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GW2 WvW Zerg Thief META Build Guide – Valkyrie Staff Daredevil


Ah, yes, let’s get some uh thief: buildfor zerging! I want to play some thief: … um where’s the thief build. I don’t see it huh, While staff daredevils may not be as teamoriented or do as much damage as say a scourgeor, a staff weaver or a power. Hammer revenantthey still have a purpose within zergs, and thepremise of this is that in world versus world zerggameplay you basically just spam aoe and you hopethat, unless your zerg is very coordinated, that youall do it on the same spot, and usually people justhit the closest target, because That helps you tocoordinate. Without really communicating becauseif, you just tab.

The next target, then you’ll all beon the same target and that basically results inyou hitting the enemy front line and the enemyfront line is usually built around survivalso. It’S usually not that efficient, forgetting downs. It’S just really efficient fordoing damage. However, a staff daredevil doesn’tjust tab through the closest target they actuallyget into the enemy backline and can survivewith the amount of dodges that they havewhile also pressuring key targetsso. Their damage is not as high butit’s, more precise and more valuable. Becauseit hits the right place at the right time.

So a staff daredevil also has a little bit morechoice to survive. So if you get rolled up uponby, you know the enemy zerg as a staff weaveryou’re going to need really good positioningto survive, and obviously that means staffweaver is a little bit more skillfuland. That is probably true, but astaff daredevil can have sort ofpoor positioning and still survive just byspamming evades, so there is a benefit there. I take bounding dodger as a daredevil. Andthat changes, your dodge into a leap. Finisherwhich will give you a damage. Modifier for15 percent, more damage. Four seconds afteryou dodge, so you pretty much have permanently 15more damage, which is pretty good.

Currently, thoughthe leap, finisher is bugged. On this sowhenever you use your dodge, you actually won’tget the leap, finishers and that’s pretty badbut. It is a bug and it will get fixed butwhat. That means is if the gameplay is, you know, I’mstruggling to survive. It’S only going to be easierwhen. The bug is fixed because when you have aleap finisher on your dodge and you’re in a zergthere’s going to be combo fields, everywhereand, that means you’re going to be gettingeffects.

That can give you a lot of sustainso like when you leap through a water. Fieldthat will heal you and just the amount of effectsthat you can get like you go through a ice. Fieldyou get an ice aura which will give you 10percent less damage and chill foes who hit youso, there’s just so many ways to gain sustain justpassively, because you’re constantly spamming, outyour dodge, which means you’re, spamming out leapfinisher. So it’s really good in zerg gameplayand, then I take staff master. This is a doublestaff build, so you will always gain the 120 bonuspower from wielding a staff. So you’ve got a lot ofextra power here and you also gain two enduranceper initiative that you use.

So this buildhas, quite a bit of initiative, gain with thetrickery trait line, so stealing will give youinitiative and swapping weapons will give youinitiative. So since I have two staffs whenever Iswap my weapon, I will just gain three initiativeso, I’m basically just camping staff, but I’m givingmyself the ability to gain more benefits when Iswap my weapon in daredevil. You also have escapistfortitude, I get most of my condi cleanse from thisbecause. There’S a one second, internal cooldownwhenever you evade an attack successfully thenyou will remove one condition. Sobecause of this, I’m allowed tonot go for cleansing sigils, which you’ll seelater on the reasoning for this

Then you haveweakening strikes so every time you dodge you willgive weakness on your next attack: you’re dodgingquite a lot so you’re giving weakness. Quite a lotand you’ll, do more damage and take less damagefrom weakened foes, and then you have trickery. Sothis is where you gain most of your initiativeand, because initiative will give you enduranceit, gives you defense as well, because whenever youuse initiative and you’re gaining a lot, ofinitiative you’re going to be gaining backdodges, which is going to give you more damage. Soit kind of like is this feedback loop with itselfbut. I have thrill of the crime. This will giveswiftness and fury to your allies and a little bitof might, but you don’t really need the swiftnessbecause you’re in acrobatics and the fury is kindof nice though you’re really not going toneed it.

So it’s basically just team supportyou’re, giving fury to your allies. If you reallywanted to you could take the caltrops on dodgewhich will give a little bit of cripple and youare dodging a lot. So you are putting down thesecaltrops quite often, but I find that itdoesn’t really give you that much of an effectso I mean there’s really not many good choiceshere and then you gain extra initiative. That’Salways good – and here I take trickster, so usuallyyou take bountiful theft because the boon stripis really good, and you could take this still butI like trickster, because it puts your heal skillon a 20 second cooldown, and it gives you thatextra condi, cleanse

Now I have a lot of condicleanse now, because I have escapist fortitude, Ihave signet of agility, and then you have tricksterso. You have plenty of condi cleanse. If you reallywanted to you, could take bountiful theft but Ihave three tricks and lowering their cooldownand. Giving me extra condi cleanse is prettynice, especially because this is not a deadlyarts version, so deadly arts you would be takingimprovisation which would lower your cooldownso there’s actually going to be two variants: ofthis build. You have this version and then I’llshow you, the deadly arts version right. Afterbut yeah I take trickster because that’s goingto increase your survivability and it’s justgonna allow you to evade more and to just stayin fights longer.

