Guild Wars – Solo Farm Guide Series#10 – Desert Griffons [Feather farm]


So after some hard mode missions, let?s jump back to solo farm stuff again. If you are looking for a quick and chill feather farm you came to the right place. South of Augury Rock, in Skyward Reach there is a place where you can find the Desert Griffons. These bird-like foes drop Iridescent Griffon Wings and those can be salvaged to feathers, 5, 6 or 7 at a time.

However wiki notes they can drop feathers directly, I never got any and trust me when I say, I did a lot of runs. Nonetheless this is quite an easy way to pile up feathers, because wings are very common, but guys don?t expect super big profits, this is rather just a fun way to farm feathers, and that?s all. Anyway for hard mode dervish is highly recommended, because these Griffons use healing signet but in normal mode they don?t so many other professions can farm them too. Dervish can use the classic vow of strength build, you know mirage cloak, sandshards, mystic regen and to boost damage even more you got to use ebon battle standard of honour. Okey guys let me show you a full run now, this is going to be very fast. Since there are many Hydras on the way, best if you bring a paragon hero with fallback, incoming, make haste to make runs smoother and faster. Sometimes if spawns are good you won?t have to agro them at all and can run directly to the Griffons. Anyway for maximum efficiency use the resign trick, you know go out, come back and out again, then once you finish a run you can easily type /resign and arrive near the portal and you can save some time with it.

So start the farm from Augury Rock, enter Skyward Reach and go immediately right. Put the hero on avoid combat and also disable Make Haste on the hero?s skill bar but let her use the rest of the build. While running try to avoid as many foes as you can, if you can?t, then agro but don’t worry, you will be fine, since most of the Hydra?s projectile spells won?t catch you due to the increased movement speed. Slow down a bit at the collector guy and micro make haste on your character, flag the hero somewhere around the NPC and go down the hill. There are somewhere between 10 to 15 griffons here, and we can finish the run with 2 spikes and in less than 2 minutes. There is a big difference between normal and hard mode balling though. In hard mode you have to use the walls to bodyblock the griffons since their AI is too smart and like to scatter, but in normal mode a normal balling will be good too.

Very important note is that the wall must be on your character’s right side or mobs won’t get stuck. As I said the build is quite the classic vow of strength build, you got to maintain mirage block with extend enchantments, and spike them down with sand shards, vos, ebon battle standard of honour and increase your attacking speed with heart of fury. To have quick kills best if you precast sandshard and use it again when you can, also this way you can out damage their healing signets quite easily.

Once you finish the first few groups go on and do the last groups too with the same method. Agro, wall on the right side, precast sand shards, vos, ward and spike. Easy peasy and don’t forget to salvage the wings and weapons for feathers and iron. Allright guys, let me show you some alternatives now, starting with mesmer. As a mesmer ineptitude is a good friend of ours, with 16 illusion magic and high fast casting you can keep the Griffons blinded all the time and finish them quickly with clumsiness, wandering eye and similar skills. Channeling gives enough energy to spamm skills and physical resistance with ether feast help to survive the fights. As a necro spiteful spirit goes without saying. A classic necro-monk hybrid, works with 55 or 105 hp too, cast SS and suffering on mobs. Yeah necros are smart, they don?t fight, they let mobs kill themselves like that.

Protective spirit, shielding hands and shield of absorption are necessary to stay alive during the fight. Next one on my list is the ritualist. This is a destructive was glaive, assassin hybrid build. With the help of shroud of distress and dark escape the ritu can farm the griffins quite quickly, light of deldrimor and ancestor?s rage speeds up the farm. And finally comes the elementalist, this is similar to the ritu?s build, but she is using fire magic spells like starburst, flame burst, flame djinn?s haste to kill mobs quickly. So guys basicly any build will work in normal mode as long as you have some massive AOE damage and can stay alive till Griffons die, so this was the Desert Griffon farm, hope you enjoyed this one, take care and see you next time.

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