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Hey there guys! Normally you would see some flashy endgame content here. But today, that is not the case. As you can see, I’m leveling a totally new character. And in this video, I’m going to help you level your new character the fastest way on a free to play account! As some of you might know, I have been playing Guild Wars 2 since the release of the game. I got mounts, Gliding, permanent experience bonusses etc. etc. To truly capture the experience of leveling, I had decided to create a character on a new Free to Play Guild Wars 2 account.

I had absolutely nothing on that account, and I’m going to share my experience and tips for leveling your characters. If you are a player that has bought an expansion, do not worry! Most of the tips in this video are useful for you too! Except, you don’t have the limitations that free to play player have! I have divided the levels into different segments, so you have tips for every part of the leveling journey. If you are looking for a specific segment, please refer to the timestamps in the description. The first segments of the video require a bit more time to explain but the segments get shorter towards the end of this video. Before we start, if you want to support me, make sure to watch this video all the way to the end, subscribe to my channel, give it a like and leave a comment. Alrighty! Let’s go! I had decided to create a Charr necromancer for this guide. Necromancers are an easy profession to start with. If you’re in doubt about what profession you should play, check out my profession guide. In that video I explain every profession in detail.

It should be noted, that if you are playing with a friend and you have decided to create the same race, make sure to pick same choices after you’ve decided on your character’s aesthetics. This will make sure that you and your friend have the exact same story options and you can play through the main story together. Let’s have a look at the levels 1-9. The levels 1-10 are by far the fastest and easiest. However, this segment is going to be a bit longer since I want to cover some important fundamentals of leveling that you want to continue doing until level 80. At level 1, you are dropped into a story instance where you get a bit of backstory about your character and the ongoing events of the starter area.

After that you’ll get dropped into the world of Guild Wars 2. Since I’m a Charr, I got dropped in the Plains of Ashford. A level 1-15 area. This were a lot of newer players get overwhelmed. At this stage there are three things that you should focus on. First, keep an eye on the top right of your screen. The game will give you a general direction on where to go and what to do next. Usually, the game points you towards a heart on your mini-map. Hearts are basically quests in Guild Wars 2.

You automatically accept these quests when you are in the proximity and you can start doing the tasks right away. These hearts will maybe take you a minute or two to complete and give a lot of experience, some gold and Karma. After you have completed a heart, look for the NPC that belongs to the heart. In most cases, he or she is close by. At these NPC?s, you can purchase new weapons, armor or trinkets for the Karma you earned by completing Hearts. Don’t be afraid to spend it. You will get a lot of it and it. Spending your Karma on armor, weapons and trinkets will increase your stats and damage and therefore, it will also speed up the rate you defeat enemies and the amount of experience you will earn.

Also, some Heart Vendors sell food. I advise you to buy some food from these vendors since food can give you 10% extra experience for a period. Second, keep an eye out for dynamic events. Dynamic Events are open world quests that randomly appear and completing them gives you more experience, gold and Karma. Usually, Dynamic Events will attract other players and they can help you complete them even faster. Both dynamic events and hearts are activities that I recommend you to if you want to get to level 80 as fast as possible. Third, you might have noticed these squares on the map. These are called Waypoints and allow you to fast travel to that specific location.

While not in combat, you can travel there for a small fee from anywhere in the world. The more waypoints you unlock, the faster you can make it through the world of Guild Wars 2. These three things; Hearts, Dynamic Events, and Waypoints are things you should focus on during the leveling progress. Worth mentioning here, is that you should pick a salvage kit at a merchant. With a salvage kit, you can dismantle armor and other items that you don’t need and convert them into crafting materials. Save these crafting materials to your bank by clicking on the cog on the top right of your inventory and click “Deposit all materials”. We will need these in a later stage of leveling. Next up, level 10 – 25 At level 10, you will receive a new notification that allows you to continue your personal story. This is a continuation of the story you started at level 1. I would recommend you to do this as soon as possible since this story instance gives you a considerable amount of experience and new armor.

