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How I Make Insane Gold with Trading Post | Guild Wars 2 (Gold Guide 2020)


I will show you how to win massive gold in Guild Wars 2 thanks The Trading Post. I will explain everything and all the methods available to everyone Even regular players. The translation is available in more than one language, make sure to activate it From YouTube settings. There is useful content and links in the description below the video Earning cash from the Trading Post is surprisingly easy, but many players They choose to avoid it because they see it as a challenging, time-consuming, and complex method To earn gold. Although it is not a quick process in the beginning, it is the ultimate gain It’ll be phenomenal. This mode is available for regular players, you don’t have to play every day I will explain to you the two methods that I use to make huge amounts of gold using the Trading Post The first method requires a lot of time and patience, but the second method is much faster In addition, at the end of this video, I will tell you three secret tips.

These tips They are not known to everyone but they will help you to make or save a lot of gold. So watch Till the end. To use these methods you only need two things: 1: A paid GW2 account. Free accounts Has restrictions on using the Trading Post. 2: At least 50 gold because you will need to invest Some gold to make a profit. If you do not have enough gold, do not be sad, it is made An easy explanation of doing gold, how to earn gold in an easy way for beginners, the link in the description below the video, you can You watch it first, earn some gold, and then return to this video. let’s start. Income comes from two methods of the Trading Post: speculation and flipping. do not worry I will explain them in detail. What they are and how to use them. It is very easy Speculation involves forecasting the market direction, buying items at a cheap price and when The market price of these items goes up. You sell for a quick profit. In other words, you buy an item at a low price, wait for the price to go up, and then you sell it.

For example, I purchased the shape of this weapon with 50 gold 5 months ago. And now I can sell it for 120 gold, that’s 50 profit gold, including 15% the Trading Post fee Speculation requires a lot of patience. You must wait some months in between The moment you bought it and the moment you sold it. If you want a faster way. Flipping is much faster. I will explain it after speculation. But your main concern is how do I guess which item will increase in price? Any item worth speculating? Well I’ll tell you the two best things I’m speculating on Since they almost have a guaranteed chance of increasing their price. But first, what are the reasons that explain the high price? 1- This item has become unavailable Or available now at a higher price than before (such as Black Lion weapons) 2- This component is only available for a short period of time during the year such as Wintersday, Halloween, and Lunar New Year.

The price increases slowly during The year then drops when party time comes (time when these items become available again) This cycle is repeated every year. 3- This component is only useful in a short period of time each year (Such as Achievements available only during party time that require a specific type of food) Therefore, the price rises during the time of the celebration at the beginning and then falls at the end of the celebration when it ends Because achievement is not available outside of celebration again Black Lion’s weapon variants are my favorite items to play against. GW2 releases a new batch of weapons every two months When the new group is released, the price of one shape is one weapon 1 Black Lion ticket, but you can also buy it from the Trading Post. The offer on the Trading Post comes from people who buy a gun with tickets and then sell The weapon is on the Trading Post instead of using it. At the time of issuance of the weapon set, the price always ranges Between 30 and 60 gold When a new batch of weapons is issued, the price is always one ticket.

And the price of the group that was before it (Issued two months ago) Increases from one ticket to two tickets. And price The group issued before this group (issued 4 months ago) increases from two tickets To three tickets. These tickets are the only way to obtain the forms of these weapons that were issued during the past 6 months If the ticket price increases, you can expect the price of gold to increase in the Trading Post as well It is a related relationship. The first advice: In order to start speculating, you must use this site. It will inform you of the price history For each item. So let’s take a look at the price of Equinox guns First, here was the August release of the Equinox weapon kit. Blue and red lines It is the buy and sell price on the Trading Post respectively. From the first of August the October 16, the price was 1 ticket, and the price on the Trading Post was about 50 gold.

On October 16, GW2 released a new weapon collection: The Mad Realm, for Halloween. This means that the previous set of weapons (Equinox) increased in price from one to two tickets. Look at me what happened. The price almost instantly went up a lot, from 60 gold to 90 gold. In just one week Then, from October to December, the price remained stable or even slightly decreased. But On December 13th, GW2 released a new batch of weapons, Orchestral Skins, available with one ticket. This means that the price of Equinox weapons increased from two to three tickets! And Mad Realm’s collection of weapons increased from his ticket to two tickets. See what happened The price of Equinox weapons increased slowly again, but kept increasing. In February After 6 months of release, you can sell Equinox weapons for 120 gold! If you buy these weapons For 50 gold 6 months ago, and I sold it now for 120 gold, you won more than 50 gold In addition to the 15% Trading Post fees. The Black Lion weapons on the Trading Post, whose price is one ticket, the price ranges from 40 gold to 60 gold, you can expect A weapon whose price is approximately two tickets will be double, and a weapon whose price is three tickets Its price is approximately three times.

In fact it is always less, because it is There are some factors that should be taken into account that will help you in speculation. Here are some tips: If the weapon set is distinctive, a lot of players will buy it, and the price will be more expensive And you will win more. But if the group of weapons is ugly, few players They will buy it, and your profit will be lower. For example, this weapon set is not that good Which explains why the price is so low. But this look is really nice for that price Be loud.

