First one build is for smooth rotation on the map with ini reservation, to do hard +1s with long pressure, or sometimes to crush one’s head from some non-portable spot in 1v1 (no duelling really, leave it for Akro builds or core/DD teefs)

Deadly Arts:
Panic Strike mostly for cleaving downed with spotter’s shot when someone trying to ress, but reducing enemy’s heal is always delicious, especially when you not bursting, but spamming and spamming due to M7 and just waiting till his cd’s and life get out.
Improvisation for double stolen skills, so double invis, and some lucky refreshing for skills, with it i practically all the time have 2 ammos of shadow meld in hand, and keep in mind that each Shadowstep is a stomp in teamfight or win of unattainable spam in 1v1. I dont get it when someone take Revealed Training and Executioner really, even without them it’s overkill most of the time, after fulfilling malice scale, may be for the second time, will it be 10k Dj or 15k Dj really doesn’t matter your enemy will be out of endurance and cd’s, cause rifle spam stood over all, and if your foe has less then 50% hp, much higher chance is that the reason of his death will be some random immo from Panic Strike, then some kitten 20% more damare from Executioner, rifle has enough damage to land by itself, you need just to secure that landing (one more thing, 20% more damage – is it really that much? 2k more damage from 10k primary damage… it’s the same as the damage of just one stolen skill (remember Impro and Exposed Weakness) and practically the same as Mug (It’s already about why CS is a kitten comparing to DA in PvP).
Mug can be replaced with Trapper’s Respite to turn your fire point in a real fortification, especially against too nosy teefs, to cover your back or retreat, but ! it reveals you when triggered, and Marking from invis with Mug (And so Sleight of Hand) + DJ turns a very bursty and cheap opening, especially against someone whom sustain comes from skills. But if replacing Mug, Marking will no more reveals you, so you can Mark and really open fight with Spotter’s Shot + DJ, it’s a safe option. But Mug heals you… so i prefer use Trapper’s Respite only with condi builds.
Burst of Agility works nice when you cover lack of boons from Thrill of the Crime with boons from spammable M7, it gives you burst ability every 60 secs . Bountiful Theft for boonstealing and vigor (so invis), with Sleight of Hand is the only god-blessed way to interrupt reviving or stomping from afar.
After the May rework Deadeye has too strong synergy between rifle with it’s low-cost ranged skills and M7 and Malicious Intent, so you can easily end teamfight with full ini even without tuching Mercy (but why not, really, it’s cd is too short) to spam invis from Silent’s Cover -> Death’s Retreat (x2) and go do decap; or just portal with preplaced Shadow Trap and continue your endless massacre/decap. As for Silent Scope, it’s just really needed, sustain in this build comes only from right positioning (non-portable spots with good field of view), smoothly used Shadowstep right before being struck (to make foe run and get some more secs to burst him, then repeat on Shadow Retreat), and invis from Silen Scope (all other ways of getting invisible can be interrupted, so better pretend to be a little like good Mirage and cover them with invis from dodge). And when talking about sustain, it’s the reason to play zerg: it doesn’t really matter how much is your hp pull, with wrong positioning/rotation oneshot guards or gs mesmers/kitten hybrid mirages (the last will not burst, but you wont be able to counterplay their follow-up with stacking condies and breaking targets and instantaneous evade-spamming and other and other) or really good revs or f/a eles will burst you down in a less then a sec anyway (without Akro or god-blessed anticipation with (sometimes random) dodges) when others shouldn’t even be able to touch you.
As for Shadow Trap vs metabattle’s variants for the comparable build: it’s a stunbreak when Trap is already lied and so can be used even in 1v1 in one or other way, use your imagination; has an absolute range of 5.000 points (egoistic version of Mesmer’s portal, just dont lay it on non-portable spots and dont try to retreat from such points with it, and it will work smoothly. But pay attention to the range, as you wont be worned if using it out of range of 5.000, it should work on the range of 10.000 points, but only with LoS, so in PvP you will just lose it). I’m just laying it in a spots with good observation field (preferably near non-portable spot) and enjoy the impact.

