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Gunbound Ice Guide by Isaac999

|What Is Ice? |

Ice is the white elephant-like tank that shoots ice projectiles. It is a
creature, and so gets a bonus from healing items. It is one of the best all
around mobile for the game.

?Vital? Stats:

-Skill: Beginner to Intermediate
-Type: Creature
-Weapon Type: Hit
-Attack: Medium
-Defense: Medium
-Health: Great
-Movement: Medium
-Climbing: Medium
-Bunging: Good
-HP: about 1200-1250

|Weapons |

|Weapon 1 |

Cone shaped Ice projectile.

Maximum Damage: around 200
# of projectiles: 1
Weight: Medium
Angle Range: 50
Delay: about 800

Weapon 1 is a land damage tool. Maximum damage is around 200, but more often
the damage is between 150-180, so it?s not that effective for dealing those
essential blows. Though if someone has a good shot on you, one good whack with
this will screw up their shot by a good amount. With its low delay, this should
be your weapon the first few turns, to measure out the power and wind, and then
to use your extra turn to hit with weapon 2.

|Weapon 2 |

Circular Ice projectile.

Maximum Damage: 200+
# of projectiles: 1
Weight: Medium
Angle Range: 50
Delay: about 900

Stronger than weapon 1, this weapon is great to use with the extra turn you can
get with 1, as well as doing 200+ damage every time. It also lowers their
hit-type weapon defense by 5%, which makes it great for team players.

|SS Weapon |

Snowflake-like projectile.

Maximum Damage: 250
# of projectiles: 1
Weight: Medium
Angle Range: 30
Delay: about 1300

One of the hardest weapons to hit with, but worth it. Though it only does
200-250 damage, it will lower their hit-type weapon defense by 20% (yes, 20!!!).

|Weaknesses/Strengths |

|Strengths |

+4 Defense:

-JD (Cakebot)
-Lightning (Lovebot)

+4 Attack:

-JD (Cakebot)
-Lightning (Lovebot)

Best Maps:

-Miramo Town
-Cozy Tower
-Sea of Hero


-4 Defense:

-Raon Launcher
-Knight (Horse)

-4 Attack:

-Armor Mobile
-Raon Launcher
-Knight (Horse)

Worst Maps:


|Usage Tips |

Ice is different than most other tanks. Because of your high health, you can
stay in one spot while taking some hits to keep that precious angle. Also, wind
doesn?t have much effect on your shots. You have to be careful of the high
blast radius, because it is possible to hit a teammate as well as the enemy, so
you need to be careful where you aim. The solution is to shoot slightly to the
opposite side of where your teammate is standing. One more problem is fighting
at ?point-blank? range. Ice?s attacks do too much area damage for this to be
safe, so you need to move away or drill your self a hole to move into with
Weapon 1.

|Items |

Healing Load out:

Take advantage of the bonus life form healing effect.
-BandAid x2

Maximum Damage Load out:

Kill ?em fast!
-Dual x2

Collateral Damage Load out:

Gives a great damage range.
-Lighning x2

Bunge Load out:

Make a big hole!
-Bunge x4

|Avatar |

Attack ? Take advantage of Ice?s high attack.
Health ? Considering Ice?s base HP is high, these will be a major help.
Defense ? Good for all mobiles.

|Got Gold? |

Disclaimer: Using the following method in Gunbound is at your own risk. I will
not be held responsible for any damages incurred during the usage of it.

So, you really need some gold? One really fast way to obtain it is to play
?Mammoth Tag?.
Here are the steps to do so:

1. Start a 1 v 1 Tag game.
2. Deactivate (right click) on every item except BandAids.
3. Select NODEATH as your Sudden death type
4. Select Ice as your mobile.
5. Select 6 BandAids.
6. Have the other person repeat steps 4 and 5.
7. Start the game.
8. Move close to each other.
9. Shoot each other with Ice?s weapon 2.
10. Heal up.
11. Repeat steps 9 and 10.

You now have a lot of money (and possibly some GP).


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