It doesn’t perform the role offocusing targets as well. So i spoke about earlierhow as a daredevil. You want to be focusing keybackline targets. The acro build is more for juststaying, in with your front line and just kindof like training with them, and then lead attacksare going to get more damage for initiative. Spentso, that’s going to be more synergy with yourinitiative and you have quick pockets, so yougain three initiative. Whenever you swap weaponsso, you just want to swap weapons off cool downpretty much and then in acrobaticsyou have swiftness. Whenever you dodgeso, you don’t have to worry about swiftness ever.You’ll have permanent swiftness

You gain vigorwhen, you use a healing skill and that’s 10 secondsand. Your withdraw gives you a 20 second cooldownso, it’s like half uptime just from this traitand, then, whenever you successfully evade anattack, you gain three seconds vigor. So felinegrace is kind of like permanent vigor. If you’realways dodging but you’re, not always successfullyevading, so it’s sometimes not permanent vigorso. I like to take vigorous recovery. Becauseinstant reflexes is a 300 second cooldownbut. If you really wanted, you could take instantreflexes because the times that it saves your lifeis, probably better than the times where you getlike an extra dodge or two here and there fromhaving the extra vigor uptime, but to be honest, Ilike just having vigorous recovery, because it putsmore Choice in my hands rather than out of myhands, so I mean you can choose whichever oneyou want, but I feel like the insurance on myvigor. Uptime is probably better

You can relyon just having feline grace, but then you have tosuccessfully evade an attack and if someone isn’thitting you it can drop and yeah it’s and thenif. You lose your vigor up time. Then you lose yourdodges. Even if you don’t need to dodge anythingyou want to be doing damage because your dodgesas, we know, give you damage. So it’s like if you’rebeing aggressive, then you’re not really evadinganything, so you’re losing damage, so it’s likeyeah. It kind of this gives you more damage ina way too. So I just like this better, Then youhave guarded initiation. You can choose swindler’sequilibrium. If you want the extra power this willgive, you 120 power, if you’re not wielding a swordso, it’s just an extra damage. Modifier Youcan. Take hard to catch which is wheneveryou, get cc’d you’ll stun break, so you cantake instant reflexes and hard to catch. Ifyou know this is a pretty easy to play. Build andyou can make it even easier to play if you takethese two traits, but I took guarded initiationbecause I’d like to remove weakness or othercondi’s

Honestly, it’s not an amazing traitso. You can just go with the damage modifierbut. I just went with guarded initiationbecause. I don’t want to have conditions on me.Then you’ll, get effectiveness of your vigorincrease, so instead of having 50 increaseddodge regeneration from vigor, you’ll have 75so it’s pretty nice to have that vigor uptimeas, I said, and then you have more choices. Hereso there’s a lot of choices. You can actuallyplay with this build. There is assassin’sreward which will give you more healing upper hand, kind of gives you similar, amountsof healing with the regen. The thing is ifyou’re already getting regen from your zerg likeyou’ve got tempest and stuff healing you, you’reprobably not gon na want the regen, but you dogain the extra initiative. Every five seconds ifyou successfully evade an attack and yeah whileone initiative. Every five seconds isn’t amazingit does scale right with lead attacks and staffmaster. So it’s just really nice synergy.

So Ilike upper hand, but you can take assassin’sreward, which will give you a little bit moreself-sustain in those very team-orientedsituations where you already have regenand, then don’t stop. I don’t really likebecause. You already have ways to removeimmobilize. You have role for initiative. You have withdraw. You have staff three, so you don’t really need don’t stop, but if youreally were dealing with like chill and cripplea lot, it could be okay to take this, but reallyI feel like you just get more from upper hand. Those are the traits of the normal, just likezerging kind of like cookie cutter, build butyou, could change to bountiful theft and sleightof hand and then take deadly arts and take improv. Even the odds and mug and whatthis would do is would allow you tofocus single targets. A little bit better and youcould backline anti-carry a little bit better. However, you could probably do the same thingwith like a dagger pistol build, so I feel thatit’s better for you to build towards survivingzergs rather than to just killing one targetbecause. You are still pretty good at killing onetarget, but if you really wanted to specialize, moreyou could take bountiful theft, which wouldremove protection and a lot of that stuff.

