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GW2 Achievement Hunting Recap 2 — Whisper in the Dark By: kbolye


Hello, browsers of r/Guildwars2! It’s time for my second post in this series, and today we’ll be looking at Whisper in the Dark, the achievement category for Eastern Bjora Marches. This area is considerably smaller than most, but there’s still a good bit to talk about. Let’s get started!

Quantity (6/10)

Quantity of achievements is one of the places where East Bjora seems to suffer the most. With only 39 achievements, there’s not a ton to hunt for in East Bjora. However, these achievements seem to me to cover just about everything there is to do in East Bjora, and there’s some decent variety: hunting Champions, collecting food for Bright Shore, searching for Norn Chests. I appreciate that they didn’t bog East Bjora down with more achievements than the area had content for, but the incredibly low number is a bit disappointing. Sure, it’s half a map, but West Bjora has 50 achievements in comparison.

The meta-achievement requires 20 achievements, and isn’t too hard to achieve. In fact, I’d say it’s one of the easiest.

Challenge (3/10)

Remember above, when I said lack of quantity is one of the things East Bjora suffers from? This is the other one. Simply put, there really aren’t any difficult challenges to go for with East Bjora’s achievements. Its achievements aren’t mindlessly easy, mind you, they certainly require player engagement and skill, but there’s nothing that sticks out as something that’s meant to be an especially difficult challenge for the player.

I will make note of a single achievement, Constant Vigilance. This requires you to defeat the Boneskinner boss without allowing it to kill any survivors. This isn’t particularly difficult, you just have to break its defiance bar each time it attempts to teleport. If you have a decently sized group doing the event, you’re practically guaranteed to get this achievement.

*Here is where I would like to make a note about Strike Missions and their related achievements. I haven’t done any Strike Missions yet, and so I can’t factor those achievements in when it comes to scoring these posts. I will give Strike Missions their own dedicated post at some point in the future. Until then, please tell me if you think they would make a difference in any of my scores, and I will edit my posts to include your thoughts. Thanks!

Secret Achievements:

Hey, this is new since the last post! I couldn’t think of a better place to put it, so it’s here under the challenges. I’ll quickly go over East Bjora’s secret achievements and how to get them.

The Grind (8/10)

East Bjora doesn’t have a lot of especially long grinds, but there are a few achievements that will take some time.

  • Mysteries of the Raven Sanctum requires the player to complete Raven’s test in the Raven Sanctum a total of 8 times, obtaining the blessing from each possible combination of answers. I recommend using a guide to ensure you get a different one each time. This achievement can only be progressed once per day, as you can’t get a new blessing until the one on your character runs out. This does present a method of drastically shortening completion time, however: if you have multiple characters who have access to the Raven Sanctum, you can complete the test on each of them to earn multiple different blessings.

  • Raven’s Favor requires the player to successfully complete the Storms of Winter meta-event 15 times. The meta is easy to fail without a large group, so this one can be annoying. Make sure to use event timers to catch every one, and keep in mind that it always triggers right after Drakkar.

East Bjora has very few achievements that require any extended grinding, though this is where we’re introduced to the concept of “Complete event X times” achievements through Raven’s Favor. I’m sure they’ll come up with a better way to handle this in West Bjora, like they did in Grothmar, right? (Foreshadowing!? In MY Reddit post!?)

Rewards (6/10)

Time to go over some achievement rewards.

Firstly, completing every East Bjora achievement nets you a grand total of 234 AP and 10 IBS Mastery Points, 4 of which are Insights. Considering how few achievements there are compared to Grothmar, the total AP reward is pretty damn high.

While many of East Bjora’s individual rewards aren’t very individually exciting, it make up for it with sheer number of rewards.


Since it’s relevant this time around, this section is only for big collections that typically cost a lot to get, often weapon and/or armor skin collections. I will not be going over The Hunger or Bjora Marches Historian here. Just keep this note in mind for the future.

East Bjora has two main collections: Ancient Weaponeer, which requires you to purchase every Ancient Boreal weapon from Anette Eymundrdottir; and Master of the Ancestral Forge, which requires you to purchase every Restored Boreal weapon recipe from Anette and then craft each weapon.

  • Each Ancient Boreal weapon costs 2G and 75 Eternal Ice Shards to purchase. Collecting all 16 of them will cost a total of 32G and 1200 Eternal Ice Shards.

  • Each Restored Boreal recipe costs 2G and 100 Eternal Ice Shards, for a total of 32G and 1600 Eternal Ice. They can only be purchased after you’ve purchased the matching Ancient Boreal Weapon.

  • The Restored Boreal Weapons can be crafted using orichalcum and ancient wood parts, Eitrite Ingots, and Berserker’s Orichalcum Imbued Inscriptions.

  • (Thank you to u/ShinigamiKenji for pointing out that the wiki has already calculated the material costs of most collections.) As far as materials, crafting every Restored Boreal weapon will require a total of 160 Eitrite Ingots, 80 Globs of Ectoplasm, 80 Vials of Powerful Blood, 560 Orichalcum Ore, 585 Ancient Wood Logs, and 18 Cured hardened Leather Squares.

Overall (7/10)

East Bjora suffers from a lack of quantity and challenging achievements, but you can tell that the developers definitely still knew what they were doing. I’d say East Bjora is worse overall than Grothmar, but seeing as it has very few grindy achievements, many players will probably prefer it, which is completely valid. Here’s hoping that the next categories maintain this level of quality… (Foreshadowing!? In my wjhscngjswcb)

My next post will be about Shadow in the Ice and West Bjora! See you guys then.


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