Guild Wars 2 – Build Templates & Equipment Templates | What & How to use them?


Finally, after a number of years, comparisons to the original Guild Wars and countless Reddit Threads about this subject, Build Templates have finally been released. It was a feature that I loved in the original Guild Wars and I think it is a great addition to Guild Wars 2. Build and Equipment Templates allow you to quickly swap between armor, skills and traits outside of combat and I think this really improves build diversity and encourages players to swap builds more often. Furthermore, they also allow you to easily share your build with your party, squad, friends and guild so you can quickly copy and use the build and get straight back into action. In this short video, I’ll explain the basic functions of Build Templates and how you can use them. Use the timestamps in the video description to quickly navigate to the section you want to know more about. As usual, if you are new, don’t forget to subscribe, like, share and watch this video all the way to the end! Let’s get into it and start with the Build Template Tab first.

You can find your Build Template menu by pressing H on your keyboard, navigate to Build – We’ll go over equipment later – and select Build Storage. On the left side you will see your account builds, or Build Storage whatever you prefer to call it. These builds are saved for your entire account. Whether you are on your Elementalist, Mesmer, Ranger, Warrior or another profession, you can access these builds nonetheless.

By default you have 3 of these account build templates. However, when I logged in on the day the Build templates released I got 3 extra account build templates. I don’t know why. I just got them! For me, these account build templates aren’t too useful since I only have one of each profession. However, if you have multiple warriors, elementalists or other professions, this can be used to easily reuse builds on your other characters. Next to that you can also save builds in there that you share a lot. This way, you can easily share them on whatever profession you are on. Also, it can be used to save extra builds if you run out of character bound build templates. Let’s talk about those right now. On the right side, you have your character bound build templates. These are bound to your character, not to your account. You can easily save your character bound builds to you account build templates by clicking on an empty space in your account build templates window. The numbers you see above those skills show which template you are currently using.

By pressing one of the numbers you will go to your next build template. To create a Build Template, simply select an empty template and start adding skills and traits to your template. Give it a name and will be saved automatically. As you can see on my ele, I have an Open World Tempest build activated right now. But with one click I swap from Open World Ele to a Raid Tempest. This is including skills and Traits. I highly suggest to keybind your different Build Templates. This way, you can quickly swap builds in between fights. I have assigned my builds to Numpad 7, 8 and 9 since I don’t use these buttons anyway. It is up to you where you prefer to assign them too. It is also possible to copy and reuse builds made by others. The Snow Crows have already adapted and show a build template code that can be copied to your template.

This way, you won’t have to manually add every skill and trait. Simply copy the Build Template code from a website, go to an empty build template, right click the build template and paste it. It’s literally copy paste! You can then copy your build template and send the build template code to your friends and guildies. Like an item or skill, you can just link it in chat. A window will open that allows players to immediately use the build, copy it or save it to their Build Storage. These simple features make build sharing much easier and I honestly think that this will create more build diversity.

Players won’t have to refer to a website or a forum to share their builds. They can just send it directly to other players. But next to the Build Templates, we have Equipment Templates. I’m going to use my Mesmer for this example. As some of you might know, the Chronomancer is a very popular Elite Specialization for the Mesmer. However, sometimes I want play something else. Let’s say a Condition based Mirage. Normally I couldn’t be bothered to get all the pieces of armor, the weapons, trinkets and keep them in my inventory or bank. Well, we’re in luck. With equipment templates I can store my equipment in an equipment template and easily swap between two sets of armor, weapons and trinkets. A great addition and it saves me a lot of space and hassle.

Equipment Templates work similarly to build templates and I also suggest to keybind these templates. I have assigned them to Numpad 4 and 5. This really, are the basic features of build and equipment templates. I easily got the hang of it within 10 minutes. You can see my live review in one of my latest livestreams. One question I see a lot and I want to answer is; Do I need to buy extra equipment and build templates slots? Honestly, if you are a casual player, and just use 2 to 3 builds per profession, I don’t think you need to buy any extra slots. Personally, I don’t need any extra slots. I use a lot of different characters and on those characters I just use 2-3 builds. For equipment templates, I doubt most of you need more than two. However, I can imagine some cases where you want more than two.

For example, if you have a Necromancer and you want play as a healer, Power DPS and Condi DPS. If that is the case, then yes, I suggest to buy an extra slot. Honestly, I think ArenaNet did well with the monetization although they received some criticism for it. I’d rather have seen the whole thing for free but I think most players won’t be affected by this. So, yeah, that’s build templates for ya! If you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to give it a like, share it with your guildies and subscribe to this channel for more Guild Wars 2 content. For now, thank you all for watching and I’ll see you guys in the next one! PEACE!.

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