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Hello, hello, everyone and welcome to the next video for guild wars. 2. This time i want to look at my main features of mystic forga and some of the best recipes that every guild wars, 2 player, should know about. As always, let’s start if you find this video useful give a like, and if you want to see more video tutorials like this in the future or just help me expand my channel press. The subscribe button. Mystic forga is essentially another type of manufacturing station. Where you can throw four items and get something new in return, you can find it near the bank of Lyons Arch, the VIP areas and some other places with the mystical forge.

You can upgrade the rarity of your equipment to exotic, to raise materials, to a higher class and create legendary weapons and precursors, but you should know that there are hundreds recipes and combinations, and now we will check some of the most important of them. Mystic salvage kit is used to exfoliate materials and improvements from equipment and has the same statistics as the master salvage kit, but there are 250 applications to make it. You have to combine three mystical stones that can be obtained through daily entry rewards with masters, mastersman and fine salvage kits. This is a super useful item and you have to use it on rare and exotic objects to get those sweet, ectoplasm globes, which accumulate really quickly and can be sold at the trading post for a good profit.

One of the most commonly used functions of the mystical forge is to raise materials to higher level. For example, if you combine a vial of strong blood, which is a level 6 material with 50, a vial of potent blood and 5 T6 crystalline powder of 5 and 5 philosopher’s stones, which, incidentally, you can buy with spirit shards from Miyani. The lady who hangs by the mystical smithy the end result will be between 5 and 12 vials of powerful blood, and this is just one of the many possible combinations. Unfortunately, it is not possible to cover all of them here, but you will find a link to a list of all recipes for the promotion of materials in the description below with the mystical forge you can change the statistics of ascended equipment. All you have to do is run b, the mystical smithy, for example, an ascended weapon, exotic inscription.

With the statistics you need five globes of ectoplasm and anthology of characters which can again be purchased with spirit shards from Miyani. You can do the same with ascended armor. Just replace the inscription with exotic characters and keep in mind that this process will create a completely new ascended object and the old one you will be destroyed with all the upgrades in it. So you should never use this method for precursor. If you do, your precursor will be destroyed and you will receive a normal ascended object. If you want to play fractals, but don’t have enough agony resistance, you can adjust your ascended rings and pick up an extra infused slot. To do this, you must first learn agony. Channeler in the fractal attunement mastery line, this will allow you to buy agonizes.

The essence of infusion large in the fractals of the mists lobby then simply combine in the mystical forge a normal ascended ring with the agonized essence. We talked about plus an infusion of agony and a philosopher’s stone like the previous recipe. This process will create a whole new item and all pre-set superstructures will be destroyed. If that’s not enough, you can add a third slot in your ascended rings. If you want to learn more about this process, you will find a link in the description below mystical clover is used to make legendary equipment and there are two ways to forge it. But, unlike previous recipes here, you only have a 30 chance of success and instead of mystical clover, you can get random level 6 materials to make a mystical clover place an obsidian piece in the mystical forge a mystical coin, a globe of ectoplasm and six philosopher’s stones. Mystical coins you can get through daily entry rewards or be purchased from the trading post. With the second method, you can create 10 mystical clover at once. Just multiply all the materials by 10 and replace the philosopher’s stones with 10 mystical crystals. The last recipe. I really think is worth mentioning here is for mystic forge conduit. This is an extremely useful item that will give you access to the mystical smithy from anywhere in the world.

The easiest way to get this extremely useful gizmo is to purchase the three components, mystical frame, mystical connection and mystical, forging knot from the outlet and then combine them into the mystical forge along with 50 mystical coins. I want to finish with this recipe this list, and here is the moment to remind you that the topic of the mystical forge is huge and cannot be covered in a video. So I would like to ask you if you have a recipe that is worth knows and is not included in my list. Please share it with everyone in the comments section also consider liking and sharing this video. It helps tremendously and be sure to subscribe for more content like this thanks for watching a great day and see you next

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