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Guild Wars 2 Guide to defeat Turai Ossa or how to get the “Kingslayer” title By: KerriYT


Hey Guys!

First of all: Happy festival! I hope you all have a great time! I hope this little guide helps some of you. Let’s have a look how I got the “Kingslayer” title by defeating “Turai Ossa” in the “Queens Gauntlet”. I chose to play a Dragonhunter Guardian with berserk gear and greatsword + soldier trinkets and backpiece all in exotic (the latter still from the level 80 boost).

For my skills I chose:

  • Signet of Resolve – just the healing skill with the most HP, Shelter could work great too if block time is used right.

  • Fragments of Faith – Trap, that spreads “aegis fields”. If picked up, you get aegis. Stand in the next one to immediately get aegis again and so forth.

  • “Save Yourselves!” – used mostly in a pinch, when it got to close and to break stun.

  • “Stand your Ground!” – stun break and stability (for not getting stunned)

  • Dragon’s Maw – used to break defiance bar.

Now to the fight:

As soon as the fight begins, lay down Fragments of Faith and wait for the boss to jump on you (and the trap). You should have aegis for the first hit, try to dodge the second, after that, the “aegis fields” should be ready to be picked up. He will buff himself with some boons, just try to avoid him with Wings of Resolve(F2) and Shield of Courage(F3). I used “Save Yourselves!” and “Stand your Ground!” when I got stunned, knocked or if he came to close. Shortly before boons run out, he will jump in the middle. You have to have a dodge ready, because if the axe-throw hits you, he will just buff himself and go after you again. If you dodge successfully you can break his defiance bar with Dragon’s Maw and Blinding Blade (5). After that I used Spear of Justice(F1) once for extra dmg (Big Game Hunter trait) and all my weapon skills.

Without defiance bar you are doing great dmg on him but he will still inflict heavy damage and stuns, so best is to wait for Fragments of Faith to be up and bomb him with aegis on you.

Feel free to correct anything, give more helpful tips or just discuss away!

Good Luck out there!

my build


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