Rifle is a main weapon here, s/p gives some sustain, follow-up with S/p#2 and sneaky bursts for 10k damage from S/p#3 especially delicious with quickness from Sigil of Agility and long stun from Sigil of Savagery. When foe is already exhausted with your rifle spam, but ready to continue denying the reality of him being doomed (by using LoS to counterplay, spamming evades or blocking projectiles) Pistol Whip from invis (even without invis really) becomes your best friend.
(Chain to sneaky do Pistol Whip from invis from afar: get some invis from rifle or Shadow Meld or Hide in Shadows… there are ways, ok:, even 3 secs is enough -> change on s/p -> do Infiltrator’s Strike -> (easy option) dodge after porting but before really attacking to not being revealed or (hard option) in that gap use and interrupt black powder (it has privilege in using and will stop the attacking part of Sword#2), but it needs some skill -> use Pistol Whip on unsuspecting foe -> Profit!

The same kitten, but usable in 1v1 on point, with some real sustain. Once there was Unforgiven it was nice even with Shortbow, but now rifle is on the stage.

Akro: Instant reflexes let you sometimes outlast bursts that you didn’t evaded/interrupted, needed on Berserker, on marauder can be replaced with Pain Response. Guarded initiation will be useless in cleaning Confusion, cause even after 1 needed attack to cleanse it, under mesmer’s confusion your hp will drop below 75% easily. Swindler’s Equilibruim – DE dont really need steal recharge instead of Mercy, especially not when comparing to Stunbreak and refillment of endurance (so 6 secs of invis) from Hard to Catch. Assassin’s Reward is the way of resustaining via spam (look how it works with 0 ini DJ by yourself). Upper Hand – you already have regen from M7 and just 1 ini once in a 5 secs is too low. Don’t Stop can be used too, but when using running with Withdraw as heal it doesn’t really needed so badly.
About sustain: one more stunbreak on a 45 secs cd is from Rune of Vampirism, when health dropped under 25%, so it has pretty a lot of stunbreaks. You can heal with regen and from spam and from the Rune, condi cleanses are on Signet (and dodge so invis, and critical chances, this signet is a real must-have for 1v1 teef, right after Shadowstep), Death’s Retreat and Infiltrator’s Return, while also healing your not so big health pull. Sustain is from right positioning with rifle and with Infiltrator’s Return point when going melee, with stun and evading on spamming Pistol Whip, lots of dodges (remember about Malicious Tactical Strike, but most of the time it will give you more endurance you need), and invis literally every 6 secs with vigor.
Can be used either on Berserker or on Marauder.

Builds above were tested and bullet-proofed in Ranked, some real drafts below
Stange sudden rifle Hybrid build good only for suddenness but also vialble as bursting in +1 from non-portable spots

With Rune of the Thief, while kneeling and with Fury has 80% critical chances, what let it to participate in malice spamming/ini regenning clown fiesta of M7. The main damage is still ordinary, but with condies either foes dont anticipate to be confused and kill themselves when counterattacking, or notice condies and think about cleansing them instead of counterattacking and preventing you from killing them from ordinary damage spam. Panic Strike make TRB and Spotter’s Shot to be about equal in their overall damage, enjoy!

And… Tutturu! Real bunker DE!
Practically the same as 1v1 Akro build, but using Mender Amulet’s Healing Power with the Pain Response’s (and M7) regen and Assassin’s Reward, sustain just from your endless spam. Damage becomes quite ordinary, my best DJ was about 7k against light armor, but with it’s healing (even failed DJ still heals you for about 1k, or black powder too, but it’s unreasonable) and invis and mobility it becomes a sneaky fortress that arises where no one (aha, naturally) expected.



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