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Guild Wars Hard Mode Mission Guides [Prophecies] #10 The Wilds [no cons]


How is it going guys! Welcome back. So It’s been a while since my mission guide but today we take a look at The Wilds. This is one of the longer missions, took me like half an hour to accomplish, plus kind of annoying of the life pods, moss scarabs and other jungle creatures. Anyway, my hero setup has nothing new, bip necro, esurge mesmers, soul twisting and sos rit and my own character is a dervish with some pious renewal spam. During the mission our task is to chase the Shining Blade and rescue the Chosen, also we’ll discover how to travel through the jungle with vine seeds. The bonus is a longer detour from the mission, basicly to find and kill 2 centaur bosses and stop the centaur tribes of joining their forces against the humans. Good to know your enemies here too. First of all, there are plenty of wind rinders at the last section of the mission, they have enchantment removals and interrupts, so you either bring cover enchantments like I did, or you should not rely too much on enchantments.

Another tip, bring some sort of interrupts because 2 or 3 life pods can heal each other very well and the maguuma protectors too. Minions are not recommended because moss scarabs will rip them off all the time. Before I’d forget, somewhere in this video, you’ll see a valuable weapon I got this week. The first, who makes a comment about when it’s visible in the video and what item is, will get it. Also write down your character name. I think it has a value of 5 armbraces, or around that, so listen closely because it can be anywhere, anytime. Allright guys, let’s jump to the mission. Immediately upon entering we get into some trouble, wind riders of course. Try to kill them as quickly as you can because they can be deadly. Keep the jungle troll for last. You can even micro ST hero here if you want more safety.

During the mission we’ll run into several entangling roots, places like that are tricky because if you go close to them, the jungle creates some kind of a wall at the entrance, which usually cuts you from your heroes. So either flag everyone inside or stay outside and let the wall appear. Good to know that there are life pods and moss scarab popups around the roots. I tend to focus on the life pods first, except when mass scarabs ball up nicely, since then I can spike them with splinter weapon. If you follow the road, you’ll see several groups of moss scarabs. Careful approach is recommended, they can outnumber heroes easily, also nothing really protects against their touch skills, well can’t touch this, a paragon skill does, at least for a while, but guess you don’t want to use a paragon hero only because of this.

If everything is done, turn a bit left, there is another path leading to the bonus. Another entangling roots here, prepare for another popup. There are a lot of moss scarabs in this part of the mission. Anyway the bonus objective is tricky. First we need to listen to a conversation between 2 centaur warriors. Story in short, the centaurs want to make a big army, some sort of alliance against the humans, so we gotta stop it. It’s important to let them finish the dialogue, their last sentence goes like this: “I will guard Ramtha Brokenhoof and Horm Frostrider with my life. After that kill them, and pick up the vine seed. The seed is a must have for the bonus, otherwise we can’t reach the bosses. Now we can go back to the road. Good to know that the vine seed can knock down and damage enemies, we can use it to our advantage. Turn left again, and continue on the road. Even more popups, if you are lucky as me the pods and scarabs ball up nicely, giving a better chance for spike.

Another entangling roots here, plus a life pod too. This situation sucks for melees. I can’t help the team, but heroes will finally kill them and the gate opens. This boss seems lonely, of course it is not, guess what? Even more moss scarabs. Luckily after this group, no more in this mission, change of scenery and we find maguuma groups instead. Good news, the maguuma are not the strongest enemies, their monk is easy to deal with, perhaps the maguuma enchanters are the worst, they have blackout, can disable skills for a few seconds. This area is a bit crowded, you can yolo here if you have good heroes though. As always the maguuma protectors should be the first targets, unless they’re too far behind and would mean additional agros. 3 jungle trolls here, and of course I didn’t pay attention to the patrolling groups and aggroed everything, but like I said the maguuma are not that deadly. Better to clear everything on the road first and the jungle trolls for last. Finally we arrive at the spot, where we can drop the vine seed, then can travel on the bridge of roots.

Change to a longbow or flatbow and lure the enemies. When you feel like it’s safe, go in and kill them all. Few more steps and we reach the 2 centaur bosses. They are elementalists, but have shitty builds, finish them and the bonus is completed. After that we can go back and continue the primary task. Cross the bridge again, go straight and find another maguuma group. Actually there is a vine seed flower guess developers wanted to give us another chance for the bonus, but we are done with it, no reason to pick up another seed, unless you want to use it against enemies. From this point on we reach the wind rider’s and spider’s territory. Feel free to micro ST hero at this part, I’ll do as well, you know guys, safety first. The next part is a bit tricky. Use a bow again, and lure the wind riders out of the danger zone.

Once you finish with all riders and trolls, move on and destroy the entangling root too. Luckily there are no extra pop ups here. Continue the mission till you find the river area. Few more riders, trolls and a mesmer boss here. After you’re done with the boss, get ready to fight a lot of maguuma spiders. They will poison and cripple most of the party members, also in hard mode they have interrupts, but die quite easily. Follow the road, go south and finally we reach the shining blade and the chosen. Looks like this is the nest of the spiders, kill them quickly to save the Chosen and the mission is completed. So guys, this is the last day of 2020, I hope you had a great year, also thanks for watching my videos, thanks for all the likes, subscribes and comments.

Happy new year and see in 2021..

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