Guild Wars 2 – Tips and Tricks for New and Intermediate Players | 2020 [GW2 Top 5]


About two years ago I made beginner’s guide with tips for new Guild Wars 2 players. Although I think it is a bit lame to make another video about a successful topic I think I still have some, obvious and less obvious tips, that I have not covered yet. So, in this video I want to cover some beginner and intermediate tips for you! If you are totally new, you might want to check out my older video as well. It has plenty of tips for you! Check it out in the info charts. Even if you play Guild Wars 2 for a while now, there might be something in here that you didn’t know yet. Before we head into the video, I gotta ask the usual to please YouTube a little bit! Make sure to subscribe, like, leave a comment and watch this video all the way to the end! If you think this video is helpful to a guildie? Make sure to share it with them. Let’s start this video with a less obvious tip; Dodge Jumping. If you are familiar with the Super Adventure Box that comes around every April Fools in Guild Wars 2, you might know this tip. Dodge Jumping is a technique that gives you more distance when dodging. Why is this useful? Well for starters, Jumping Puzzles where you cannot use mounts.

This gives you just to get that extra distance to make it across whereas normally you would have to perfectly aim and jump to make it. Also, it is useful when you are in a dire situation and you just need that extra distance to get out of it. Now, how do you Dodge Jump? It’s a combination of using your Dodge key and the your jump key. For me, they are still set to default; V to dodge and the Space Bar to jump. I can also dodge by double tapping W, A, S or D but that doesn’t work for Dodge Jumping. You want to use the Jump key, spacebar, a little earlier than your Dodge Key, which is V. This can be a little tricky at first but you will eventually pull it off. Just have a look at how I do it. I actually use my left thumb to press the Jump and Dodge key both at the same time. This usually works very well for me and I don’t really have to think about Dodge Jumping anymore.

I can just do it on command now. Make sure to practice this while you are out of combat and preferably with the Vigor Buff. This makes sure your endurance regenerates faster and you can dodge more often. Alright, that’s Dodge Jumping. Let me know in the comments if you need any help with it and if it helped you. Let’s move on to the wiki commands. For some, this might be the most obvious thing ever but ever since I saw someone not knowing this feature in the Map chat of Lion’s Arch…

I decided to include it in this list. As you might know, Guild Wars 2 has a huge wiki that is, for the most part, created by players. People like you and me. It is smart to keep this open in a browser tab if you are new to the game. But did you know you can access the wiki from the game itself? You can easily do this by typing “/wiki” in the chat and press enter. This will open your browser and direct you to the Guild Wars 2 wiki. You can also use it way more efficiently. For example, you can type /wiki, add a space, and type the subject you want more information on. Well, Guild Wars 2 also has a number of items that can be quite tricky to type in full.

Therefore, you can just link the item in question in chat using Shift + Click. So, if you type /wiki and then shift click the item you want to know more about, you will directly go to the item’s wiki page. This method is extremely useful if you are playing in a Fractal or if you are at an open world boss and you quickly want to know more about a specific item that just dropped. Another wiki command I use a lot is the /wiki ?et? command. E T stands for Event Timers. This command takes you directly to a nice overview of the Event Timers. Here you can see what World Boss or Meta Event is going to start soon. Really handy if you want to see what Event is up next without opening your browser. We are all to lazy to do that.

Anyway, I will leave a wiki page with all the commands in the video description. Make sure to share your favorite chat commands in the comments. The event timers for meta events and world bosses make a nice bridge to my next subject. Res people when they are down. You will probably hear this all the time when you are doing a World Boss or doing a Meta Event. But why do we need to res downed people as fast as possible? Well, as you might know or not know, Guild Wars 2 uses a mechanic that’s called event “Event Scaling” or “Upscaling”. Meaning, the more players that are present at a specific World Boss or Meta Event, the more enemies will come at you. Also, the health and damage of bosses will increase whenever there are more players around. This was done so Events and Bosses would stay challenging no matter how many people were around.

So, when your health reaches 0, you will go into downstate. If your health expires in downstate, you will die and won’t be able to get back until someone rezzes you or you use a waypoint. Keep in mind that players that are in downstate, will take periodic damage and damage from the boss or event. This makes it hard for them to get back up on their own. If you see anyone fighting for their life, it is wise to res them as soon as possible. Since they are in downstate, you will res them rather fast in comparison to when players are dead. If you decide not to res them up, they will eventually die. Players that are dead will still upscale the event and will make it harder for the players that are still alive. And well, dead players won’t really contribute to the completion of the event or World Boss. The best thing you can do as a dead player is to use to the nearest Waypoint, run back and start helping the rest of the players. In most cases, players won’t res you because reviving dead players whilst in combat takes a significant amount of time.

