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Guild Wars 2 – Multiboxing Part 3/5 – Quick Daily Tasks – How I Make 600g per Day


In this part of my Multiboxing series, I will show you everything I do as a part of my usual daily routine. Basically the set of quickest and most profitable tasks. I’m able to do it all with my 17 accounts under 2 hours with an average profit of 600g per day. The login rewards are just 2 clicks every morning and you already have some profit, mostly from the Mystic Coins. It can’t be simpler just from the last container always take the Laurel reward. Later spend laurels on the Heavy Crafting Bags.

Dailies are really self-explanatory. You do 3 of them, you get 2g. Always do the PvP ones what are doable in the custom arenas. You don’t wanna ruin other players experience so don’t join Ranked, Unranked or Tournament Matches with multiple accounts. Tricky ones are Top Stats where you have to plan a bit like one account will get flags, other one kills or revives. but once you find your routine it will be easy. My favorite map for PvP daily is Temple of the Silent Storm since spawn points are close to each other and you can speed it up a bit with the Stillness buff. I highly recommend buying your own custom arena so you can kick unwanted guests. Maintaining arena is quite expensive, but I’ve found out a few tricks how to make it cheaper or even sort of free. So the first discount will be by paying once for 2 days. You will simply do one day in the afternoon and another day in the morning.

As a reward track take Glorious one. It grants one free arena token per track. It doesn’t seem much but with multiple accounts and clever use, it will cover a big part of the arena expenses. And the last method is Free to Play account. You can’t transfer gold from it directly, but you can buy tokens and use them inside the arena. Always keep at least 5 pvp potions at hand since Reward Track daily needs a little bit more progress then grants the lost match. The rest of the potions sell to the guilds for upgrades. Mining Dry Top and Killing Skritt Queen is something I do only if I have enough time so if you haven’t, just skip this part. Dry Top has just enough static quartz nodes, that fulfill your daily Charged Quartz requirements and Geodes from Queen and other events you tag along will add another profit from further Crafting. Daily crafting is the most profitable part of my routine and I have a dedicated guide for that so don’t forget to check it out. Profit may warry but in the past year, I made over 100k gold just by doing this.

The main issue here is buying and distributing all necessary materials. I guess the most convenient one is a guild bank and items bought in bulk for at least one month worth of crafting. The Home instance is another great source of income, partially covers Daily crafting resources and since there is one in every region, you will quickly finish gathering dailies as well. You are probably aware that Home nodes are very expensive and it will take years till gathering pays back. True. With one Account. If you have 10 accounts it shrinks down to a few months. After that, it’s pure profit. Since you can also mine Living World resources there it’s a great way how to slowly equip your alts with ascended trinkets. One pro tip – If you don’t gather garden plots with your main, you can enter the home instance with other sets of alts and they will be still available. During Home gathering, I always take an Exalted Chests key from Ley-Line Matter Converter and open the chest. The Aurellium you mine there exchange at Auric Vendor for another keys, you will need them later.

Gathering nodes in the Guild Hall are another logical step. There is no catch just that you can have multiple guilds each with a different tier of synthesizers. Also, don’t forget to always pick gathering boosts from the guild tavern. They lasts for 24 ingame hours so you don’t have to re-apply them more often than once per month. Pact Supply Network is the quickest and the most profitable way how to convert karma from alts into the gold.

And you will get quite a lot of karma from daily tasks. It won’t be enough for every single day tho but still a lot. Check my dedicated guide for more details. Another thing I like to do is looting one big chest after Tarir meta event for Amalgamated Gemstones. You don’t have to participate in the event just find a finished map and loot it.

Keys for this chest comes conveniently from the Home Instance Aurillium node. One pro tip here – Portal can reach from the waypoint to the last big chests. And the last task I do is looting Draconis Mons Jumping Puzzle chests with all alts on all accounts for guaranteed rares and Orchids. Cool is that if you reloging multiple accounts at once, they will all together load only about 20% longer then single account. So if you have SSD you can easily loot 50 characters under 2 minutes. Next time we will look at more.. let’s say dedicated ways how to pimp up your alts and squeeze a little bit more profit in exchange for quite extensive time and gold investments..

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