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Guild Wars 2 Casual player’s guide to Mystic Coins and Clovers By: skelk_lurker


Hey all. So I am sure you noticed the recent price jump in Mystic Coins, and I am guessing some new or casual players who are looking to make their legendaries may find this price increase bit discouraging. So I wanted to list some things you can do and select to maximize your Mystic Coin and Clover supply.

Mystic Coins

  • 20 per month can be obtained from daily logins. (Easy)

  • 30 per month can be obtained by running by running Leyline Anomaly, which is a world boss that spawns every 2 hours at xx.20. For more info check gw2timer.com (Medium)

  • 1-3 can be dropped at random from each boss in each challenge mode Fractals (98, 99 or 100). These can be run every day. It is a bit RNG but in my experience it nets like 2-4 Mystic Coins daily. Being very conservative, I can estimate that running these fractals daily would net you 50+ Mystic Coins per month. (Hard)

As a disclaimer, you need 150 effective Agony Resistence to be able to run these Fractals. You can increase your Agony Resistence by using Ascended gear with Infusions on them. See this dedicated page for more information, and this amazing page for info about gearing.

Now, as their name implies these fractals can be challenging and pug groups can ask for experienced people only. Dont be discouraged though, you can put up your training runs in lfg or make runs with guildies, or join dt fractal guild’s discord to find groups. Learning curve starts out bit slow, but after a while you should get the hang of it and have enough killproof to pug regularly.

Mystic Clover

  • 7 per month can be obtained from daily logins. At day 28 reward, simply select the Legendary Crafting Materials option. (Easy)

  • 7+ can be obtained from a sizeable number of non-repeatable reward tracks in PvP/WvW. Even if you are an exclusively PvE player and you are somewhat intimidated by competitive modes, I think just running dailies should be relatively fast, and if you do them regularly you can finish reward tracks without actually grinding either of these modes. Keep in mind, due to their nature these reward tracks are finite and you may run out of them, but devs can occasionally add more of them from patch to patch. You can also get 2 Clovers from each repeatable reward track.(Medium)

  • 2 can be obtained from each ‘reward track’ in Drizzlewood, and each track is repeatable here. You can progress in a track by choosing the Legion you are supporting from the Quartermaster. (Medium)

  • 2 can be obtained daily from Fractal vendors, however, each cost 1 Mystic Coin, 3 Ectoplasms and 150 Fractal Relics. While this may seem costly, keep in mind that it is still cheaper than getting them from the Mystic Forge, which gives more or less 1 Clover per 3 Mystic Coins, 3 Ectoplasms and 3 Obsidian Shards. The main barrier here is I think the 150 Fractal Relics, which can be bit challenging to regularly obtain if one is just starting out in Fractals. However, if one is able to get enough relics every day, and uses some of the methods above for Mystic Coins, one should be able to get 30+ Clovers per month. (Medium)

I hope this helps to players looking to make legendary gear. Have a nice day!


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