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Making Legendary Armor is quite a long journey and it’s not for everyone. It involves a large amount of raiding, farming gated materials for months and few thousands gold in the process. Before we begin, don’t forget to watch my Legendary Armor Showcase if you are mostly interested in skins, a link is down bellow. This guide is split into few parts and you can quickly navigate with timestamps bellow. Raiding can be a quite big deal for new players. You can’t just jump in and expected to be carried. Raids require an optimal class, build, gear and decent amount of skill. Some classes are wanted more, some less and it’s slightly changing over time and also for each boss.

You should play class what you knows best but if you can’t decide just take Ranger or Warrior, those are always wanted. Optimal raid builds and gear with detailed descriptions can be found on the Metabattle or qT website, links are down bellow. While ascended gear isn’t always required it’s unwritten rule if you wanna play outside of training groups so keep that in mind. Before you join any group it’s a great idea to watch or read some guide for upcoming boss. Entering blindly will just slow you down. You can find some boss guides here on my channel and rest should be released soon. A good place where to start are training groups. They don’t require experience and even if you watched some guides, it always takes few tries before you learn the ropes. Your next step should be finding groups farming easy bosses like Escort, Bandit Trio, Mursaat Overseer or even Vale Guardian. The goal here is obtaining at least few Legendary Insight what helps you proof your raid experience to better groups.

And finally, once you have a decent amount of Insignias it’s time to join some experienced parties or even raid guild. You can ofc keep farming easy bosses but you will have problems later with certain achievements. Legendary Insights are the first time-gated thing you will be facing. In most cases, it’s what scares most of players just at the beginning. Each part of Armor requires 25 Insights so in total 150 for the whole set. Only way how to obtain them is killing raid bosses. Each boss drops one Insight per week so even if you kill all bosses every week it will take few months. Since dropping Insights don’t require any collection or achievement it’s a good place to start.

Another piece, what also involves raiding, are collections for the first and second tier of the Precursor Armor. Almost every part of them require some specific task so let’s dissect them a bit. To even unlock the first collection you have to kill at least one raid boss. Doesn’t matter which one. The second Collection is unlocked after you finish first one. Some items from those achievements are required for others down the line so don’t destroy them. -For Infused Living Crystal, kill Earth Elemental miniboss in Tangled Depths and loot Living Crystal from him. He will spawn next to Whitebeard’s Pride 2 Strongbox. Once you kill Vale Guardian in Wing 1 just interact with one of the pillars around the arena and it’s done. -Infused Soul Mirror is one of those bit harder. You have to finish Northwatch meta event chain in Auric Basic and obtain Soul Mirror from Burnisher Kengo on the end.

Then complete ghost run event between Vale Guardian and Gorseval in Wing 1. During this event, one player has to carry the torch from the beginning and lit up brazier at the end. The achievement will be completed once you interact with lit brazier. Carrier has to be really careful and not even get downed or else torch is lost and achievement can’t be completed. -For Auric Energy Crystal you have to first kill Vale Guardian in Wing 1 and loot Energy Crystal from its chest. Then go to Auric Basin, enter Inner Chamber under Tarir and use Crystal near the Egg in the middle.

-Spirit Weave comes from combining 5 Energized Spirit Threads. First, you have to kill Gorseval in Wing 1, 5 times since he drops only one thread at the time. Then go to Tangled Depths and participate in Chak Gerent Meta event. Once it’s done your Threads will be energized and you can combine them. -Coagulated Ectoplasm comes from combining 10 Ectoplasmic Residues. Those drop from hidden chests in Wing 1 and 2. Clearing bosses isn’t necessary you can enter someone else’s cleared raid and loot them once per week. Drop chance isn’t 100% so it can take several weeks. In Wing 1 is one of the chests available only after you lit brazier so you can reliably open only 3 of them. The Best is to start near Gorseval, jump on a mushroom, pick first, glide bit forward, take second and then port behind Sabetha and open the last one. In Wing 2 we have 4 chests. First is behind vines in the Slothasor Cave. You need rift mastery to get there. 2nd is bit harder. Glide from vista after Slothasor to south, climb tree, glide to scaffolding, run around legde, use pad and glide to chest.

3rd is next to Bandit Camp Rift. Use updraft and you are there. 4th is on ledge near Matthias just glide from stairs. -The Core of Flame is straightforward, just kill Sabetha in Wing 1 and loot it from her chest. -For Arcane Dust – first get Powdered Aurillium from the chest on the end of Sanctum Scramble Adventure in Auric Basin. Then kill Matthias in Wing 2, loot Bloodstone Powder and combine them. -Mushroom Medley requires 4 things. First, kill Slothasor in Wing 2 and loot Noxious Mushroom Cap. Then go to Tangled Depths and kill Mushroom Emperor for Mushroom Emperor Gills.

