What is the best fighter plane in GTA Online?


Hello everyone and welcome back to another GTA online guide where today we’re gonna be discussing What the best fighter jet in GTA online is after the recent release of the B 11 Strikeforce I mentioned in my previous video that I’d be comparing the strike force with all the other jets in the game and now here we are So, where do we begin? What do we define as a better jet than one another? Well in my opinion if we assume every pilot has the same level of skill I will consider a jet to be better than one another if it’s, A able to fighter the Jets with the advantage in battle and B if its versatility allows it to do more than just taking out rival jets out of the sky so the main jets I would see people use either against me or anyone else would be the Hydra, the laser, the pyro, the Rogue and very rarely the Molotok all the other planes released as part of the base game or DLCs I’ve never really seen them in game in action Besides the initial released Tuesday that they came mainly because they’re kind of underpowered and they’re pretty obsolete compared to the existing planes Surprisingly despite how good it is.

I’ve never really seen anyone else using the Starling I don’t know why because it’s such a good jet, but I’ll get more into that later in the video If you want to share what plays you’ve personally seen in free mode, let me know in the comments But for now, we’re going to be talking about adding the strike force to the mix We all know it’s a pretty good jet despite the nerf minigun cannon, but in regards to everything else in the game Is it really that good? Well, yes and no is the short answer.

Here’s why it’s good for one. It’s got really good weapons It’s got pretty much anything You can ask for homing rockets, barrage rockets, bombs, the whole shebang baby all of which can all be useful in a dogfight Paired up with its reputable turning speed and slowed down cruising speed This plane is exceedingly good at dogfighting most other planes. So there we have it folks. Make sure to leave a like it Yeah, we’re not done yet. I’m not going to let you go that quickly Because despite the upsides that the strike force has there’s always going to be the demon on the opposite shoulder The main reason, the cannon it’s rate of fire is absolute trash. So slow in fact that it actually becomes a problem when you man turn your opponent and try and aim You’re gun at them because on the most part It’s hoping to hell that by the time your crosshair lines up with the target a shot comes out of the gun if you do A swipe at the target with the crosshair and hold down the fire button There’s a very high chance that you’ll end up missing your target despite having a clear shot simply because of a piss-poor Fire rate this however is not a problem with many other planes even the ones that don’t feature explosive cannons with the Hydra and the laser If you manage to line up your sights with the target You’re getting the kill for sure and even with planes with non explosive cannons they’re high rate of fire allows you to at least be able to cause Significant damage to the opponent which even if you don’t blow them up right away You’ve weakened their engines damaged the armor and lowered their health just a little bit with the strike force It’s possible for you to line up numerous times and not be rewarded with a hit This can somewhat be rectified with the use of the barrage missiles is kind of like clay pigeon shooting if you aim ahead of the target and Get the correct distance and fire off the barrage of rocket You can very easily take down the target very quickly especially if your opponent also happens to be using a strike force because the strike force armor is so durable that if you manage to Get hit on them using the cannon Yeah, you might have disabled that plane, but they can just hop out and survive the ordeal with rockets There’s much less chance of that tosser getting away besides that if you can work with the weaknesses of the strike force then yeah You’re gonna be one hell of a pilot to take down Unless your opponent happens to be in one of these babies the Starling the Starling is a unique specimen Very unlike all other planes in the game and it’s because of this is why I think the Starling is by far the best jet For dogfighting in the game.

No kidding Here’s why the Starling can do what other fighter planes can’t go really really slow Yeah, remember in my previous video? I said that top speed doesn’t always matter well for the record in a drag race if the pilot wanted to they could very easily Just demolish the strike force in a drag race due to the booster. But again, that’s only if the pilot wants to go fast what the Starling does well is its ability to cruise at very slow speed this makes it very Difficult for someone who isn’t using a Starling to turn an aim at you if you happen to be in a dogfight what the Starling can do is cruise at slow speed and fly in a circle firing endless homing missiles at the opponent when in a dogfight this forces the opponent to keep having to use their Countermeasures and keep turning to avoid the endless stream of missiles that are coming at them They’re going too fast to be able to turn tight enough to aim their guns at you 90% of the time They can’t go out Why do the horizontally or vertically because they’ve got missiles coming after them and they can’t really run away Because the Starling can just chase them down and I know the boost of the Starling is limited before recharge But it’s more than enough to do what the pilot needs it to do So with all this in mind the Starling pretty much has control over the battle Most of the time the opponent can attempt evasive maneuvers to try and confuse the pilot of the Starling which my opponent for this video Was trying to do to me But the amount of time it takes for the opponent to take advantage of my confusion of where they are It just isn’t long enough.

I can get turned around and start aiming at them again However, what the Starling can do during a battle is every once in a while while the Starling is chasing down the rival plane They can use non explosive machine guns to slowly chip away at the planes health. It takes a while a really long time In fact, but ultimately the Starling is gonna win the battle eventually just through attrition alone The only way to beat a starling from what I’ve seen is charging at it head-on from a distance Utilizing the main gun of whatever you’re flying to get a clear shot of the Starling before it can use its strategy of winning through Attrition if your only target is a Starling and you happen to be in a strike force You can just Ram them The strike force is tough enough to survive the ordeal and be healthy enough to keep battling or just let you return to base now Before people complain saying well, okay.

It’s good at dogfights But what about doing other stuff other than dogfighting like ground targets? Well, if you’re not a fan of bombing, which is what the Starling can do Well, I personally much prefer to just dive on vertically on top of people using non homing missiles again the Starling is low cruising speed makes it very easy to do just Equip non homing missiles find a target dive vertically downward so that they can’t aim back at you with an explosive sniper or rocket launcher and fire away sonny jim If you miss your target just climb straight up and try again the boost feature of the Starling makes it very easy to play safe and take no risks Especially if you have a bunch of people flying them alongside you and that is why I think the Starling is the ultimate fighter plane In GTA online. Do you guys agree with me? Let me know in the comments and if you enjoyed this video Make sure to leave a like and subscribe to the Pyrerealm gaming channel for loads more videos.

Come to very soon. See you around folks.

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