5 Tips to Make Insane Gold in Guild Wars 2 (Gold Guide 2020)


Welcome to my new Gold Guide, 5 unknown Tips to make insane & lazy gold in Guild Wars 2. English Subtitles are available, you can activate them on the YouTube Settings Some of these tips are available to everyone, even for beginners, but some other tips are for more experienced players. Let?s play a game together :If you discover at least one thing, one tip thanks to my video, you can like & tell me in comment which tip you discovered. Also Remember to subscribe to my channel for more Guild Wars 2 & Gold Guide Content. Let?s go. My first tip is available to everyone, & it?s a very easy way to make each day lazy gold.

If you have multiple characters, you can just place them at the end of a Jumping Puzzle, near the End Chest. End-Chest rewards reset every day. Log in each day on the parked characters, take the chest rewards, and then switch characters to go to another End-Chest. Some Jumping Puzzle offer insane rewards. The more character you have, the more end chest you can loot daily, without anything to do except logging & press F. I am going to give you the 2 Spots you really need to do each day, because they offer the best rewards. If you don?t have a lot of character slot, at least be sure to make these two.First one is Sanctum of Nabkha, in the crystal Oasis Map. It offers 3 Chest each day. This is 1 Gold each day. The second one is the best one, it?s on the new map from Icebrood Season 5 : Vault of the Khan-Ur, in the Grothmar Valley Map, there are 5 small chest that you can loot each day, this is another free gold daily.

I am going to give you 4 more spots where you can park your alts and gather quick rewards every dayTo get there, you can complete the jumping puzzle normally, or you can use the Teleport to Friend item, or use a Mesmer portal Searing Ascent, In Draconis Mont Abbadon’s Ascent, in Sirens LandingSorrows Eclipse Sanctuary, in Bitterfrost Frontier, you can farm coral each day Tomb of the Primeval Kings, in Desert Highlands map, you have multiple chests to loot each day Second tip: Black Lion Weapon CollectionsIn the achievement panel, you can see all the Black Lion Weapon Collection.Each time you complete 1 collection, which is 17 Weapons, you will earn 7 Black Lion Ticket as reward.Some of the collection are extremely expensive to complete.But some other are extremely cheap, either because the skins are ugly, either because you can loot the skins in the current Black Lion chest, so the prize is very low. So, you can complete some collection with a very low amount of gold, and earn 7 Black Lion Tickets, and you can make lot?s of gold from these tickets.

The ticket allow you to buy the latest new Black Lion Weapons, and to sell them at a higher price to make profit. To sum up : you can buy 17 Weapons on the trading post to complete a collection, some of them cost only 10 to 15 Gold per Weapon. The cheapest collection will cost you about 250 Gold. Then you earn 7 Tickets, you can buy 7 new skins, & sell them on the Trading Post. You can do this for all collection that are very cheap : remember some collection will be cheaper in the future if they appear in the new future black lion chest reward. Here is my trick : This website will tell you which collection is the cheapest to make. Here is written the cost to complete the full collection, to earn 7 Tickets.Link is in description I am going to show you exactly how it works on my Alt Account.First, I buy the 17 Weapons, I put order on the trading post, as cheap as possible, then you have to be patient.

Collection is completed I got 7 Tickets. Warning : Black Lion Weapon Price is fluctuating. My advice, do not sell immediately the skin you get, you may lose gold. You can either wait to sell them later, when they will be more expensive. Or you can just keep the 7 Tickets, to get later the skin you want, when they will release new beautiful Skins. Third Tip : Ascended Amulet. When you Salvage an ascended Amulet with an Ascended Salvage kit, you have a 5% chance to drop ? Salvaged Excellence ? that is used in a Rare Collection to unlock Fractal Reliquary.This Salvaged Excellence is VERY expensive on Trading Post : 1,000 Gold ! The only problem is : it?s a bit random since you have only a 5% chance drop per amulet.You need an average of 20 amulet to drop 1 Salvaged Excellence So, here is my advice : you can salvage all the ascended amulet you are not using ; and you also can get very easily ascended amulets, for a very low amount of gold : – You can Buy with SW tokens to SW NPC (you will have a lot if you farm often Silverwastes) – You can Buy with Laurels to WvW NPC (the laurels cost is lower in WvW, only 20) – You can Buy with Tokens from PvP to PvP NPC (tokens from PvP League, you can earn insane amount !) – You can Buy with Tokens from Raid to Raid NPC – You can Buy from Living Story Season 3/4 NPC with Magic – Use Ascended Salvage Kit to salvage, you can buy it to WvW NPC, or to Fractal NPC.

