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Guild Wars 2 – Sweet Gold from Daily Time-Gated Crafting


Daily time gated crafting is a quick and easy way how to make some extra gold. It requires some preparations but once you get into it, 10 minutes of crafting may bring you more than hours of farming. Recipes are spread between all Disciplines, however, some of them share multiple ones. Therefore you can skip Armorsmith and Scribe. Leatherworker and Artificer has majority of them, so if you have a low budget begin with those 2. Leveling up crafting Disciplines can be very expensive so don’t forget to use gw2crafts.net and make it as cheap as possible. Fortunately, you don’t have to learn all of them up to max level. Artificer and Leatherworker need 500, but Huntsman and Tailor only 450 and Cook, Jeweler and Weaponsmith just 400. You should also buy necessary ingredients for multiple days at once, it saves time and sanity. gw2efficiency.com has an amazing tool what calculates necessary buying list and even include stuff you already own if you provide your API link. I’ve made a list of things mentioned here for your convenience a link is down below.

Even with all extra crafting licenses, you will need more than one character to handle all those Disciplines. If you want them parked on some other spot like Jumping Puzzle in Draconis Mons, I would recommend to eventually buy Mistlock Sanctuary Pass since you can port back to the previous map from there. The first item we will look on is the Charged Quartz Crystal. You can get one per day by charging 25 Quartz Crystals at any communing Hero Point. Both types of Quartz has also a slight drop chance while mining Quartz Nodes or rarely from various containers. You can obviously buy 25 Quartz on the Trading Post but in my opinion better solution is just mine it. It’s quick and it will partially accomplish another daily task on this list. So go to the Dry Top at the beginning of the Sandstorm. It starts 40 minutes after every full hour and make sure your map is at least Tier 4 which usually is.

Near Prosperity Waypoint are 2 static nodes, here and up there. The 3rd node has 3 possible spots, one south-east from the Repair Station Waypoint and other 2 in the cave below here and there. The Last – rich node is inside the cave at Cragrock Palace point of interest. The doors will open 10 minutes after Sandstorm begin in Tier 4 map. If you own Path of Fire, there is another static rich node in the east part of Crystal Oasis. You can easily glide there from the top of the destroyed pyramid. Remaining quartz will drop from the home instance node. You can buy it at Laurel vendor or during the Festival of Four Winds. Charged Quartz has multiple applications but for us are interesting only 2 of them. The first one is another Daily gated recipe called Grow Lamp for Jeweler. Well, it won’t be always daily since one Lamp requires 10 Charged Quartz. The recipe can be bought only at the Dry Top vendor for the local currency. The second one is Ley-Line Infused Tool for Weaponsmith.

It needs only one Charged Quartz and it’s not time gated, but requires Ley Line Sparks what drops from locked chests in Tangled Depths or Dragon’s Stand. Another option is to get a daily key from Ley-Line Matter Converter and Home Instance chest from Tangled Depths currency vendor. Check my Matter Converter Guide for more details. Both items have very similar profit so it’s up to you which one you will use, but Infused Tools are the only reason why to level up Weaponsmith here.

Heat Stone is another item with a recipe from the Dry Top vendor for the Leatherworker. Only catch here can be its subpart – Lesser Vision Crystal but if you run Fractals and regularly salvage Ascended gear you should have a lot of them in the storage. The next Dry Top thingy is Clay Pot for the Artificer. This time it’s not only the recipe but also Brics of Clay for the craft itself what you have to buy. This is the reason why you should mine Quartz there and tag nearby events. Just before rich node cave opens there is usually squad killing giant and then Queen event inside the cave itself. All events give Geodes the local currency but it’s not that simple.

The amount of it depends on the current map tier and also gives a lot more during Sandstorm. It’s a clever idea to farm that map with organized group time to time to fulfill daily needs. There is another catch with the vendor. His prices depend on map tier as well. Therefore you should buy bricks only in the tier 6 map if you wanna be the most efficient. And the last thing in the Dry Top are 2 Plant Food Recipes for Cook and Huntsman. No catch this time. Then there are 4 Dragon Hatchling Doll pieces, each for different Discipline. Jeweler, Artificer, Huntsman, and Leatherworker. Recipes can be bought only from currency vendor in the Bitterfrost Frontier. So it does not only require some unbound magic but also expansion Heart of Thorns and Living World Season 3 Episode 3. And the last 4 items are daily ascended mats. A Lump of Mithrillium, Spool of Thick Elonian Cord, Spool of Silk Weaving Thread and Glob of Elder Spirit Residue.

Those can be crafted in multiple Disciplines but I would again recommend Artificer and Leatherworker. These items are not sellable but you can refine them into another what are. Each of them has 2 or 3 usable outputs and their profit may shift over time so check prices in my list before each craft..

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