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Guild Wars 2 Complete Support Chronomancer Rotation Guide Collection (STM, Wells, Condi) By: jsrpvr


The past few weeks I have been working tirelessly on updating rotation guides for the commonly used Chronomancer builds, Consisting of Greatsword STM, Focus STM, Inspiration STM, Double Wells and Condition Chronomancer. Full Playlist

Greatsword STM

Greatsword STM is commonly used along with Focus STM To Provide High DPS along with Quickness in Squads Running Alacrigade. Greatsword is a great starter STM build to play as it has very high clone generation which makes quickness extremely easy to maintain. Written Rotation

Sword/Focus STM

Focus STM is frequently used to provide quickness in squads running Alacrigade. This build has similar DPS to Greatsword STM with the benefit of having access to an AoE pull on focus and higher burst DPS. This build however has lower clone generation and can be slightly more difficult to maintain quickness with. Written Rotation

Inspiration STM

Inspiration STM is a great choice if tanking as chronomancer in an Alacrigade Group. It has access to multiple distorts and group aegis which is beneficial to block Knockback/Knockdown attacks such as on Deimos and Gorseval. Having Signet of Inspiration also allows the Alacrity ren to drop boon duration and gear to be more offensive. This build also has higher survivability than the other STM builds due to having the ability to block with shield. Written Rotation

Double Wells

Double Wells is a slightly older build, often used by groups that prefer to run with two chronomancers providing both quickness and alacrity. This build has the same survivablility and benefits as Inspiration STM, with slightly less DPS, however is has the addition of generating Alacrity. Written Rotation

Condition Support

Condition Support is a great build to tank Soulless Horror and Twin Largos Assassins on. It provides Both quickness and Alacrity to the group along with very high survivability due to frequent access to blocks through scepter and shield, along with having High Toughness and Vitality. This build has the benefit of maintaining high confusion stacks on a boss which is highly beneficial on Fast Hitting bosses. Written Rotation


Thankyou to SnowCrows for providing and keeping up to date benchmarks and information on these builds, allowing me to produce in-depth rotation guides.


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