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Gunbound JD Cakebot Guide


Gunbound JD Cakebot Guide by Lee T. HaXXXor

JD (aka Cakebot) Mobile Type: Shield
Shield level: 250 Health: 3/5
Firepower: 2/5 Movement: 4/5
Defense: 4/5 Climbing: 5/5
Approximate HP: 1050pts
Strength: Against Metallic type mobiles. This mobile type is strong
against shots from RaonLauncher, Aduka, Mage, A.Sate.
Weakness: Against Hit type weapons. Against Bionic type mobiles
Natural Prey: RAONLAUNCHER, ADUKA, ArmorMobile, Bigfoot
Visual Description: A brown and red stout cylindrical platform with a
laser-type cannon. It gets its name from an animation it does where the
laser pops in, and out comes smaller JD?s rising from the top like a
segmented cake.
UPDATE: As of April 19th, JD?s shield recovery has been decreased from
30 to 20.

Weapon 1: Weapon type: Electrical
AMD: 180 Angle range: 30 degrees
Delay: 740 Weight: Light
Description: Your basic attack, you fire an electrical ball that does
damage on impact. It should be noted that there is a much wider area of
damage then most basic attacks of the same configuration. It has the
better AMD to Delay ratio, but that?s not what you go for when you play

Weapon 2: Weapon type: Electrical
AMD: 200+ Angle range: 30 degrees
Delay: 830 Weight: Light
Description: You fire a pulsating electrical ball which sucks in metal
tanks and to a lesser degree, bionics. You do not have to do a direct
hit for this effect to occur, but you DO need a direct hit to register
any damage. The key selling point of weapon 2 is how it bunges
perfectly: even if you hit the opponent over the head and wouldn?t
ordinarily damage the ground under it, Cakebot will suck up the ground
from underneath to bunge. In my book, Cakebot is the Number 1 bunging
tank so as to suck in and trap opponents in a deep, narrow hole from
which no option is possible.

SS Weapon: Weapon type: Electrical
AMD: 330 Angle range: 30 degrees
Delay: 1290 Weight: Light
Description: You fire a triangular bullet that expands into a wide
blasting radius on contact. The blast does the opposite of weapon 2,
pushing metal bots out instead of in (does not affect organics). You do
not need a direct hit for this effect to occur, but you do need a
direct hit to register any damage. More a method to screw up the
opponent more then anything else, I don?t particularly care for this

Final Analysis: A strange Support tank for the bunge-happy, you do need
some good lobbing skills if you wish to maximize the potency of the
Cakebot. I call this a Support tank because you don?t play Cakebot to
do damage; you do it to immobolise and take out enemy tanks inside of
deep pits. You can imagine what a Cakebot-Grub tag team can look like,
do you? This digger bot is served best with Duals and Bunges, items
that maximize the already great bunging ability of the JD. Thumbs in
the middle: you kill metal bots with grim efficiency, but bionics will
have their way with you in return (did I mention that Bionic bots are
strong Vs electrical attacks?). An intermediate bot for the
intellectual who doesn?t want to kill as much as control.


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