after over 100 of duels with each class,ill help you with a bunch of useful tips
Ill list your counters in order and give you useful tips regarding how to deal with them

1) Condi mirage.
1. run
2) Spellbreaker
well, A spellbreaker is a really hard counter because if it catches you one time with stance of and no stun break with bulls you are dead, and its very problematic scenario,you can get a SB to 1 hp, all he need to do is to hit bulls on you and you are dead. meaning you dont have any place to make mistakes
dont engage without stance, or stun break on. kite him as much as he would kite you.
3) Deadeye
A pain in the kitten fake class : p well, my advise to you is to try to CC it , but not much you can do against a good deadeye, you can outheal him and give him hard time killing you,but he has the high ground.
if you manage to CC him fast enough you can maybe kill him,especailly if you play condi build
4) Necro(Core)
A stun break is a must, they will play around condis and fear to do damage to you, your way to counter it is stun break, stance is less of an option since they can corrupt it. so you must rely on stun breaks, they have more sustain than reaper but less damage. eventually it will be a fight of whoever is better, you should be agressive and apply alot of pressure while keeping your health bar in check all the time, kite if needed
Holo is bascailly a better ele(lol). well, theoretically speaking. you have more sustain than him and more direct approch, you need to apply pressure on him and be careful of forge, they usually apply alot of burst at this time , so you gonna want to play stance with burning armor to apply alot of damage then go defensive roatation, ones they start losing they will become invisible and hit you hard, get your stun break and heal ready
6) Reaper
Well, have you see that white bar that reaper use sometimes? during this time you wanna either avoid them or go into very agressive roatation with shields on, the moment its off they will be kill-able , then you can kill them but be careful cause they still have annoying CC and some dangerous damage. I’d suggest to avoid them during reaper form and hit them ones its off.
Not much of a threat,other than good players. be careful of their damage, the durid is basically a weaker weaver tbh, be careful of the bear dmg(not sure how its called) just evade during that time
well, Guardian has 2 abilities you should avoid. the shield and projectiles and the spin projectiles, always avoid them , they do alot of damage. other than this you pretty much beat guardian easily
Dont attack him during his heal stage(he bascailly heals of your dps) and be careulf of his burst,other than that hes really weak


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