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Hey there guys, Recently a long time subscriber and member of my Discord; Bazan asked me what my daily Guild Wars 2 daily routine was. How do I keep enjoying myself? Especially after years of playing. This is actually a good question since I don’t really stick to one routine. I have a few Daily Routines. There are a lot of daily activities you can do in Guild Wars 2, not just the dailies you see in your achievement panel. According to Guild Wars 2 efficiency there are currently 270 daily achievements and craftables you can make, each day. Let that sink in for a second. So, in this video I want to take you through my daily routine but also give you some tips to make your daily routine profitable. And, ofcourse, where YOU should focus on. Dailies are not just for gold but also for achievement points, achievement progression and unlocking unique skins. Support me and my content? In the top left you will see how to help the channel out! Let’s start off with my current daily routine.

So, I could tell you I start with the obvious daily achievements but I am actually not doing them. I currently set a goal for myself and I will help you later in this video to set yours. My current Goal is the Runic Cape that you get from Strike Missions. In order to get that I have to complete a good number of Strike Missions that give me these Misty Cape Scraps. Once I get a 100 of these shards I get the Mist Cape and I can go flex with it on other people in Lion’s Arch. So, as you might guess getting a 100 of these can take some time and therefore I added Strike Missions to my daily routine. Per defeated boss I get at least one Cape Scrap. I?m quite sure that you can get more at some daily or weekly bosses but the Wiki does not disclose that yet. And sadly, I did manage to get this evidence on tape.

Anyway, let’s assume I got between one and two hours to play a day, which is true on a standard workday. Finding a group can take up to 10 to 20 minutes. There are enough people around but getting the team roles set up and people leaving if a strike does not go too well is something I do encounter. Then, add another 20 minutes of completing these strikes. So I basically spend 40 minutes each day doing strike missions to get the Runic Cape. Also, I’m want to collect all those new armor sets that came out with the Steel and Fire Living World Episode. For those armor sets I need to collect prophet shards and crystals which you will also get from each Strike Mission Boss. This basically goes hand in hand with the collection of the Runic Cape So, that’s basically 1 hour of my playtime spent on Strike Missions.

But hey, that’s something I’m working towards. While I’m at it, I also craft my Ectoplasm Refinement Crafting Materials. You can only craft these once a day and for some Ascended and Legendary components, you need multiple of these things. For example Deldrimor Steel Ingots require a Lump of Mithrillium to craft. And you know, these things are just way. to. expansive. to get from the trading post. Depending on the time of the day I usually try to catch the Dragonfall meta while I’m at it. I’m still not completely done with some of the achievements you find in this map. [Moan of pain] Also, the Volatile Magic you get in this map can be exchanged for crafting materials which I can use or sell on the Trading Post to make some moneyyyy.

Especially the Tier 6 materials you can get from the Volatile Magic vendor can really get you a good amount of money. But it highly depends on what the container contains so don’t consider this the greatest gold making method. When I don’t feel like doing the Dragonfall or any other meta, I’m going to continue working on my new Legendary. My real life friend mentioned that Sunrise was actually a really cool sword. I know what you are thinking; do you have friends outside of Guild Wars?! Yes, I know. A shocker. Anyway, to finish the collection for the precursor weapon you need to collect all kinds of things. For example, a thousand Bandit Crests from the Silverwastes which is easily done. But also, a thousand Geodes from Dry top, which can be tedious. [moan of pain] [I only get two from this event?!] You can only obtain these through meta events in the Dry top which can take a long time or through a PvP mastery track.

But both of them take quite some time. You get the idea. That basically gets me to like 2 hours of game time. I can extend this playtime by digging a little deeper into the collection or do Strike Missions that are rather long, for example the Steel and Fire Strike. As you might have noticed, I’m not really doing Daily Achievements here. The only tasks I?m doing are for Strike Missions and meta events which do not grant Achievement Points..

The rest is mostly collecting and crafting! Also, I’m almost at my maximum of the amount of Daily Achievement points I can get which is set at 15k. You are probably thinking: “This guy has been playing the game for over 8 years and has not capped out his dailies. What a noob”. True true! But from time to time I just don’t feel like doing those achievements and I just don’t do them. The game is for fun after all! Now, we have talked enough about me, let’s talk about you! How do you know what to do and spend your time fun but efficient? Alright, first you need to set some goals for yourself.