He spawns in a cave close to Order of Whispers Camp Waypoint. After that combine those with Orrian Truffle and Sawgill Mushroom. Both can be gathered or you can buy them on Trading Post. -Giant Beehive can be shooted down from tree south of Bandit Trio fortress in Wing 2. Once you shoot it down just interact with remains on the ground. -Vial of Forsaken Thicket Waters is simple. Just kill Matthias in Wing 2, step into one of 4 fountains in his arena and confirm dialog. Just be careful and don’t leave instance before or else you have to kill him again. -Spirit Quest Tonic can be created by combining items from 4 previous achievements – Arcane Dust, Mushroom Medley, Giant Beehive and Vial of Forsaken Thicket Waters. I would recommend keeping this tonic even after you finish the collection. Groups in LFG often ask to show off buff it provides as proof of your experience with Wing 2. -Bloodstone fragment is just matter of killing Matthias in Wing 2. -Empty Bloodstone Battery will drop from chest once you successfully Escort Glenna in Wing 3. Then go to Tangled Depths and move to command room in Rata Novus.

The battery can be charged by interacting with holo device laying next to one of the consoles. -For Soul of the Keep kill Keep Construct in Wing 3 and loot Stone Soul. Then head to Tangled Depths and let one chaks around the map hit you with its goop attack. Once it happens just use Stone Soul in your inventory to complete the achievement. -With Tormented Aurillium begin at Scavenger Rakatin bit north from Westwatch waypoint in Auric Basic. Get from him Polished Aurillium and use it before you start Maze event in Wing 3 what happens between Keep Construct and Xera. Also don’t die there. -For Spirit Strings, visit one of Itzel mastery vendors and buy Itzel Spirit Poison. Most convenient one stays next to Shipwreck Peak Waypoint just at the beginning of Verdant Brink. He will show his wares only if you already learned Itzel Language mastery. Once you have it use it before you begin fight with Keep Construct in Wing 3. The achievement will be completed once you kill him without dying.

-Bloodstone-Infused Ectoplasm drops from one of three chests in Maze in Wing 3. The easiest way how to access them is glide from Temple of Awakening where you get ported after Xera dies. You can also enter some else’s cleared instance. From Temple glide north over the Maze. The first chest is directly north, the second bit west and last bit further north. -White Mantle Ritual Goblet drops from a final chest in Temple of Awakening where you get ported after you defeat Xera in Wing 3. Once you finish the first collection, 2nd will be unlocked and you will also receive a chest with spare ascended armor set.

Crystalline Heart can be changed for 100 Crystlline Ingots at Armor Craftsman NPC near every crafting station. Crafting Ingots require one of armor disciplines at level 500. Just pick one what correspond with your class – Armorsmith, Leatherworker or Tailor. You will need 4 ingredients. Globs of Ectoplasm – from salvaging rares or buy them on the Trading Post, Amalgamated Gemstones also from the Trading post or as rare drops in Heart of Thorns zones. Fulgurite can be crafted with obsidian shards and 3 items from chests in Verdant Brink, Auric Basin, and Tangled Depths. The last part is Crystalline Ore from pods in Dragon’s Stand. Currency Farming guides for each of those zones are on my channel links are down bellow. Crystalline Heart is essential for each of following achievements so don’t destroy it. -For Vine Heart use Crystalline Heart after you defeat any of 4 Octovines in Tarir meta event in Auric Basin. -For Burning Heart use Crystalline Heart after you kill the Last boss in Volcanic Fractal. -For Frozen Heart use Crystalline Heart after you kill the Last boss in Snowblind Fractal.

-For Windy Heart use Crystalline Heart after you get buffeted by Wyvern in Verdant Brink. There are multiple of those but most convenient will be Wyvern Patriarch. One of the Choppers what leads to him spawn always 20 minutes before the night ends near Shipwreck Peak Waypoint. -For Sodden Heart use Crystalline Heart after you kill the Last boss in Aquatic Fractal. -For Ley-Infused Heart go to Dragon’s Stand. During the final fight with Mouth of Mordremoth glide to the lowest rock under one of two center islands and use Crystalline Heart there. -For Cultivated Heart go to Order of Whispers Camp Waypoint in Tangled Depths. From spot bit south glide thru updrafts to big tree. Use Crystalline Heart inside near flax farm. -For Penitent Heart use Crystalline Heart anywhere inside Wing 4. -For Jade Heart use Crystalline Heart before you start fighting with Cairn in Wing 4.

During fight boss spawn around green circles where you need to stand during an explosion. If you get hit outside of those circles or die before the fight ends you won’t get the achievement. -For Protected Heart use Crystalline Heart before you start fighting with Mursaat Overseer in Wing 4. During the fight, you have to stay at least once inside protective bubble activated by anyone from the group. And also don’t die. -For Tormented Heart use Crystalline Heart before you start fighting with Samarog in Wing 4. During the fight with Guldhem and Rigom stay in Rigom’s explosion for achievement. -For Demonic Heart use Crystalline Heart before you start fighting with Deimos in Wing 4. Then just kill him without dying. – For Redeemed Heart fly west from Deimos arena in Wing 4 after you kill him or you can enter cleared instance. Use command /kneel in front of Tree and bury Crystalline Heart under it. Once is 2nd collection done you will receive a chest with the set of ascended precursor armor what will be used as part of crafting process.

