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EASY GOLD GUIDE ? 50 Gold in 30 Minutes Daily | Guild Wars 2 | Beginners’ Friendly


You can make a lot of money in Guild Wars 2 even if you are lazy. I’m going to share 10 tips with you to make money quickly and easily, up to 50 gold daily in half an hour. You don’t have to invest gold; you don’t have to have any skill. These tips are very beginner friendly. Some are reachable with free accounts, but most need the expansions. Subtitles are available in many languages, so be sure to activate them (in the YouTube options).

Let’s start. I have exactly 10 THOUSAND gold. I’m going to go over my daily routine with you, and we’ll see how much I make from it. First tip: Sign up every day. Yep, you don’t even have to play, you can just sign up and you will earn a Daily Reward chest every day. The rewards for signing up follow a specific pattern so that every time you sign up you get a specific reward. The pattern repeats itself after 28 rewards received. And the rewards are VERY good. At least 2 of them. First: mystic coins. You earn 20 mystic coins in a month. This is about 25 gold. Second: Laurel. You earn 55 Laurels in a month. 35 for the normal daily rewards, and 20 for the final reward (If you choose Bag of Laurels). And you can make a lot of money with Laurels. Just go to this NPC, in the PvP Lobby. You can buy expensive materials with it. Buy the Heavy Bags from the NPC, open them and then sell them. You can earn about 40 gold per month by selling these materials. Let’s go back to my daily routine.

Today my reward is to sign up for 10 laurels. Let’s convert them to gold. That’s 5 gold free for today. You can also earn 2 extra gold by completing the Daily Achievements. This is quick to do, especially the PvP Daily’s. While you also earn Spirit Shards, I’ll explain how to convert them into gold later. I’ve already earned 7 gold in 9 minutes. Let’s move to the next step. Alt Parking. If you have a lot of characters, you can put them at the end of a jumping puzzle, next to the reward. These prices are there every day. Log into your parked characters every day, take the reward, then switch characters to receive the reward again. Here are my 6 favorite places to park your characters and receive quick rewards every day. To get there, just do the puzzle, teleport to a friend, or use a Mesmer portal 🙂 If you are lucky, you can make a good amount of money in just 1 minute. The rewards from Living Story areas also give area specific rewards, like here, you can use them.

Later I will explain how you can convert them to gold. Next step: Home Instance. You can unlock many resources for materials from Achievements, from the Trading Post (with Gold), and from the GemStore. If your Home Instance is not full, you can join a friend’s Home Instance, or find an open Home Instance via the LFG button. You only need your tools to mine everything, but remember you can upgrade your tools with Glyphs. I am using the Volatile Magic Glyph. You can earn a few gold in just a few minutes if you do this daily; it is a very good bonus. Two tips: First, you can mine some Living Story material resources to earn Volatile and Unbound magic. This magic can be converted to gold. I’ll explain how to do this later. Second Tip: You can use Hero Points in your Home Instance, if you have one, to create a single Charged Quartz. For this you need 25 Quartz Crystals in your inventory. Charged Quartz can only be made once a day.

You can make good profit with it, I will explain this later in the crafting chapter. Remember, if you have a Guild with an upgraded Guild Hall, you can visit it daily, as there are also some resources that you can mine. Here’s what I mined today in my Home Instance and the Guild Hall, this is 4 gold in 3 minutes. Now, tinkering daily. Some objects have a time limit so the number of objects that can be crafted is limited in a certain period of time. This is often for high-level materials such as ectoplasm refinement. The purpose of a time limit is to make crafting valuable to those who have invested in it. All items have a limit of 1 per day. I’m going to tell you which 5 items I craft every day to make a reasonable profit. The former has a time limit by Charged Quartz. Remember, I said to tinker this before in the video. You can make 1 gold profit with this recipe: Ley Line tool infused. Craft it and sell it, you’ve just earned 1 gold.

I also make a Heat Stone: You can craft it with Tailor, & earn between 1 and 3 gold. It is very important never to sell it directly on the trading post: Make sure you always offer for a higher price or you could lose gold. When crafting something, always check the price on the trading post. Because at the moment I make this guide, this item is profitable, but in a few months or even tomorrow this could change. Remember, this is not the single time limit craft item; there are so many more than 5 profitable items. While I craft 3 other things. They are account bound, but they allow me to craft other Ascended materials that I can sell for a lot of profit.

I make a Lump of Mithrillium, this is used to make Deldrimor Steel Ingots and sell it later. I also make a Spool of Silk Weaving Thread, this is used to make Bolts of Damask and sell it later. I also make a Spool of Thick Elonian Cord, this is used to make Elonian Leater Squares and sell them later. The tinkering is done, I made 6 gold in 3 minutes. Next step: Volatile & Unbound Magic. Unbound Magic is the currency for the Living Story Season 4 areas, and Volatile Magic is the currency for the Living Story Season 5 areas.

