Gunbound Mage and Boomer FAQ

Gunbound Mage and Boomer Frequently Asked Questions by Isaac999/==================================|What Is Mage? |==================================/Mage is a shield Mobile that is good for battling other shield due...

Gunbound Aduka Guide

Gunbound Aduka Guide by Creedo================================================== ==============================Aduka used to be the crappiest bot by far in the entire game, and was onlyconsidered a threat if...

Gunbound JD Cakebot Guide

Gunbound JD Cakebot Guide by Lee T. HaXXXorJD (aka Cakebot) Mobile Type: ShieldShield level: 250 Health: 3/5Firepower: 2/5 Movement: 4/5Defense: 4/5 Climbing: 5/5Approximate HP:...

Gunbound Lightning Guide

Gunbound Lightning Guide by Lee T. HaXXXorLightningEstimated Life/Shield: 725/300Rated defence: GoodRated Mobility/Climbing: Good/GoodShot 1 ? Projectiles: Tracer : 1 bolt 90 degrees (from right...

Gunbound Armor Guide

Gunbound Armor Guide by Creedo================================================== ==============================Armor might still be the best bot in the game. It?s the choice of megapros.It?s cbchui?s main mobile (cbchui...

Gunbound Ice Guide

Gunbound Ice Guide by Isaac999/==================================|What Is Ice? |==================================/Ice is the white elephant-like tank that shoots ice projectiles. It is acreature, and so gets a...

Gunbound Sate Guide

Gunbound Sate Guide by CreedoShot 1 ?Delay: 730Damage: ~150Low delay: You can beat any other player?s shot 1 if you shootafter them and don?t...

Gunbound Trico Guide

Gunbound Trico Guide by CreedoIt is raining now, and lightning keeps on striking my router, forcing me to quitthe game with inukiM and other...

Gunbound Bigfoot Guide

Gunbound Bigfoot Guide by Lee T. HaXXXorBigfoot Mobile Type: MetallicHealth: 3/5Firepower: 3/5 Movement: 4/5Defense: 3/5 Climbing: 1/5Approximate HP: 1000ptsStrength: This mobile type is strong...
Gunbound Newbie Guide | GuideScroll

Gunbound Newbie Guide

Gunbound Newbie Guide by KuraiChan +||||||||Introduction to The FAQ||||||||+ Welcome to my Gunbound FAQ, In this guide ill review many of the questionsnewbs ask alot and...

Gunbound Turtle Guide

Gunbound Turtle Guide by CreeDo================================================== ==============================If anyone wishes to repost this guide, do not alter or remove any portion of it.It is only to...

Gunbound Nak Guide

Gunbound Nakmachine Guide by ExploderTha Nakmachine is my favorite tank in Gunbound. It requires a bit ofskill, practice, and tactical thought to use properly....

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