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This is my pvp build for a condi based mirage build. It is similar to metabattle but uses axe/pistol and scepter/torch. I use these weapon sets because I feel sword, while the mobility is good doesn’t put out as good of condi pressure, and staff ambush attacks just feel clunky and awkward to me.

Build: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vhAQRArf3anELDVoh1qBGMDMMjlXDrsC8biGoBgcyRwf/VAPgA-jJxHQBA8JAAk9HAwJBwIlBAA

Running this build has gotten me to Plat 2 and top 50 (at my highest.) It basically provides a continuous output of conditions, mainly torment and confusion, in a steady stream. There is no “burst” rotation that needs followed per se. Axe 3 and scepter 3 are both really strong.

Some skills that can be swapped around if you choose, blink for signet of midnight. Mirage advance for portal. Mirage advance is particularly useful in those battle of khylo clock tower fights. You can keep 2 people busy there easily while you kite around. As for sigils, now that you can see exactly what the enemy team is, it is easy to swap some condi duration sigils for cleansing especially if you are up against a scourge, or a burn guard. And renewing oasis for self-deception.
This weapon combo excels at most 1v1s. Weavers, and spellbreakers can give you a hard time just because of the sustain, the block on scepter and evade on axe are useful against the holosmith wombo combo. Reapers are easy, as are most boon beasts. Other condi mirages may give you a hard time if they are running inspiration, if they are running dueling as well, it basically comes down to who can land a big condi burst first. Evade spam daredevil was the hardest match up I had, however that is something that has always been hard on mesmers.

So mainly you want to make smart use of your ambush attacks, and always perform them when you have a full gambit of clones. I almost always use mindwrack 1st after a scepter ambush. This is a good way to bait out cleanses. Then swap to axe and do the standard CoF combo there.

Not much more to say about the build. However I found this worked better than what most other mesmers are running lately.

Sorry for the disjointed post, its been a long day. If you want to see the build getting used heres a link from a guild 2v2 tournament. Keep in mind most of my guildies are PvE’ers, however it gives a good rotation and how to kite.


1 hour 42 minutes for my first match.
2 hours 9 minutes for kiting around the clocktower. Char name I Shot Johnny.


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