Thanks to mining the Living Story material resources in your Home Instance, you have some of both materials that you can convert into gold. First, for Volatile Magic, go to the Istanbul area, talk to the NPC near the Waypoint. You can buy the Trophy Shipment and make good profit. I am very lucky here, I have FIFTEEN TIER 6 materials. I can just sell them for 1 gold profit. For Unbound Magic, go to the Ember Bay area, talk to the NPC next to the Waypoint. Unbound Magic is less profitable than Volatile Magic, but it is still about 1 gold profit I just earned 2 gold in 1 minute thanks to these magical coins. What about Karma? You can earn gold quickly and easily thanks to Karma. Pact Supply Network Agents are special karma sellers that become available by training the third level of the Pact Commander Mastery. To unlock Tyrian masteries you must have the Guild Wars 2 expansion. There are six sellers in total, one per area in Tyria.

They move to a different place every day. You can only buy one item per day per seller with Karma. To find out the location of these sellers, simply check out Guild Wars 2’s Wikipedia page (hyperlink in description), and copy and paste Waypoint’s in-game link from the wiki to the game. Then you go to each location. Pact Supply sellers have a specific logo on the card. You can buy one Pact Scout’s Mapping Material from each seller for a total of 6 per day. This item can be converted to gold: Double click on the item and you will get card rewards (which you can sell). Rewards vary from area to area, check the Wikipedia page to find out which area is more profitable; hyperlink is in the description.

I have earned a little more than one gold in just 3 minutes. You can do this every day. Daily converters. Converters are a type of gizmo that gives bonus rewards in exchange for a coin or item. Some of these gizmos are useless, and some cost a lot of gold to get. I’m just going to show you the easy-to-get converters: They don’t cost gold, and you just need to participate in events to get them. If you want to know how to get them all, hyperlinks are in the description. The good news is they can turn useless junk into gold. Make sure you have the indicated Junk in your inventory and then double click on the converter. You can only use them a few times a day.

Look at all the things I have. Most of it is junk, but there are good things too, like rare weapons, or Charged Lodestones. In just 1 minute, I’ve made almost 4 gold thanks to daily converters. Spirit Shards are a coin that you get every time you clear a new level on a character that is already the maximum level. You also get 3 Spirit Shards every time you do your Daily Achievements. This coin can be exchanged with Myani, in addition to the mystic forge, for Philosophers Stone.

Use Philosophers Stones with other components in mystic forge to craft more expensive items and sell them for profit. First, I’m going to buy some Crystalline Dust and tier 5 Blood, then I’ll convert them to tier 6 materials thanks to Philosophers stones. The hyperlink for all available recipes are in the description. I buy the materials I need at the lowest price. Now I just have to combine everything in the Mystic Forge. Let’s speed this up. 5 minutes later, now I have over 600 TIER 6 BLOOD. Let’s sell them at the highest price. Here’s the money, I just made 30 gold in a matter of minutes with only 50 Spirit Shards. If you don’t play often, you won’t have that many Spirit Shards, but they are very easy to get, you just have to play the game. VERY IMPORTANT: Not all tier upgrades are worth it. Always check the price on the trading post, and calculate whether you can make a profit or not.

VERY IMPORTANT REMINDER. To make sure you don’t lose gold and optimize your profit. NEVER SELL OR BUY DIRECTLY FROM THE TRADING POST. Always buy at the lowest price and always sell at the highest price. Be patient and you will save a LOT of GOLD 🙂 AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST. It is free. Some people like me do giveaways on Youtube. You can participate if you want to. You just have to be lucky, very lucky, or lots of Magic Find and a few seconds of your time. I do a Legendary weapon giveaway every month, you can participate if you want. Check out the description, there is a hyperlink for my current giveaway. Good luck to everyone who takes part! Thank you for watching, I really hope this guide will help you in-game. If you want more ways to earn gold, you can check out my other video ?How I Make Gold In Guild Wars 2 Video?. There is no daily limit with that guide, and I explain the best way to make money for beginners and experienced players. Hyperlink is in the description. Say in the comments if you learned new ways thanks to this video 🙂 Make sure to subscribe and activate the notification bell! If you like using Discord, you can join my Discord, it is for all GW2 players.

There are already over 2000 in my server, hyperlink in the description. Dont be shy 🙂 I have a Patreon since now, if you want to support and help me to make more videos with better quality you can do this. Thank you all!.

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