After that I assume that you are close to level 11 and this is where hero points and utility skills come into play. You might have noticed those locked skills on the right side of your skillbar. These slots are reserved for utility skills and you can unlock them by spending hero points. Hero points can be earned by completing a small challenge and can be found all across the map. Your first utility skill slot unlocks at level 11. For your first utility skill, I would advise you to unlock mobility skills or skills that provide swiftness through the hero points panel. At level 20, you can unlock the next personal story step. But what should you do between level 11 and level 19? As you open your map by pressing the M key on your keyboard, you can see that there are small objectives all over the map.

These include hearts, waypoints and hero points I have just covered. But it also includes points of interest and vistas. These are landmarks that can be discovered and grant a small amount of experience. Try to discover and complete all the objectives on the map to receive a map completion reward which can include armor, weapons, materials and experience. In my case, I was level 19 and I had completed the starter map. From here on, open your map and look for a 15-25 map and make your move there. Start progressing on this map until you reach level 20 and you can continue your personal story. After completing your next personal story chapter, continue leveling through that new 15-25 map. Now you are familiar with the fundamentals of leveling, you have the possibility to do two things.

You can either complete that new map like we’ve done with the starting zone or you can complete the hearts, do dynamic events and hero points. If you are a completionist, complete the map. If you want to level fast, I would just do the hearts, dynamic events and hero points. The last thing I want to cover in this segment are specializations. At level 21, your character will unlock specializations. This is the talent tree of Guild Wars 2. You can spend hero points to unlock passive bonusses and this makes your skills stronger.

You can change this anytime. For leveling, pick the specialization that you like. It doesn?t matter much what you pick here. When you reach level 80, you have most specializations unlocked anyway. So, if you are ever in doubt about this, don?t worry. Just continue leveling and gathering hero points. you will eventually unlock everything. Level 25 – 35 Here’s where a minor free to play limitation kicks in. I had completed two maps and was between level 25 and level 27 at this point. That all sounds great, but I could not directly progress to a level 25 to level 35 map.

I thought that I would move to Lion’s Arch, the capital of Guild Wars 2, and continue my journey from there. However, you will encounter this message: ….. At this point you can do two things; you can either travel to a starter zone from another race, for me, a Charr, that was a the Norn starter area. Or you could move to a higher-level zone. This is what I did but I would not recommend it since the enemies hit considerably harder than the last zone I had played in. In terms of experience gained, it doesn’t matter too much due to the level scaling in Guild Wars 2. Whilst progressing through the map, make sure to keep doing your hearts and make your way to level 30 to unlock a new chapter of your personal story.

Since this gives you a considerable amount of experience. Make sure to do these personal story chapters every time you unlock them. Important to note is that the story chapters are not around the corner anymore. You might have to travel to start them. As you hit level 30, you will also receive a mail about Dungeons and the Ascalon Catacombs. You are now eligible to play through the story mode of this dungeon. However, I would stay away from this for now. It is best to do this when you have a group of people together from your Guild, Friends list or through Looking for Group panel. Dungeons aren’t that supported these days and forming a group could take a while. Therefore, I would do dungeons at a later stage. Also, keep collecting Hero Points and make sure to save 9 of these Hero Points. At level 31, you will unlock your first elite skill, and this costs 9 hero points. As the name suggests, this is your powerful, ultimate ability. Level 35 – 55 At level 35, you are finally able to enter Lion’s Arch. This is also a great moment to talk about Crafting. Crafting gives a lot of experience and it also gives achievements and the ability to craft new armor and food.

I’ve stated in the “Level 1-9” segment of this video, make sure to deposit your crafting materials. We are going to need them now! First, decide which crafting discipline you want to level. I am a Necromancer, so I use light armor and therefore, I chose the tailoring crafting discipline. This way, I can craft my own armor and level my character. It also possible to take another crafting discipline like Cooking, so you can cook your own food, or Artificer, so you can make your own staves and wands. The main discipline you want to focus on is Cooking. Cooking is very cheap, easy and gets you the experience you need. Most of the materials you need can be found at the Cooking vendor or at the trading post.