The equipment that i take now here’s wherea little bit of the theorycraft comes inso. The equipment is full valkyrie gear, so Ihave like 18 19 000 health. I have a littlebit of cavaliers on my trinkets, so I take threecavalier trinkets. I take the ring. The amulet andthe back piece just because you gain a little bitof toughness here and there The meta in worldviewworld is power. So if you just run, full valkyrieyou are going to be very squishy. Even though youhave a lot of health and having 19 000 health youknow 18.9 is probably good enough, so at some pointyou want to take some toughness and the point isbasically you don’t want to take any precisionbecause. All of your crits are going to becoming from vision, sigils and the daredevil runeso I get as much power and ferocity as possibleso. It feels like a berserker build, which is verynice, because you want to be doing a lot of damagebut.

The cavalier kind of reduces your power andferocity a little bit. Well, only your power becausethe main stat is toughness on cavalier. Instead ofvalkyrie, which is the main stat, is powerso. You do lose a little bit of power therebut if you’re running staff, master or evenswindler’s equilibrium. You could gain a lotof that power back and you could still be verysurvivable with that amount of. You know it’sa little bit of toughness, but the thing is whenyou have no toughness you’re really squishyand when you have a little bit of toughnessyou, actually gain a lot more because of howtoughness scales exponentially.

So when youstart, giving yourself a little bit of toughnessyou, see a lot more value at first and then whenyou build like full toughness. You start seeingless gains of reduction per toughness, so basicallyI just like a little bit of toughness on the buildand yeah. So that’s pretty much. It you just takefull valkyrie with a little bit of cavalierand, then you have daredevil rune, which gives youmore power more toughness, and then it gives you aguaranteed crit. Whenever you dodge

Now youalso have energy sigils double energy sigilsso whenever you swap weapon you’re, gaining threeinitiative, you’re, gaining one dodge and you’regaining the vision, sigil effect, which makesall of your attacks for three seconds. Crit sothis is really good because there’s a differencebetween, daredevil rune and the vision, sigil so ifI go in combat here and I dodge I will gain thedaredevil rune proc. Now I will crit, but I willonly crit once as you can see there, my vault onlycrit one target. So it’s pretty good for focusingone target, but if you’re in like a massivezerg, you want to be creating multiple targetsso. How vision sigil works differently is that if Iswap weapons here, all of my attacks will crit. So Ican do like a double vault there and both of thosecrit, because the vision sigil was still active.

Sohow you want to use the vision. Sigil is like whenyou know: there’s like a huge cleave coming maybeyou can delay your weapon swap and then you don’twant to dodge. While you have your vision, sigil upbecause you’re, already 100 % critting, so you don’tneed the daredevil proc. So what you do often isyou’ll dodge and then vault and then maybe you’llswap weapon and then vault and then you can dodgevault again and that’s pretty much how the buildworks You just press your dodge key and your fivekey and that’s that’s pretty much it.

Now you willhave more dodges than you will have initiativeso oftentimes. I dodge when I have the vision, sigilup anyways. So really the playstyle doesn’t mattertoo much around your. You know which sigil you haveactive or your rune. You have active. I generallyjust spam. That’S pretty much! All you use youjust spam and you so you swap weapon off cooldownand you just two and five or sorry, you um dodgeand five and that’s pretty much it you just swapand dodge and land. Your vaults Vault is a kindof, difficult skill to land on a specific targetif. It’S moving around, so you want to get prettygood at leading on where the target’s going togo, like they’re, just standing still then it’sreally easy to land. But if they’re moving it’svery hard to land

Now you do have other skillsyour staff. Auto attack will be a reflect on thethird auto. So that’s very useful. If, like a rangeris shooting at you, you can get up in their faceand, auto attack at them and they might even knockthemselves back. Sometimes You have weakeningcharge, which is actually pretty good with thevision sigil, because it is a multi-hitting attackso. It doesn’t scale very well with the daredevilrune, because only one of them will crit, but ifyou swap weapons. You can use weakening chargelike three times and get the value out of it sogenerally. What I do is if I’m in a situation whereI really need to evade. I do stick to vaulting butif. I don’t need to evade what I’ll do is I willswap weapon for the vision, sigil and just spamweakening charge, and that will be aoe slightly notas aoe as vault, but if, like you’re attacking onetarget, you can weakening charge and kind of stickto them and do quite a Bit of damage for a lowinvestment, because vault is double the energy orthe initiative as weakening charge, so it is kindof good to use with vision, sigil

Then you havedebilitating arc. This is really only useful, forremoving immobilize from you, but you have plentyof ways to do that already. So I generally don’tuse it it’s pretty expensive for how low effectit is, and then you have dust strike Dust strikeis, just good for when you’re out of cooldowns andyou want to still contribute, but you don’t haveenough to survive going inside, but you may haveinitiative so like. If I’m on the side of the zergI can do like a weapon swap for the proc there, andthen I’ll do like crits on dust strike. So you canjust spam out your initiative, real quick with thevision sigil and then back off. Until your weaponswap comes off cool down and then swap againand, then just spam out a lot of dust strikesand. Then you can wait again. So it is a prettygood skill for zergs, because when you’re notdoing your normal, you know monkey rotation of justspamming your dodge and five. Then you can kind ofsafely from the side use dust strike.