Remember : only 5% chance per amulet. But if you drop : 1,000 Gold for you ! Now, we are going to salvage together 38 Ascended amulets. Here I drop first one. And another one, and finally a last one.I dropped 3 Salvaged Excellence, this is nearly 3,000 Gold, this is more expensive than a Legendary Weapon. Remember, I warn you : there is a random factor ; you may get nothing. But the cost is anyway very low, and If you loot it?s a massive jackpot ; Good luck everyone, and please, tell me in the comment section below, how many amulets you salvaged, & how many salvaged excellence you looted ! Bonus Tip : if you really enjoy gambling, you can also salvage ascended backpack, you can loot an item, salvaged Dignity that is used in the same collection, it?s only worth 150 gold, but it?s still good, so if you have useless ascended backpack, you can try your luck Fourth Tip : Ascended Ring It?s very easy to get an insane amount of ascended rings, especially if you play Fractals a lot.You have plenty of useless ascended rings in your bank, I got the solution for you to convert this into gold.

If you salvage your rings with an ascended salvage kit, you will loot Stabilizing Matrix, from 1 to 20, its random. Each Matrix is worth 30 silver, but the ascended salvage kit cost is 20 Gold for 20 Salvage, that?s 1 gold per salvage, so it?s not very worth it.here is my trick. You can upgrade your ascended ring, for a very cheap amount. You can upgrade it twice, with 2 difference recipes in the mystic forge, in no specific order.Each time you upgrade it, you will gain one more infusion slot on your ring ; but you will get also more MATRIX if you salvage it.

Look, here I salvage an ascended ring with 1 infusion slot, I got Matrix once, between 1 & 20Now I salvage an ascended ring with 2 Infusion slot, I got matrix twice, between 1 & 20 twice Finally I salvage an ascended ring with 3 Infusion slot, I got matrix 3 times, between 1 & 20 3 times Considering the fact that its very easy, fast & cheap to upgrade a ring, you understand you can greatly increase your profit by salvaging ascended upgraded rings.How to upgrade rings ?There are 2 difference recipes, you can make each recipe once per ring, in no specific order. First recipe is called Attuning the Ring : put in mystic forge The Ring + 1 Agonized Essence, which you can buy to this NPC in fractal lobby for 26 silver ; 1 +1 Agony infusion, which you can buy on the trading post for about 1 silver ; 1 philosopher stone, which you can buy to Mystic Forge NPC. When it?s done, your ring now got 2 infusion slot, & will give twice more Matrix if you salvage it.Second recipe is called Infusing the Ring :put in mystic forge the Ring + Vial of Condensed Mists Essence + Glob of Coagulated Mists Essence + Shard of Crystallized Mists Essence The only way to get these components is to loot it while playing Fractals.

If you don?t have it, don?t worry, just skip this recipe & make the other one, available to anyone. You will win less gold but you will still make decent profit. Let?s make this together.I just attuned 20 rings, & infused half of them ; the cost of components & of salvage is about 25 Gold. I salvage everything, I won more than a hundred Matrix. My profit for 20 rings is about 10 Gold, which is quite bad luck; you probably will make more profit than me. Fifth Tip : Spirit Shards. Spirit Shards are a currency you gain each time you level up with a character that is already at the maximum level.You also gain 3 Spirit Shard each time you complete your Daily Achievements.

This currency can be traded with Myani, near the mystic forge, for Philosophers Stone. Use Philosophers Stones with other components in mystic forge to create more expensive items, and sell them to make profit. I am going to show you one of the recipe available, to make lot?s of gold. This recipe can upgrade some Tier 5 material into Tier 6 material. First, I?m going to buy some Crystalline Dust and tier 5 Blood, then I will transform them into Tier 6 thanks to philosophers stones.

The link to all available recipes, is in description. I am buying at the lower price than the materials I need.Now I just need to combine everything into the Mystic forge. Let?s speed this up. 5 minutes later, I got more than 600 TIER 6 BLOOD.Let?s sell them, at the highest price available. Here is the gold, I just earned 30 gold in only few minutes, and with only 50 Spirit Shards. If you don?t play a lot, you won?t have so many Spirit Shard, but they are very easy to get, you only need to play the game.

VERY IMPORTANT: not all tier upgrade recipes are worth it. Always check price on trading post, & calculate if you can make a profit or not. On the example, I used Blood, but you can make this also for Totem, or other stuff.Always check prize & calculate if you can make profit or not. VERY IMPORTANT RULE REMINDER. To prevent you from losing out on gold and optimize your profit.NEVER INSTANTLY SELL OR BUY ON THE TRADING POST.Always buy at a lower price & sell at a higher price than instantly.Just be patient and you will save A LOT OF GOLD LAST THING. I am doing each week Giveaway of Legendary Weapons on Guild Wars 2Feel free to participate, you have a small chance to win a Legendary weapon, be sure to participate, link to the giveaway video is in description. Be sure to subscribe to my channel, & to tell me in comment if you discovered any tip.If you want more ways to get Gold, here is the playlist of my 3 others golds guides for Guild Wars 2, all my tips to Farm & to make Easy, Fast & Lazy Gold in Guild Wars 2, have a look.

Link is also in description. Thanks everyone, I wish you the best, Bye.

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