Welcome back dear viewer. Today on GTA Geographic, we’re diving back into the streets of Los Santos. What an adventure it’s been. We’ve seen the modder. We’ve had an encounter with the griefer. We observed the youtuber and even managed to catch a glimpse of the tryhard. Today we’re looking at the absolute bottom of the food chain. The noob. They come in all sorts of varieties. Like a baby freshly jellied out of the womb of the mother, it frolicked around on the streets of Los Santos.

It has no idea of the dangers the city holds. They’re easy to spot. They run around without any caution and unfortunately they often fall prey to bigger species like the griefer or the tryhard. Especially the tryhard, who gets erect over a high KD has quite the appetite for the noob. In front of us stands the Christmas noob. Look at it. It’s happy. Like a dog who sees snow for the first time, it runs around with the firework launcher. Little does he know, he has been spotted by a griefer through the lens of the orbital cannon. The noob unfortunately fell prey to the 50-megaton nuclear blast and is indeed tore to a million pieces. The noob often tries to socialise.

Here, we see a car show being hosted by many friendly players. The noob tries to bond by parking his car next to it. Unfortunately, the noob has not quite figured out where the brakes are and plows through the car show at unimaginable speeds, ruining the car meat and killing five players. Understandably, the players are quite upset and curse the noob. The noob seems harmless. The damage it inflicts is not because of malicious intent but rather often because it lacks experience.

The damaged the noob causes is often not physical, but mental. The best case can be seen right here: The noob had a message on his phone. A heist setup. “Oh Boy”, the noob says out loud. “This has got to be so much fun” And so the endless circle of failing the Humane Labs Raid begins. Frantic yells of the fellow GTA online players can be heard. Phrases like “This is why we don’t play with randoms” and “This guy is actually retarded” are being thrown at the noob. The noob is not upset. It tries to learn and adapt. But more often than not, it fails. It fails over and over and over until everyone in the lobby rage quits and the noob is left alone and wondering what went wrong.

The question we have to raise: “Should we be upset with the noob?” The answer is simple. Yes. Since the noob causes more damage physical and mentally than any other creature in the food chain while sitting at the absolute bottom of the food chain. Luckily, this species in turn learns to adapt to the world of GTA online and goes its own way. Dear viewers, Thank you for watching this documentary on The noob. If you did enjoy, leave a like and subscribe. There are many more documentaries on the channel for your viewing pleasure. Safe travels dear viewers..

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