Gift of Craftsmanship is second time gated part. You can buy them with Provisioner Tokens from any of 12 Faction Provisioners scattered around Heart of Thorns maps. Each Provisioner will give you one token per day in exchange for one rare item. Every one of them has a short list of specific items he wants. All of them can be bought on trading post or crafted. The whole set needs 300 tokens so it takes at least 25 days in total. Provisioners stays on same places but not all of them are always available. Some of them require first part of local meta even chain. There is this sweet window every 2 hours roughly around a full hour where all of them should be available. -Quartermaster Natomi stays next to Shipwreck Peak Waypoint in Verdant Brink. She is always available and accepts items with Assassin prefix. -Supplymaster Kani stays next to Jaka Itzel Waypoint in Verdant Brink. He is always available and accepts items with Carrion prefix. -Quartermaster Vec stays next to Pact Encampment Waypoint in Verdant Brink. He is always available and accepts items with Valkyrie prefix. -Quartermaster Ival stays next to Mellaggan’s Valor Waypoint in Verdant Brink.

He is always available and accepts items with Apothecary prefix. -Steward Katren stays next to Faren’s Flyer Waypoint in Verdant Brink. She is always available and accepts items with Cleric prefix. -Supplymaster Azzi stays in Camp bit north-east from Northwatch Waypoint in Auric Basin. She is available after all 4 mirrors in Northwatch meta chain are activated and accept items with Giver prefix. -Scavenger Rakatin stays a bit north from Westwatch Waypoint in Auric Basin. He is always available and accepts items with Rampager prefix. -Forager Polly stays next to Southwatch Waypoint in Auric Basin. She is available after all 4 mirrors in Southwatch meta chain are activated and accept items with Valkyrie prefix. -Supplier Huanya stays quite far from Teku Nuhoch Waypoint in Tangled Depths. You have to run up in a spiral on top of the tree. He is always available and accepts items with Knight prefix. -Jatt stays on a rock next to Rata Novus Waypoint in Tangled Depths. He is available after the first event in Novus meta chain and accepts items with Carrion prefix. -Supply Assistant stays a bit north from Ogre Camp Waypoint in Tangled Depths.

He is always available and accepts items with Berserker prefix. -Terrill Tinkerclaw stays next to SCAR Camp Waypoint in Tangled Depths. He is available after the SCAR meta chain and accepts items with Apothecary prefix. Now when you have everything it’s finally time to craft Legendary Armor. Each piece can be crafted in Mystic Forge using Precursor armor you got from the collection and 3 crafted Gifts. Each Gift is crafted from multiple other things what can be farmed of bought on Trading Post. Gift of Prosperity needs one Gift of Craftsmanship we got earlier from Faction Provisioners, 15 Mystic Clovers, Gift of Condensed Might and Gift of Condensed Magic. -Mystic Clovers are slightly random part dropping from Mystic Forge.

Chance is around 30%. You can try 2 different recipes. First, drop 1 at the time and second 10 at the time. Both require Obsidian Shards, Mystic Coins, Globs of Ectoplasm and Philosopher’s Stone or Mystic Crystal. -Gift of Condensed Might require Gift of Fangs, Scales, Claws and Bones. Each can be crafted with the same amount of corresponding materials of various tiers. For example Gift of Fangs require 100 tier 6 Vicious Fangs, 250 tier 5 Large Fangs, 50 tier 4 Sharp Fangs and 50 tier 3 Fangs.

-Gift of Condensed Magic is exactly same deal but with different materials. This time Vials of Blood, Venom Sacs, Totems and Piles of Dust. Gift of Prowess requires 25 Legendary Insight, Eldritch Scroll what can be bought from Miyani next to Mystic Forge for 50 Spirit Shards, 50 Obsidian Shards, and Cube of Stabilized Dark Energy. The cube can be crafted with Ball of Dark Energy and Stabilizing Matrices. The ball can be obtained only from salvaging Ascended gear. Weapons and Armor have 100% drop chance. Matrices are also from Ascended salvaging but you can buy them on Trading Post as well. Gift of Dedication requires 5 Auric Ingots, 5 Reclaimed Metal Plates, 5 Chak Eggs and Gift of the Pact. Auric Ingots drops from Exalted Chests in Auric Basic or you can craft them from dust what drops from those chests as well. Reclaimed Metal Plates can be salvaged from Reclaimed weapons. You can rarely loot them or buy them on Trading Post. Only rare ones have 100% salvage chance. Chak Eggs drops mainly from the final chest in Gerent meta event in Tangled Depths.

Rarely also from Crystallized Supply Caches or as rewards in other events. Gift of the Pact can be bought at Whispers Keeper near Pact Base Camp Waypoint in Dragon’s stand. It cost 250 of each currency from other 3 Hearth of Thorns zones. Airship Parts from Verdant Brink, Lumps of Aurillium from Auric Basin and Ley-Line Crystals from Tangled Depths. Currency farming guides for those zones are on my channel, links are down below..

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