I hit the Equinox Weapon Package, and won 3000 Gold! You have purchased 60 weapon skins When the price is one ticket or 50 gold. I sold each one for 120 gold after three months. If you don’t have much, you can start with two or three Black Lion weapon variants, but it will remove You win 100 gold. Last advice: Be careful, because after a certain time, usually after 9 months, This antique set of weapons is available through Black Lion Chests. So the price will drop dramatically. You have to sell the weapons, before this happens, otherwise you will lose gold. My advice is To sell within a month or two after the price is three tickets, until you are sure To win. If you are impatient, you can sell it sooner, but you will profit very little. Wintersday gifts are possibly the safest and easiest way to speculate. you do not need To a lot of gold, and you are sure you will earn from them. If this is your first time In speculation, I advise you to use these gifts in the first.

Wintersday gifts are only available during The Wintersday celebration, which takes place every December. Shortly after this celebration ends, the price will start to rise because gifts are not available again. Look at the chart, this is the price on the Trading Post for gifts within The past 4 years. You can see that every year the same cycle appears. First the Wintersday celebration begins In December, you can collect a lot of gifts, so the price is very low. Then the celebration ends In January, you can see that during spring and summer the price starts to rise slowly because it is You cannot collect gifts again. Then in the fall, the price is at its highest. Then Wintersday finally comes. And when this celebration comes after a few days, the price drops very quickly Because gifts are available again.

Hence, how do you earn gold from gifts? It’s very easy: just buy some gifts at the end of the celebration And in January, you can sell some gifts for about 4 silvers each. Put gifts In your bank. And be patient! If you wait until September at least, you can sell One gift is approximately 9 silver. This is 100% profit after the Trading Post fees. If you do not have a lot of gold, you can buy one pile (250).

It will cost you 10 gold in January and you can You sell it for 20 gold in September. This method is the safest way for beginners, because it is no matter how much People who do this, always there are people who buy and sell these gifts, and the offer is huge. Even if a thousand people use this method through my explanation, You will not change anything, you will win. You just need to be patient.

Last year I bought 500 stacks for 5000 gold. You sold it for 10,000 gold and won 5,000 gold. The more gold you invested The greater your profit. But even if you don’t have much, you can You are earning reasonable profit. Basically you will win 100%. If you invested 10 gold You will win 20 gold. 100 Gold —> 200 Gold 1000 Gold —> 2000 Gold Speculation is a long-term process of winning gold in some months. Flipping much faster it just takes A few hours or a few days. Flipping occurs when you place a buy order on a specific item And you know that you can sell it for more, and you can profit. There are thousands of things Which you can start with and will depend on the reality of direct extent of the purchase order And how quickly you can sell the things you find. Whether it is weapons or food. There is a margin that you should do on most elements.

The key here is to determine which component will be presented He won after the Trading Post fee. The 15% fee. In other words, you put A purchase order for an item, and when you get it, you sell it for the highest price. At least 15% higher to make a profit, because when you sell an item on the Trading Post You lose 15% of the Trading Post fees What item should i buy? Because because of the 15% fee you have to flip an item Has at least 15% difference between the purchase price and the sale price.

You can use this site to renew if you are You will make a profit, you can write the purchase price and the sale price, and the profit will be calculated for you in addition to it Trading post fees 15%. Most of the time the rarer the component, the bigger the gap. The more there is the more offer For this element, the smaller this gap. For example, Mithril is abundant for that The gap is very small, so it is not a good stirring element. There are many items for you to follow. Just see items on the Trading Post Whenever the gap is more than 15%, you can make a profit. If you want to exercise first you can You can try on an item that has a low price. I’ll tell you the top three things I’m turning them around, but first I want to tell you a very important rule: Be patient.

When you sell this item, you probably take some Time before someone buys it. Do not cancel your sell order even if more people also placed a cheaper sell order From you. The price fluctuates a lot depending on holidays, weekends, and current events on me GW2. Sometimes you wait 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 days, or from time to month! Do not cancel the sales order, especially if it is an expensive item, because when you place it The item is for sale on the Trading Post. You pay 5% fee. This means that if you put it Something to sell for 100 gold, you lose 5 gold. And when someone buys this thing Another 10% will go to the Trading Post, for a total of 15%. If you canceled the sale in order to return the offer again At a lower price, you will lose 5%. Therefore, do not cancel the sale of expensive items on the Trading Post Wait at least a few weeks, be patient.

The first item I like to flip is the Black Lion weapon shapes. Yes, you can speculate on me Black Lion weapon shapes, but you can also flip them! Not much of an offer to mean The gap is large. Check all the weapons you want, but be aware that if the set of weapons is not Available with a ticket, it will take some time before someone sells it to you For your purchase order. The easiest thing to do is to turn over the last set of weapons. When I was preparing this video, the last set of weapons was the Orchestral so let’s check out The various forms of weapons, let us calculate which form of weapon is most profitable, so let us turn together For example, Orchestral Mace Skin I can buy for 33 gold (place Buy order) and sell it for 38 gold (put it on the sale order). There is only a gap 5 gold. Let’s use the calculator: the gap is not enough, there is no profit at all. Let’s find another weapon shape. The Orchestral Staff Skin I can buy it for 30 gold and sell it With 39 gold.

