GW2 The Plaguedoctor Healscourge, a guide By: Blumpf.2518


Im playing this build now since 1-2 years in raids and fractals and often people ask what im playing cause they dont seem to know this variant and are surprised how good it is.

Equip is full Plaguedoctor
Weapons are Staff + Szepter/Torch
Rune of the Pack
10% Condition Duration Sigill
10% Boon Duration Sigill
Boon Duration Buffood Soulpastry + Toxic Maintenance Oil.

Its a healbuild that focusses on barrier, heal over time and providing boons. You heal people with regeneration and lifeleech while barriers absorb incoming damage. You always have some direkt heals like the F4. Should someone go down you can rezz him really fast with F4 and starting to revive which will spawn a well that rezzes too.
And this build does a good amount of damage for a healer. The shadow gives 15% Condition Duration, Sigill another 10% so we have 25% condition duration which, for a healer, aint that bad.
With Staff + Torch + Golem +F4 it has a kitten of CC and and easily break bars.
And its not dependant on staying in melee range all the time, so you can run around/dodge etc. as you want.

What many people dont seem to know about healnecro is, that he can provide a lot of might, but since theres many builds out there without boon duration, the might doesnt last and so many people think necro is bad at it. Now this build isnt. It has 81% boon duration which increases to 96% if you use F1 to spawn a shadow.
Blood is Power gives 2x 5 Stacks of might, Rune of the pack gives 5 stacks might and everytime you shield someone you give 2 stacks of might. So we give a lot of it and can easily buff up the raid. Another problem of the necro is, that he doesnt give any Fury. Rune of the Pack solves that problem by giving fury every 30 seconds.
If you combine this healnecro with another support class that runs rune of the pack, it is enough to permabuff fury. (And except Druid all supporters should use it cause its so good).

Now considerung the lifeforce. We use lifeforce for barriers/heals and we dont have any problems generating it. The Signet of Undeath creates Lifeforce all the time. Do not ever use it to rezz people! Its casting time is too long and you want the passive effect, so dont ever use it. If you want to rezz, use F4.
The staff generates a lot of lifeforces too. Its Marks generate 3% lifeforce each and if we use fear we gain 15% lifeforce. So Staff 5 alone generates 18%. Dodging leaves a mark too that generates lifeforce. F4 is a fear and gives us 15% lifeforce. And sceptre 3 and Torch 4 also generate Lifeforce.
With this build you will not have any lifeforce problems at all.

Now how to play this. As the fight starts, use F1, Blood is power, Staff2, Blood is power, Staff 4 as opener. That way you buff the group with might, regeneration and you send your condis to the enemy. As Healnecro you can use the F-Skills while casting other Skills, so feel free to do so.
After that, you will most of the time stay on szeptre/torch and attack the enemy while using the F-Skills and Utility Skills to heal the group. Should regeneration run out, or should you need lifeforce, switch to staff and use staff2 and then the other marks.
If you know there will be a lot of damage incoming, use your Healskill +F5 to give a lot of barrier. And if someone is down or you need a lot of heal, use F4.

And depending on the fight, you can switch serpent siphon for epidemic if you have a fight with adds.

This build is best combined with a Chrono in your 5-Man-Group. That way your group has Quickness+Alacrity+all the other boons.
In raids a chrono in your group is best, but condi-quickness-firebrand works too if there is an Alac-Renegade in the raid.

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