Sooner or later will be your inventory filled and you have to deal with it. The game has thousands of items, gear, skins, crafting ingredients, bags, and the list goes on and on. These items have different rarities and usages and new players will be immediately lost and most likely wasting profit. But don’t worry you just have to stick with a few simple rules and all will be fine. We have 8 item rarities. Grey are trash items. Their only purpose is to be sold to the vendor. Then 3 basic rarities. White, Blue and Green. Salvage them all, but always use the most basic Crude Salvage Kit. Better kits would decrease overall profit. Yellow – rare items under lvl 70 sell on the Trading Post.

Yellow above lvl 70 sells on the Trading Post if their value is around 80% of Glob of Ectoplasm or higher. If it’s lower, salvage them with yellow Master Salvage Kit. Orange – Exotic items sell on the Trading Post. If you have some Black Lion Salvage Kits, salvage all exotics what carry expensive runes or sigils. You can recognize that by a price of the item itself. If the price of the Rune or Sigil is higher then price of the item, then salvage. Using Black Lion Salvage Kits is profitable only if rune is worth around 4 gold or more. Pink – Ascended items can be only salvaged by Ascended Salvage Kits. Since Ascended is endgame gear, make sure you won’t ever need that piece.

Purple – Legendary items, well you don’t wanna salvage those. Ever. Since you have to basically salvage everything, returning to the vendor and carrying multiple salvage kits will quickly become a hassle. Therefore the first thing where you should invest your gold or gems into is Copper-Fed Salvage-o-Matic. It’s salvage kit with the same attributes as Crude one but with unlimited uses. There is also Silver-Fed Salvage-o-Matic the unlimited version of Master Salvage Kit, but you can skip it because there is a cheaper and more efficient option what will last for a while. When you play the game you will get a lot of achievement points and once you cross the thresholds you will earn rewards.

One of those rewards are Mystic Forge Stones. Take 3 of them and at basic vendor buy Blue, Green and Yellow Salvage kit. Then go to Lion’s Arch and in the Mystic Forge fuse those four items into Mystic Salvage Kit. It’s Yellow Salvage Kit with 250 uses. You will also drop various bags. Their rarity or level you drop them on doesn’t matter.

What you have to keep eye on is if they are affected by magic find or not. If they are it’s always mentioned in its description. Save those bags for later, until you have a decent amount of them let’s say 10k. Then take all magic find boosts you have and go to the Silverwastes. Participate at least in 5 events and finish Vinewrath meta event. That will give you a large magic find bonuses for one hour. Then open and salvage all those bags. If they are not affected by magic find, open them on level 53 character made and kept just for this purpose. Opening bags and salvaging its content on this level will give you low tier materials what are more expensive than materials from level 80.

Salvaging will mess up your inventory even more with crafting materials, crafting subparts and upgrades. Dealing with materials is straightforward. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner of your inventory and use Deposit All Materials. This will move them into your storage from anywhere. Material storage is a separate tab in your bank where each material has its own slot. Space is limited to 250 per slot but you can expand it later. Another thing you will get from every salvage are various Essences of Luck. Consume them all, it will increase your account Magic Find. Salvaged upgrades are the most annoying part. Green Runes and Sigils sell to the vendor.

Yellow ones sell on the trading post or if it’s too much effort, sell them to the vendor as well. They can be also thrown into the Mystic Forge, but that way it will clutter your inventory even longer If you don’t carry portable version. All other salvaged things sell on the trading post. Your inventory can be also expanded with bigger bags and by slots for even more bags. Larger bags are very expensive for the new players so rather invest into multiple smaller ones. The best price to space ratio has 18 slot bags. You can buy them on the Trading Post. They also have various traits. Some are plain but there are also bags that are filled with specific items first or items there are invisible at the vendor. Bag features are always described in its tooltip. If you use multiple characters you have the option to buy Shared Inventory Slots. Items there will be available for every character on your account. It’s great for stuff like salvage kits or gathering tools. You will get one slot with each expansion for free.

In the bottom left of your inventory is wallet where are stored all your currencies and keys to various chests if you ever wonder where they went. And on the end, you will need some nice place where you can easily manage all those things. Probably the best one is in the Rata Sum where you have all traders, banks and crafting stations close together on one floor. Later in the game, you can also buy the pass into various premium trading spots where it’s even closer. Or once you will be really wealthy, you can buy permanent licenses and open those traders anywhere you want..

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