It is a600 range, so it’s not that far, but it is saferthan all of your other abilities. Then you havewithdraw. This is just pretty much mandatory. Onany bound thief build because you don’t run dashso. You don’t have a lot of immobilize removal. Andyou have shadow step. That’S pretty much mandatoryon every thief build you want to be using that toplay very aggressively into zerg. So, like saythis is a zerg over here and I see like thisis my target. I want to shadow step onto themand, then vault on them. Maybe a couple timesand, then, if the zerg changes target to me, I havea very safe shadow return to get out of themso. In that way, you can use it very aggressively. Oryou can just save it as a stun break because youronly other stun breaker is roll for initiative. Itis a 40 second cooldown. So you want to be carefulbecause. If you are immobilized or you arestunned, you can’t dodge and then you becomevery vulnerable

And then you have signet ofagility. This will just give you condi cleanseand a little bit of extra dodging if youreally need it and it gives your teamthat effect too so condi cleansesyour team and gives them dodges. Soi said earlier that this doesn’t really giveany team support. But you do give fury and youdo give a little bit of condi cleanse and evadesto your team, so it is sort of useful in zergsand. Then. Finally, you have roll for initiative.This will give you six initiative, which, as weknow initiative, gives you more dodges, becauseof staff master and more lead attack damage. Andit’Ll just give you a dodge a stun break and condicleanse. So it’s just a really high, effective andvalue skill, and then you have dagger storm Daggerstorm.

You want to be using that with your visionsigil up, so you get in combat, and you know: okay Iwant to dagger storm inside their whole zerg rightit does kind of like a evade effect. Soyou got to be careful, though becausethere are a lot of lines and terrain. Createdby, like ellies and guardians like their staffon, steady ground or line of warding, you gotto be careful because dagger storm will getinterrupted by those. If you don’t have stabilityso you don’t you’re, not invulnerable, while you’redagger storming, you can be interrupted by liketerrains or even like static fields. So you gottabe careful with that. But basically you do wantto like dagger storm inside the enemy, zerg andyou’ll just swap weapon for the vision, sigil thenyou’ll stand inside them and it can do a decentamount of damage.

It didn’t really do that muchthere, because it wasn’t bouncing that much butwhen you’re inside the enemy zerg you want to kindof like stand still, so you don’t get interruptedby any line of warding or whatever, because if youdon’t move, then you can’t pass through one of themas long As you’re standing within a decent, amountof them and it’ll just bounce through them and dotons of damage,

So dagger storm gets you quitea bit of damage for like. If your team is likeyou really want to do the bomb right, nowdagger storm is what you want to be doingand, then you do have swipe. Swipe. Is anunblockable steal You’re not really going toget that much from it, because your trickery traitsaren’t, you don’t have any steal, traits really soyou, just kind of do this off cooldown to giveyourself initiative and to give your team furyand. As I said before, you can get yourself anice, stolen ability, sometimes uh, some of thestolen abilities from the npcs in world vs worldgive you like high damaging attacks and they’relike single hit.

So what you can do with that issay like if I had stolen the uh. I think there’slike a tooth stab. It has like a 2000 base. Damagewhich is like a vault basically, and it’s like avery fast melee attack. What you can do is you canmake it crit by dodging with the daredevil runeand then use the tooth stab. So you get a lot ofdamage from your stolen abilities, sometimes andas. I said the warrior’s stolen ability is reallygood too, because you can get the vision sigiland. Then you can just whirl on top of like bombchoke points, so yeah, that’s pretty much the build!

So here’s a little bit of a zerg fightwhat I do in combat is basically I combinemy dodge key with a vault and then I’ll. Do a dodgeand then like a heal skill and then I’ll go backto dodge vault dodge some kind of other evade thenI’ll, swap weapons and stuff like that, so you wantto pre-plan ahead what your rotation is going tobe so that you don’t run out of one resource toofast And that you can keep your evades rolling.So, it’s really the only thing you need to thinkabout and that’s really important, because, if youdo manage to get your evades chained very wellit allows you to survive and jump into the backlines like I just did there and that can Be reallyannoying to the enemy zerg, because if they justignore you well, then you’re gon na start killingtheir backline. But if they counter pressureyou, like they kind of, did there, then my teamcan kind of just roll through them because they’rewasting stuff on someone who’s, you know evading

So if you like, the video, give it alike and subscribe for more and ofcourse comment down below what you guys thinkabout the build, and I will see you next time.

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