You won’t be able to get all the dead players to use the nearest Waypoint but it would be nice if they would do so. Just use the most common method, spam the general or “Say” chat and tell them politely to use the nearest waypoint. In short, if you are doing a World Boss or Meta Event, make sure to res up downed players. And, if you are dead, make sure to use the nearest waypoint to help the players that are still participating in the event. Eventually, people that have been dead for a while will not upscale the event or boss. But well, if you died and decide to lay there for about 5 to 10 minutes, well, you are making it harder for your fellow Guild Wars 2 players. Let’s move onto the second to last tip in this video; do your dailies. You can probably find this in any other beginner video but I want to give this a little twist.

It is somewhat of an intermediate tip for people that already discovered the world a little bit and have tried PvP before. Did you know you can benefit from dailies in three ways? For you beginners out there, it is important to do your dailies if possible. Usually these won’t take long. Depending on the dailies of that day, it should take about 15 to 30 minutes. You can find your current set of dailies by Pressing “H” on your keyboard, navigate to your achievement panel and press daily. Doing these dailies will grant your 10 achievement points, which are used to show your prestige and give you access to unique armor and weapons skins. And next to that, you will also get 2 gold for completing your dailies. A nice amount of gold if you have recently started playing Guild Wars 2. So, you benefit from the gold and the 10 achievement points. I want to add an extra layer to that. This is how I do my dailies. You want to have some experience with PvP before trying out this one.

Look for a class you feel comfortable playing with and queue up for a ranked or unranked PvP game. When you win that PvP game, you will be able to complete the 3 PvP dailies for that day and be granted the daily reward chest, gold and achievements. Next to that, you will also gain progress towards PvP achievements. And, if you queued up for a ranked match you will also gain points towards your next division. This way, you can benefit from your daily in multiple ways. If you did not win that one game of PvP.

It is most time efficient to look for your daily gatherer or daily vista viewer. These can be done in a minute or less if you have the correct waypoints unlocked. Because you need PvP experience and some Waypoints for that specific location unlocked, I’d say this more a tip for players that have been playing for a few weeks. An Intermediate player tip, I’d say! If you want to know more about PvP achievements and daily achievements, I’d suggest you watch my Achievement point farming guide. Now, the last tip in this video is completing the map. I have probably mentioned this in some other video but not very explicitly as a tip.

Why do you want to complete the map? Well, for the exclusive rewards. For completing a non-city map you can get 2 pieces of equipment, crafting materials and a Transmutation Charge or a Black Lion Chest Key. The two pieces of equipment are scaled to the level requirement of that specific zone. For example, if you complete a level 25 to 35 map the armor will scale to those levels accordingly. Personally, I don’t think that this is the most interesting part of completing a map. It’s nice and all but you want to go for the Crafting Materials and the Transmutation Charge. Tier 2 to tier 4 crafting materials, which are, for example, Cotton Scraps are usually obtained in level 40 to 60 areas. Since most people can easily get higher level crafting materials, like Mithril, by just playing the game at level 80, these lower level materials are usually worth more on the Trading Post. Max. level players actually have to put in effort to get Tier 2 or tier 4 materials. Therefore, they are worth more.

You can just get them from completing the map! You can sell your newly acquired crafting materials on the Trading Post or keep them for your own crafting purposes. Also, it is possible to get a transmutation charge from completing a map. These are used to transmog your armor to another piece of your liking. Transmutation Charges can be challenging to get so the chance to get one by completing the map is always nice to have. If you ever want to craft a First Generation Legendary, these were the first set of Legendaries, for example Sunrise or Bolt, you want to complete all core Tyria Maps.

This will grant you the Gift of Exploration which is used to craft these unique weapons. So, if you ever plan to craft these weapons, make sure to start exploring as soon as possible! If you want more tips, I’d suggest to check out my other beginner tips video, which I mentioned at the start of this video and check out the Tips page on the Wiki. I will link this page in the video description. Whatever the case, I hope you enjoyed this video. If you still have any questions, make sure to leave them in the comments and make sure to share and subscribe to this channel to help it grow. For now, I would like to thank you for watching and I hope I will see you all in the next one! PEACE..

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