How to farm Rose Quartz & Kralkatite Ore – Guild Wars 2 Guide | BRANDSTONE | BRANDED MULTITOOL


hey there guys, With the release of Living Story Season 4, episode 1 we have the oppurtunity to travel to the Domain of Istan. This also opened up a new farming method that can give you some quick gold or you could use it in future updates to craft special weapons. First things first, Before you start you should know that you’ll need quite some Volatile Magic to do this properly. 4000 Voltatile magic to be exact. This volatile magic is the currency of the new map and is similar to the unbound magic we saw in Living World Season 3. So before even considering doing this I’d advise you to do the Palawadan and the Great hall meta a couple of times first. These metas contain chests with Volatile Magic along with other loot. When you have about 4000 volatile Magic it’s time to visit Scholar Fatima at the Astralium. Talking to her will give you the Brandstone Multitool. While you are there purchase the ”Extraction Beam” and the ”Impact Site Marker” Skill from her with your Volatile Magic Now what does Brandstone Multitool do? Well, to put it simply, It allows you to track Meteors in the area that allow you to farm Rose Quartz.

These meteors will spawn every 15 minutes. And their materials currently sell for about 66 silver a piece on the trading post. Now the actual farm. While you are at the crash site, clear it from enemies and use your Branded Multitool from you inventory. Sometimes this is a huge giant crystal and you’ll just have to destroy it and press F to collect the materials.

To track these meteor crash sites you’ll need to be mounted and use your special action key. You can also do this on foot by using the Branded multitool and pressing skill 1. The tool will show you if there is a meteor crash site in the area. While flying on a griffon it can be hard to see so I’d advise you to do this in a squad the first couple of times. You’ll basically have to follow the big group of people and that lead you to the crash site. If it’s a crater, You’ll see some purple goo on the ground.

Don’t stand in it. Use your Skill 5 on it if it doesn’t already have 5 ticks. This will increase the rescources you’ll get. After that, use skill 1 to find a meteor energy site. An arrow will indicate where the brandstone is buried. When you are on the right spot you’ll see a bright light coming down. When this happens use skill 2 to dig up the brandstone. Then use Skill 3 to extract the brandstone. This will give you Rose Quartz. You can also use your mining tools on the Brandstone. This will give you powderd Rose Quartz. personally I wouldn’t do this yet because it’s worth less on the trading post and you can always salvage your Rose Quartz later. And that wraps it up for now. I’d advise you to hold on to Rose Quartz for now. But if you want some quick money, you can always sell it on the Trading Post. I’m personally holding on to them because they will be used for later crafting recipes.

Probably for the datamined Astral Weapons/ For a written guide I’d point to a thread by the reddit user Shrouded_ guise. You can find this in the description. It’s a very clear guide that shows the process in a couple of steps If you liked this video, don’t forget to give it a like. Subscribe for more Guild Wars 2 related content and thank you for watching. I hope to see you guys in the Next one. Peace!.

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