I used a cooking guide that showed me the items that you should craft to get the most experience. You can find this in the description. However, there is a downside for Free to Play Players here. You cannot sell the food you have crafted on the trading post. You could see this as a Retun on Investment. This is a major downside since you have to spend gold at the trading post to level up cooking and I saw myself running short on gold. Therefore, it could be hard to maximize the Cooking discipline right away. It is best to spread this process out over multiple stages. Craft until you almost run out of money and return every few levels with more gold and materials. As you reach level 40, you want to do your personal story once again. This personal story gives you an experience booster that provides a 50% experience boost in all game modes.

The booster also provides you with a kill streak bonus. The more enemies you kill in a limited timeframe, the more experience you get for defeating enemies. Make sure to complete your personal story first and pop your booster after. Also, make sure that you are in an area where you have a lot of enemies, hearts and dynamic events when you are about to use the booster. This will maximize the experience you receive. At level 45, you unlock your second specialization line. This allows for more build diversity and more opportunities to deal damage. Which, in turn, speeds up the leveling process. At this stage, I would try and see if you can find synergies in this new specialization that fit your playstyle. You could also look up a build on Metabattle or a similar website.

Once again, at level 50, you can play another chapter of your personal story. But before you start that, make sure that your experience booster has expired. This is mainly because most of the experience you receive from the personal story comes from the end-reward. Not from defeating enemies and events in between. We don’t want that free experience go to waste, do we? Make your way up to level 55 by travelling to an area called “Sparkfly Fen” which is located on the South of the world map. Level 55 – 68 (70) Between level 55 and 68 you mainly want to level in two areas; Sparkfly Fen, a 55-65 zone, and Mount Maelstrom, a 60-70 zone. These areas have tons of dynamic events you can participate in, which can drastically speeds up your leveling progress.

However, I did find the enemies here a bit tougher than the previous areas I was in. If you find yourself in trouble while playing in these areas, return to a 45-55 zone and return at level 58. As usual, do your personal story chapter at level 60 and visit the crafting table in Lion’s Arch to get some extra experience in. Try to complete as much possible in Sparfly Fen and Mount Maelstrom until level 68 before we move on to the Straits of Devastation. Level 68 (70) – 80 You are almost there! The reason why I advised level 68 to move on to the Straits of Devastation is because you want to complete this map. This means, get a 100% completion on the map.

Which includes, every point of interest, every vista and hero challenges. The reason for this is that the Straits of Devastation have no Heart Objectives and have good map completion rewards and you will make up for those lost levels by exploring and participating in dynamic events since that gives you a considerable amount of experience too. At level 71 you unlock your last specialization line. You can finally finish the build you are working on. Once again, it is important to unlock this and select the specialization options. These specializations give you character passive bonusses and upgraded skills that make your character considerably stronger. After you have finished the Straits of Devastation make your way to Malchor’s leap and complete the map for the same reasons I stated before.

For your last few levels you should head to the last zone, Cursed Shore. In that zone you should be able to hit level 80 by exploring and participating in dynamic events. And that’s about it! When you reach level 80, I would also complete the Cursed Shore map before moving on to your next activity to get that sweet map completion reward. If you are wondering what to do next? Don’t worry I got a video for that too. You can check it out in the description or in the info charts. But before we wrap this video up, let’s have a look at some stats I had recorded: It took me around 28 hours to reach level 80 on a fresh account with nothing on it.

That is about 1680 minutes and if we divide that by 80, then this would mean that, on avarage, I would gain a level every 21 minutes. Some levels go faster than others. For example, I felt myself leveling considerably faster in the last three zones. Also, crafting can give you a level per minute if you craft a lot at the same time. You can see the rests of the stats on screen. To conclude, if you want to see a leveling guide from another perspective, check out CommonTate?s video about leveling. He made an excellent video about this topic. If you have a question, please leave it in the comments. Also, make sure to like, subscribe and share my videos. It helps me out a lot.

As usual, thank you guys so much for watching and I hope to see you all in the next video! PEACE!.

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