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The Lazy Guide To Making Gold In Guild Wars 2: Porting Services


[, Music, ], hi everyone. This is beyond the wall and welcome to the lazy guide to making gold than Guild. Wars. 2, so just sit back relax and let me show you the easy way to make Oh [, Music ] on today’s episode. We’Re going to be looking at porting services in case you didn’t know, services are tasks, you do for others, you can accept tips or exchange your services for items or gold. There are three main categories to making gold in this game. All conventional and advanced TP strategies are widely known.

Many people don’t realize how lucrative providing services can be. Since this is a lazy guide, we will be focusing on porting services, since it is efficient, quick and easy to get into porting the daily JPS, and even some of the dungeons can give you a significant amount of gold per day. There are a few tips I’d like to share with you, so you can maximize your gold profit, porting, daily JPS and some dungeons. First of all, let’s talk about locations. All the daily JPS in the daily JP rotation can be ported, though some make more sense than others mainly having to do with difficulty. Even people appreciate the simple JP’s being ported. It saves time and energy dungeons tend to be a little different. Dungeons are often very easy and can be run straight through to the end. These dungeons people will rarely be looking for court, however, dungeons, where the end is not easily accessible, or that takes a little bit longer. These types of dungeons will net you roughly the same amount of gold that daily JPS do maybe sometimes even more. It’S just for the fact that not all mismeasure support these. Let me show you an example of mini dungeon porting.

This is windy, cave mini dungeon in learners pass, even though getting to the end of this mini dungeon is relatively simple. It still can take time and it’s kind of disorienting one of the greatest advantages of porting. This is that you can port out to the Waypoint and port people in right to the end chest. To do this. Stand along the wall, activate your first half of your port, then Waypoint out using the map and then, when you’re ready activate. The second half be sure to port back into the mini dungeons, so you don’t lose your place, don’t place the port too close to the chest like I just did. If people take the port and then try to leave the chest, while the port is right, underneath them, they might take the port backwards. This method is very useful for both JPS and mini dungeons. Before you start porting daily GPS, you need to know the proper etiquette. If there are more Mesmer’s porting beside yourself, wait your turn to port. If it looks like a ms mare is afk and they’re, not porting and you’re.

The next in line, go ahead and step forward, make your intentions clear, that you’re about to port, give them a second to react, and if they don’t react, then go ahead and port don’t feel too bad. They missed their turn. It’S very common to afk. While doing this do not ask for tips, there are many players in this game that consider asking for tips for the daily JPS to be somewhat rude and offensive. You probably make more gold just by not asking now that we have gotten etiquette out of the way. Let’S talk about a few other strategies to make more gold be sure to tag up. Even if you don’t have the commander tag and Apple tag will improve visibility.

Tagging up is not only important, so people can find you on a map and find where to go to get a port, but also to distinguish yourself from other messner sporting that way and makes it easier for people to find you and tip you after you have Ported, almost every port, you give won’t be responded with a thank-you, and not only is it polite to say, you’re welcome, but also it acts as a marker for someone to see your name and chat and be able to tip you easier, and it is especially helpful For those who might be confused as to who ported them, I want to make a note here that, if you say, you’re welcome in the same way spelled the same way. Eventually the anti-spam filter will kick in and it won’t let you type anything into chat so to get around that say something a little bit different, each time with different spelling. So first let’s say you start with YW you’re welcome and maybe the next time you type in chat. It’S a yvw, you’re very welcome and then maybe no problem.

Next after that and so on and so forth, you shouldn’t say: you’re welcome each time. Someone says. Thank you just say: you’re welcome after the first person says. Thank you once for each port as long as no other mismas are advertising in map chat, go ahead, and do it yourself if there are other Mesmer’s porting, be sure to mention them too. In map chat. You do that by mentioning what color tag they have, so you put something like blue and green now, porting near the Waypoint. Now I’d like to get into something really important and that’s timing, the more people you port, the more tips you learn, so it makes sense to port during times when there’s high-population, as you might have already guessed, the highest population time typically tends to be during reset That way, people get their dailies out of the way right from the get-go.

Now, there’s going to be a lot of MS MERS reporting during this time, but an advantage you can do is to find out what the next day’s Daly is going to be Park yourself. There and then you’ll be ready to go for reset. There are a handful of ways to find out what the next day’s Daly is going to be. I recommend using that shaman’s website I’ll provide the link below. So if you have to remember one thing, remember that the earliest Mesmer catches, the tips there are other times when population increases, for instance when in Australia, Korea or Europe is playing. Sometimes they do play on our servers. People from North America play on European servers too.

If there are a lot of Mesmer’s porting, it might not be worth it to actually port unless there’s a ton of people, then typically you’ll still get some tips. So when there are a lot of MS mer sporting, sometimes the opposite holds true in that lower populations. Will give you bigger tips if there’s no other Mesmer’s, porting or very few? The optimal situation, then, is when you have very high population of people that need ports and very few Mesmer’s porting. When this situation arises, you should stick around since tipping tends to be quite sporadic it’s hard to give you an estimate as to how much you would make four to ten gold in ten minutes is achievable, especially during that high population time, and especially when there’s not Many Mesmer’s or you’re the only miss mer. Now that we’ve talked about porting for dailies, I want to get into the true bread and butter of porting services. Providing ports for collections and achievements is one of the few activities in the game. That is both laid-back, yet makes you a ton of gold.

It’S the reason why I have over 10. Ms MERS here are the four main reasons for people requesting ports aside from the daily JP’s. Every JP has an achievement tied to it and sometimes has a mastery tied to it as well. There are several first-generation legendary weapons collections that require jumping puzzles. The Aurora collection has three JPS that you can port and the sky scale collection has several JPS as well. I’M going to show you a brief example for each category, but first I want to mention a couple things.

