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Guild Wars 2 – Unlocking Skyscale – Quick Guide


Unlocking Skyscale takes a lot of time and dedication. She has to be found, hatched, raised and trained. If you wanna know more about how this mount exactly works, check my dedicated guide a link is down below. As any other mount, it requires an expansion Path of Fire. On top of that, you will need access to all maps from Living World Season 4, so if you are currently stuck on one of the time gates it’s a good idea to progress those story arcs if you didn’t finish them already.

You will also need 22 Charged Quartz Crystals for further crafting. You can either charge one per day on Hero points or buy finished items on the trading post if you are willing to pay some extra gold. Besides that prepare 250 of all season 4 currencies, 1500 volatile magic, 500 trade contracts and a bit of gold along the way. Before you begin you have to finish Living World Season 4 Episode 6 War Eternal.

After that, you will receive a mail from Gorrik who stands near Skyscale Eyrie PoI in the Dragonfall. It’s the same place what you have to visit in the story and you will come back here with each of the following collection so remember it. Once you talk with Gorrik, he will unlock first 2 sub-collections of Newborn Skyscales – Scales and Medicine. You should start with medicine. The last 2 items come from Volatile Magic vendor near waypoint for a bit of karma and trading contracts. Remaining 3 requires lane vendors what stands nearby. However, you have to unlock them first by doing 10 events in each lane. Scales for the next collection are scattered all over the Dragonfall. Same for Fever and Egg collections what comes after. I’ve made maps with numbers, you can find them in the description below as well as TacO markers so they should be easy to find. Once you deliver eggs back to Gorrik, the next collection is time-gated.

The next one opens Saving Skyscales with 12 sub-collections. It looks a bit overwhelming at first but for the most part, are those collections easy and straight forward. You have clear hints in tooltips together with icons on the map if it’s associated with some spot so you simply can’t miss it. However, there are some parts what needs explanation. Gorrik moved to the Sun’s Refuge in the Jahai Bluffs, so start there. You can enter just south from Venta Pass Waypoint. Fire, Water, Earth and Air collections require you to talk with 4 Grand Elder Djinnies at Hanging Gardens in Domain of Vabbi. They are not always there, you have to kill mobs around to force them to spawn. If they been up recently it may take around 30 minutes before they can be spawned again. Also, make sure you won’t initiate the event in their dialog or else they will become hostile. The Courage collection sends you kill your Doppelganger in the Elon Riverlands. Spawning and killing of this thing is really painful but fortunately, there is another way how to do this task, just capture Augury Rock by defeating Branded Josso Essher.

Ice and Water Collections sends you to the tombs at the Derelict Delve in the Desert Highlands. They are locked and you have to finish Rune-locked Doors achievement in the Desert Highlands section first. Another Ice one requires you to get frozen. You can either go to the Claw of Jormag meta event and hope that one of those champions randomly freezes you or the easy way – if you have access to the Living World Season 3 Episode 3 Crack in the Ice, you can go to the Bitterfrost Frontier and just step into one of those Ice Storms what can be found near the middle waypoint. The Fear collection in Vehtendi Academy in Domain of Vabbi requires re-education event. It can take a really long time since there are others what can spawn instead. During that event you don’t have to answer questions, tagging mobs should be enough. Another Fear one makes you attack some chickens in the Ebonhawke, they are south of the Fallen Angel Garrison Waypoint.

And finally one of the Air collection makes you visit the Hidden Garden jumping puzzle in the Mount Maelstrom. The only way how to get in is thru one of four portals what spawn after you kill nearby Keepers. Here is a map with their locations. After that return to Gorrik and wait thru the next time-gate. Again return to Gorrik. Your newly hatched Skyscale will need some attention. Raising Skyscales with 3 sub-collections will open. Skyscale Treats drops from various mobs with random chance, again you have their names in the description and you can find them all over. Skyscale Toys are also pretty easy. Jannat for Hardy Ball can be found in the lower floor of Vehtendi Academy without any icon just look closer for names. The Bird Whistle vendor is in the Iron Marches only after defense event, just wait there a bit if he is not available.

And the Grow Lamp can be either bought on the trading post or you can craft it with the Jeweler. However, the recipe requires a bit of farming in the Dry Top. Skyscale Care requires 12 Pieces of Skyscale Food. You can either craft them in the Mystic Forge or buy on the trading post. Now you just go to the Sun’s Refuge, stay close to your newborn Skyscale and throw her that food with skill 2. You can feed her only with few pieces at once before another time-gate stops you. Before feeding you might have to play with her or clean her nest first. Again return to Gorrik. You will find out that your teenage Skyscale is missing and you have to find her in various places around the world. All are again described in the tooltips with icons on the map. Except 3 what can be done after you kill bosses they all sits on the end of various jumping puzzles. You can find a link to my guide playlist down below.

There is however another way how to do it. You can buy or craft Extra-Pungent Skyscale Treats and use them on those maps instead of jumping or waiting for bosses to spawn. Return to Gorrik again. Now you have to play 2 games with her each with 3 difficulties. In the first one, you have to throw and catch a ball and in the second one, play hide and seek. The last collection Riding Skyscales have 2 sub-ones. Starts again at Gorrink in the Sun’s Refuge. The first one – Saddle is only about spending your map currencies. You will need 250 from every Season 4 map, 1500 Volatile Magic, 500 trade contracts and 35g. I have farming guides for all of those on my channel and I made a special playlist for Skyscale related guides so don’t forget to check it out a link is down below. One of those items is sold by Hystorian Elisa what travels around the Crystal Deserts, you have to check the wiki for her current position.

A link is down below. Remaining items are spread between Volatile magic vendors what always stands near the first map waypoints. Now find Gorrik near the fort in Jahai Bluffs and unlock the final collection – Skyscale Flight. You must travel around the world, summon skyscale on 28 Flying Lesson spots and fly to the nearby rift. Map names are in the tooltips and summon spots have icons on the map so again you can’t miss them. Once you finish them all, Skyscale will finally unlock for your account..

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