Guild Wars 2 – Full Ascended Gear in 24 Hours – A Quick Guide


Stats wise is Ascended the best gear in the game, and sooner or later, you end up making at least one set. Obtaining is meant to be a bit more difficult and time-consuming. It usually takes around a month or even more, however, if you are eager to get it ASAP no matter the cost I will show you the way. Keep in mind those 24 hours will require a hardcore focus, if you are a more casual player it will take around 3 days instead. In this guide, I will briefly talk about multiple complex crafting recipes, collections, or farming methods. All related links with more details will be in the video description. Based on the average character build let’s assume that you will need 6 pieces of armor, 2 weapons, backpack, amulet, 2 rings, and 2 accessories.

Then the average price of the entire set including all side requirements like craft training will be around 1200 gold. Let’s start with the armor and weapons. Both require pretty much the same tasks so I will mash them together. First, you have to level up your desired crafting disciplines up to 500. Check armor and weapons that you will need for your build, and cross-reference them with this table to train the correct ones. To do that as fast and cheap as possible go to the and pick the Fast guide for levels 1-400 and then next to it the guide from 400 to 500. It should not take more than 30 minutes per discipline. The cost for one is somewhere between 40 and 80 gold.

Recipes for mostly used stats like Berserker are gated behind Laurels from Daily Login Rewards, however, there is a workaround. Stats of any armor or weapon can be changed in the Mystic Forge for a really low cost. So instead of waiting, we will buy recipes with different stats, that are available on the Trading Post. The chosen one be Verata’s for both armor and weapons. There is no catch except recipes for Insignias and Inscriptions that you have to buy with Bandit Crests in the Silverwastes. You can find most of the required ingredients on the Trading Post or at the vendor next to the crafting station, well except the following. Obsidian Shards, Bloodstone Dust, Dragonite Ore, and Empyreal Fragments for Vision Crystals need to be farmed and the absolute best place where to do it all at once is the Silverwastes meta event farm. There is always some squad doing it, just look into the LFG under the Central Tyria section. The farm itself is very simple. You constantly circle the map, usually counter-clockwise, between all 4 keeps tagging all events along the way. Then follows the breach under those keeps, short break, and final bosses on the west.

After that follow the commander, kill several champions, and finally follow the commander again for the chest farm. And repeat. Events there also give Bandit Crests what you can spend on keys for those chests and also for Verata Inscription and Insignia recipes that I’ve mentioned earlier. And the last 2 required items are Glob of Dark Matter and Augur’s Stone. Glob is a fairly common drop from salvaging exotic items. Just buy some cheap ones on the Trading Post and salvage them with yellow kits until you have enough. Augur’s Stone is sold at the NPC next to the Mystic Forge for Spirit Shards. The main source of Spirit Shards are level-ups, which again can be done fairly quickly in the Silverwastes, however, it can only be done if you currently don’t train any regional mastery. Either finish all masteries first or simply let all current mastery XP bars fill out, and don’t spend mastery points to unlock them. This way progress of masteries stops and all excess XP will go towards regular level-ups and Spirit Shards. They also drop randomly from various chests or while opening all kinds of bags. Again you can’t find a better place to farm those than Silverwastes.

The total cost of each piece will be somewhere between 35 and 50 gold. Same as all remaining trinkets, Backpacks don’t have an option to change stats in the Mystic Forge like weapons and armor, so we have to pick those with selectable stats. In this case, we have 4 viable options and you just have to pick one with the cheapest recipe on the Trading Post. It’s either Light of Dwayna, Shadow of Grenth, Chaos of Lyssa, or Bough of Melandru. Crafting will require one of the armor disciplines at level 500, which you should already have if you crafted Ascended Armor. All necessary items are on the Trading Post, except Icy Runestones what you have to buy at this Heart vendor in the Frostgorge Sounds and how to farm for Vision Crystal we’ve know already. The final price will be around 90 Gold. For the Amulet, we will pick the Vial of Salt. It will again require some Bloodstone Dust, Dragonite Ore, Empyreal Fragments, and Globs of Dark Matter. We already know how to get those. All remaining items including necessary PvP currency are on the Trading Post.

Once you have it, craft it in the Mystic Forge. The total price will be around 15 Gold The first Ring will be quite challenging and very expensive if you wanna do it within one day. First, you have to buy Living World Season 3 Episode 3 Crack in the Ice, because we will gather Winterberries and Unbound Magic in the Bitterfrost Frontier. Nodes are spread around the map and are limited per day per character so you can gather them with one character and then with another and another. Unbound Magic comes from consuming those Winterberries. The Map is for the max level characters, but if you don’t have any high-level alts, you can enter with low levels as well. You can simply create a new Norn character and run thru Wayfarer Foothills and Frostgorge Sounds, it’s not far. However, there is a catch. Those nodes can be gathered only with Orichaclum Sickles and those are for level 60 and above. Fortunately, there is a workaround. An expensive one. On the Gem Store buy any Unlimited Gathering Sickle.

Those don’t have any level requirements and you can swap them thru the Bank between your alts. Farming itself will be quite challenging because mobs will obviously one-shot you, but it just needs a little bit of practice. You can buy some Ash Legion Sky Kits at this Heart vendor in the Plains of Ashford and stealth yourself. Playing as a Thief is also a good idea for extra stealth and mobility. The total cost will warry. If you have enough high-level alts it will be for free, with the Unlimited Gathering Sickle it’s around 350 gold. The second Ring will be fast and easy.

Buy the Living World Season 3 Episode 2 Rising Flames and play the story until you get into the Ember Bay. There go under the Sealed Entrance PoI and with pop up dialog throw Soot-Covered Ring from the Trading Post into the lava. After a moment, you will get Ascended Ring in return. Total price including the Episode will be around 100 gold. The first Accessory or Earing if you want, Wylenn’s Manual of Style, will be by far the most expensive part of this gear set. You will get this item by completing the Basic Collection called the Style Guide. You have to visit a few NPCs around the world, buy some fairly expensive items from the Trading Post and finally, craft Ascended Backpack called Koss on Koss in the Mystic Forge. Unfortunately, it has fixed Soldier stats, otherwise, you could skip the whole Ascended Backpack part. The total price will be around 130 gold. And finally the second Accessory. Find a decent Guild and join them for the Guild Missions. It will take around an hour, and you will get just enough guild commendations to buy an Accessory with stats you need from the vendor in the Guild Hall.

The total cost will be only 5 gold..

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