What are things you really want to have? Is it a Legendary, you want a specific achievement or you just want to make some money? If it’s none of the above and you are new to the game? I would suggest doing your daily achievements. For players that have been playing the game for over 6 months, I’d say that this should not take more than 20 minutes if you do them efficiently. If you are new, I think these could take up to an hour or so. But the reward is quite alright; 2 gold and Spirit Shards which can be used in higher level crafting. Do these dailies if you don’t have anything special in mind or you just want to get some Achievement Points and gold. I dig a little deeper into daily quests in my Achievement Points Farming guide. I don’t want to repeat myself too much so check that video out if you want more information on the matter.

Now, let’s say you want to craft a Legendary and you doing this through a collection. If this is the case it is good to look forward to the upcoming items and collectables you will need for the Legendary weapon. If you are a doofus like me, you will just focus on the things you currently need. You craft your daily Ectoplasm Refinements, do something else in between and log out again. Then, once you are done with that item after a couple of days you need a ton of Geodes. This can take multiple days so please check the Wiki or any other resource you prefer before you spend your time. Now, I’m kind of stuck and cannot progress the legendary until I get my Geodes. Also, there are daily gathering routes and nodes you can harvest to get rarer materials or items towards your Ascended of Legendary item.

A nice, clean overview of the daily gathering nodes can be found on Guild Wars 2 efficiency. You can find the link to this page in the description. If you are more of a achievement hunter it is good that you participate in achievements and activities of the last released Living World update. These are usually very well populated and people are actively looking to collect items and achievements through the LFG panel or the map chat. The reason you want to do this now is because when a new episode comes out, people will move on to the next best thing. So, people are going to complete achievements, collectables and stories on the new map, the new strike or whatever next comes out.

If you have the possibility to participate in daily strikes to get the currency for the new armor sets I would most certainly do that. They will be harder to get when the new content comes out. Like I said before, I try to participate in these types of content daily. I usually save harder achievements for the weekend where I have more time to complete them in the afternoon. I would highly advise casual players to participate in these events as well. This way you will stay up-to-date with the happenings in the game and where you won’t have to engage in too much hardcore endgame content. These Living World Episodes, the newer ones and the older ones, also have some daily tasks tied to them. You can also find these in the achievement panel.

Right under your normal dailies. These tasks won’t give you achievement points but do give you some currency of the that specific Living World Season. You can use this currency on collectables, achievements or other items you are trying to collect. Now, if you want to dig into PvP, you are in luck! Doing PvP is one of my recommended methods on getting a lot of achievement points fast. Like I said before, I covered this in my achievement hunting guide but I will summarize this real quick. In your daily achievements panel you will always find, every day, 4 PvP tasks. If you complete at least three of them you will get 10 achievement points.

Usually, if you play ranked PvP and win just one game, you already completed three of these tasks. Other than that, there are always achievements that progress you towards a bigger achievement. For example, the Daily League Participator requires you to play three ranked games in a day. This won’t take longer than about 15 minutes per match. You have to do this a number of days but don’t have to do them consecutively. Also, playing the same profession or just a few professions can easily progress you in a number of other achievements. When you complete all of these achievements, you get an items for the Legendary PvP backpack.

So, if you are into PvP and working towards a unique legendary, make sure to add three daily ranked matches in your daily routine. The last activities you can put in your daily routine are bosses and meta events. I feel ashamed of mentioning this one because it has been overly mentioned by other guides, YouTubers and even my other videos. But there is one good thing to know about these activities. All of them have a unique chest at the end which have some decent rewards at the end. And next to that, these activities usually won’t take than 15 minutes. So, if you have an hour to play, you can, if you time it right, do 4 of them each day.

Use the Event Times on the Guild Wars 2 Wiki to find the next upcoming event or boss. If you ask me which events you should focus on, I would say the Heart of Thorns events. Especially the Auric Basin meta map. This is considered one of the better maps to make money and usually have a huge number of players that are participating in these events. There are more meta maps like Dragonfall and the Silverwastes that can grant you good profit but can be done multiple times a day. Rewards won’t change much if you repeat multiple times each day. The Hero’s Choice Chest you get from the Auric Basin map can only be acquired once from Grand Exalted Chests. So, let’s summarize all of this real quick.

New to game and don’t really have a goal yet? Focus on your daily achievements. You want to craft a Legendary soon? Make sure to craft your daily Ectoplasm Refinements. Also, participate in maps that provide currency you might need for your Legendary precursor weapon. Are you a casual player and don’t have much time to play? Participate in new achievements or events from the latest Living World Episode For PvP’ers, play three ranked matches a day. And if you have some time to fill in between your activities, do a world boss or a meta event.

These are my recommendations for planning your daily achievements. If you have any tips that might help others out, share them in the comments. And if you like the content, don’t forget to give this video a like, share it with your guildies and subscribe to this YouTube Channel. For now, I would like to thank you all so much for watching and I hope to see you all in the next one. PEACE..

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