Timing is important, just like the dailies are, but perhaps even more important with these categories is how new the achievement or collection is. The newer, a collection or achievement is the more gold you tend to make the harder the achievement or collection is the more gold. You tend to make if you can find something to port, that’s both new and hard, then you’re gon na maximize your golden making. Now this doesn’t happen that often, but when it does, you could be making anywhere from five hundred to a thousand gold a day for a few hours of porting. This heightened period of porting activity only lasts for about two weeks and then starts to taper off, but even after months and months and even years all of these things tend to be lucrative. It’S just not quite as much as of the initial two weeks. All right. Let’S get into it for the achievements and masteries category, the jumping puzzle in growth, more valley is a great place. Currently, this JP has a timed achievement which people can find difficult to achieve, though it’s out of the first two-week period, it’s still relatively new. There is also a mastery – that’s somewhat hard to get to. You can actually just idle here and advertise in lfg, and people will pour to you using TPS, find the lfg for growth more and then put something like this in it.

You may also want to put an advertisement in map chat. You could put something like this [ Music ]. Let me show you how to get up to the mastery in sight: [, Music ]. It may seem easy to get up here, but you’d be surprised of how many people have difficulties jumping and turning in midair. Now, let me show you: how to port the JP a JP requires multi porting, be sure to explain to everyone how to light the torch and all the bridges and to remove the webs. I just call the braziers bonfires to eliminate confusion and here’s where you place your first port. Here’S where you place your second port, [ Music ], go ahead and tell them to wait here. [ Music ] place your next port here: [, Music, ], [, Music, ] and another port on this platform. [ Music, ], activate the second half of your port. Here. Have them follow you [ Music ]. When you get to the final platform, let them know that they don’t have to make that final jump and that you’ll have a port in time. [ Music ] for legendary collections, not-so-secret engine Darrin Falls is a great place to port because for different legendary collections require you to visit the jumping puzzle.

Here’S a quick tip! If you have the airship pass, you can shortcut all the way to the end of the JP [ Music ] [, Music ]. Before I get into the legendary collection spots, I need to mention the divemaster achievement. The diag master achievement requires you to complete dives throughout court area. One of those dives is located at the very top of not-so-secret jumping puzzle. It is widely regarded as the hardest dive to complete in the game. However, there is a diving method where you dodge roll and aim the camera a certain way that almost ensures you complete the dive. You need to stand directly over this Pentagon shape here, make the small vertical black line that divides the yellow bar line up with the dark edge on the blue light. As shown, this aligns your camera angles so that you dodge in exactly the right direction, be sure to click the dodge bar button with your mouse on the screen. It’S important to mention that any trait that modifies dodge, such as Mirage and daredevil, will not work now.

Let’S get on to the collections in order to get to the overcharges course, you simply need to drop down to platforms from the dive platform. I recommend only dropping down to the next platform right after the steam mechanism – activates [, Music ] for looser elight. You drop down one platform and then you jump onto this black device that is emanating light for the estriol area and predator collections. The gearbox and power source can be collected from the main chest: [ Music ]. There are a few ways to port these collections. For the top three, which includes the dive, illusory light and the courts, it’s a good idea to first port people to the diving platform and then to their respective collections. Let me show you a couple of ways to port to the diving platform: go ahead and place. Your port at the diving platform, and then we use the Waypoint method you and the people you’re porting – will all need to use Springer to get up here, jump up to the purple rock and then port in another method. Deport people up to the diving platform is to have them in to the Jaypee, go to the rocky bottom lower level and have them port straight up from underneath the platform just use.

The diving method that I explained earlier to get down to the bottom: [ Music. ] for the two collections located in the main chest, you can use the Waypoint method from the chest: [ Music ]. Now I want to show you how to port one of the jumping puzzles for Aurora searing. A cent in Draconis Mons with this particular method. You’Ll need to Mesmer’s make sure everybody in your party can use the thermal tube before you use it. If they can’t that’s. Okay, just run there or use a mount [ Music ] play support here and don’t forget to grab the oak heart essence.

Next to you, [ Music ] drop the other half of your port right here. [, Music, ] open another port right here: [, Music, ], a mere Oakheart essence raid at the tip of this spire open the second half of the report and have them glide with you. [ Music, ], [, Music ]. Have them wait at this particular spot? And now it’s time to log on to your other Miz Murray, [, Music ] place your first half of your port here, make your way up this ramp as fast as possible. Jump down the hole. Be careful, though, deploy your glider when necessary to slow down your speed. [ Music ] place the second half of your port here, [ Music ], another port here, just to make things easier for them: [, Music, ], [, Music, ] and finally, the other half here. [, Music ] for the sky, skill collection, the sky, skill of water. It can be hard to get into derelict Delft.

I recommend keeping a character parked here in the final chamber for at least teleport to friend, but even better would be to have a MS mer. There, because you can actually port this using the minister and I’ll, show you how to do that here. As you can see, I’m using the Waypoint method again [ Music ], as I have demonstrated there are a lot of facets to porting. It’S important to realize that porting for tips is not a static. Endeavor, like looting chests, would be your earnings from tips will vary from day to day. However, the more you port, the better you’ll, get at it and the more tips you’ll make you’ll eventually learn how long you should stay in port leaving at the right time. So you don’t waste your time, always remember that.

There’S two major ways to solving a jumping puzzle solving to complete it yourself and also solving how to port people, so they can complete it for many of us, the easier something is to do the more often we’ll do it, and therefore the more gold we’ll make These methods aren’t just for the lazy, but also for people with time constraints. I hope you all enjoyed this guide till next time. Tyrians stay shiny,


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