There is a hole of 9 gold. Let’s calculate: the gap is enough I can win more than 3 gold. Let us place a purchase order and be patient. Now, let’s look at other forms of weapons, you can see that the gap is close at times, but sometimes You can make a profit. The Orchestral Dagger Skin The sales order is very low, 29 gold, the gap 9 gone. So it’s very interesting too. Let’s place a purchase order. After a day you’ve got Greatsword And Staff Orchestral Skin Monday for 30 gold. I can sell them now at a higher price. I make a slight difference between the top seller and my seller, because I want this to be fast for me Video, however, this is not necessary.

Two days later, the two weapons were sold. You can also see the history of the Trading Post. I bought these two weapons for 30 gold, and sold for 37 and 38 gold. 6 Gone win easily. This is not a big profit, but it took me a few seconds to place a buy order and a sell order. You only have to be patient, a few hours or a few days. Now let’s do this on an item Boil for higher profit. Legendary weapon.

Yes, you can flip a legendary weapon and win incredibly. But of course You have to have a lot of gold and be patient, because few people sell directly Or buy legendary weapons directly. This is my daily routine. First, take a look On every purchase and sale of a legendary weapon. These are exactly the same procedures that were used in Flipping the Black Lion weapons, you can use the calculator to see if you will make a profit or not.

You see, Eternity or Twilight are not profitable at all. On the other hand, Frenzy The Howler, and a few other legendary weapons are profitable. As you can see, some legendary weapons I can achieve More than hundreds of gold won. Prices are always fluctuating, so you can check all the buying and selling prices. And in order to calculate which ones are more profitable. Also, remember to check if someone places a purchase order higher than you Because you are not the only one turning on the Trading Post. As you see One day later I got to Frenzy. I bought it for 1410 gold, and I can sell it for 1800 gold Thanks to the calculator, this won 120 gold.

Let’s sell it. After a few hours The weapon was sold. I won 120 gold. It only took me three minutes of playing over two days. I told you how to turn over Black Lion’s weapons and legendary weapons. You need some gold to invest. But what if you are poor? There are many things you can flip over that are not expensive Absolutely. Just be curious and see the Trading Post. There is also this site Which tells you the profitable things that you can turn. As you can see, there are many profitable things Here is the buy order, the sell order, and the profit. Remember, some items take too much It’s time to sell, so be patient. I recommend that you start with something a little cheap as training. Now I will tell you my 3 secret tips on the Trading Post. They are very basic tips, But they will help you save a lot of gold so listen carefully. Not many people I am aware of this fact, but the prices on the Trading Post are volatile and dependent on me week days.

Few people play during the weekdays, from Monday to Friday. There are a lot of people playing during the weekend. Thanks regular players. This fact has an effect on the economy of Guild Wars 2. Many materials and items on me The Trading Post is more expensive during weekends, because many people play, And regular players don’t chop too much. They prefer to play in the open world or They finish up the map, the story, or the game. There are a lot of people buying More people sell during the weekend, so things are more expensive. On the other hand, the elements It is cheaper from Monday to Friday, because there are few people who buy on the Trading Post From farmer. So my advice is to buy things during the weekdays from Monday to Friday When you are lower in price and sell the items you have during the weekend when you are More expensive. You might be amazed at the difference because it is so important. From 3% to 25%, depending on the ingredient. Not a way to earn gold, but a way to lose gold ..

Do not be lazy! Do not use Immediate sale or immediate purchase on the Trading Post! Almost always I buy at the cheapest price and sell at the highest price. You will save from 5% to 30% !! When you sell an item on the Trading Post at the highest price, it may take some time Before someone buys it Be patient! And do not cancel the sale after two hours or two days Because it has not been sold. Prices are very volatile, wait at least a few weeks before canceling them You will save a lot of gold, because when you place an item for sale on the Trading Post You will lose 5% of its value.

If the sale is canceled, the 5% fee is definitely lost. On the contrary, when placing a buy order, do not be afraid to cancel it and place an order Better buy, as you pay no fees. You must always cut it Other players’ offers and you must do it with 1 team brazier. Doing this guarantees that you will Your item will sell higher than anyone else unless another player breaks your offer. Don’t worry if this happens Your item will eventually be sold. addition! I donate every week to my YouTube channel, weapons Legendary. Check the description (below the video), there is a link to the latest donation of a legendary weapon. Good luck everyone! thank you for watching! Check out the explanation of Gone Easy’s work and donate to the description. Tell me in the comments if you discover some things thanks to the video. Be sure to watch the channel And activate the notification bell! I now have a Patreon if you want to support me welcome! You will help me do more videos with better quality 🙂 Link in the description

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