizer. It wasn’t very effective So all in all the RC Bandito it cost 1.6 million and for the price tag You get something that completely breaks GT online in half.

What the hell were you thinking Rockstar in any case? I hope you enjoyed this short Video and if you did make sure to leave a like and subscribe to the channel for loads more videos coming to you very soon See you around folks.

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