Guild Wars 2 [Guide] The Pumpkin Carver’s Guide to Tyria (gw2taco markers & maps) By: Tiscan.8345


So, last year I spent way too much time looking for carving pumpkins all around tyria (yeah, I know – there are some maps around on Reddit, over at dulfy,, etc. – but they pretty much only contain half of the pumpkins that are in the game – for example gw2timer lists 147 and I found roughly 250).

I created a marker file for that you can find over on . I re-checked most (not all, didn’t have that much time (and motivation) yet) of the coordinates and removed a few pumpkins that seem to have been removed since last year (for example it seems like the one near the lobster in LA is gone).

Some of the pumpkins seem to be appearing randomly – for example the one near the entrance to the Almuten Estates is sometimes missing and some in the Mad King’s Labyrinth (for example the one south-east of the lich) are disappearing randomly, too.

If you aren’t using gw2taco, you can find maps over at imgur:

Maps included:

  • (33)
  • (30)
  • (29)
  • (30)
  • (30)
  • (12)
  • (27)
  • (28)
  • (28)

If you encounter any additional pumpkins (or find locations where pumpkins are missing) feel free to report them here in this thread and i’ll add/delete them :smile:

(( If you’re using my gw2taco-markers you might have to remove the pumpkin-markers that are included in the gw2taco-Download (the file is called POIs/Festival_Halloween_CarvingPumpkins.xml) or you might end up with some strange results :smiley: ))

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