Gunbound Newbie Guide

Gunbound Newbie Guide by KuraiChan

+||||||||Introduction to The FAQ||||||||+

Welcome to my Gunbound FAQ, In this guide ill review many of the questions
newbs ask alot and give them tips on how to learn the game and play better and
how to use their mobiles properly and how to become a better player in general.
Ive been playing this game for awhile now, and I figure its time to start
contributing to the community and stop the questions like: HOW DO I GET DAT
CHIKCEN OFF MI NAME!??!?!?!?!?!!!11111oenone and so on
Im going to try to cover all the FAQ newbies ask? umm wait a second im
repeating myself :/ Lets get this thing installed.

I havent seen any guides about this, and alot of people are wondering how to
fix some of the most common problems they might encounter this will just cover
a few of the common technical issues you may have, but first of all ill just
post the minimum system requirements, if your computer doesnt meet these then
you probably can play gunbound, or it will be very laggy on your screen.

? CPU : Pentium 300A
? RAM : 64M
? Video Card : i740 (3D accelerator required.)
? Video Memory : over 8M , DX8.0 support essential.
? CPU : Pentium 800+
? RAM : 64M+
? Video Card : 3D Video card supporting over DX8.0
? Video Memory : over 16M , DX8.0 support essential .
? O/S : WIN 95 or later

1)These are the bare requirements, if you cant meet these then your computer
is probably 6 years old, throw it out and go buy a new one for 300 bucks.
2)On the gunbound website, it says you should use windows 98, yet ive found
this unnessicary, ive ran it on 95 also

And remember, reinstalling gunbound fixes the problems alot too, so try that
in addition to these answers

Question: Dll loading error: d3d8.dll

Answer: this is most likely because you have not installed Direct X8 on your
computer, go downloaded at the same place you downloaded gunbound on the site.
Q: I get disconnected all the time

A: Check to see if you have any sort of virus, and check to see if
your connection is stable. Check to see if your DSL, Cable, or dial-up
has any problem. Contact your ISP if that doesnt work.

Q: I can?t get the auto update or get the gunbound.xfs error message.

A:Check the following to solve the problem. Does your computer have a virus?
Are you any kind of firewall program? (anti-virus program, anti-hacking
toolkit etc.) If any of these programs are running, please close them and
try again.

Q: Installation does not work.

A: Your installation file might have been infected by a virus, or damaged while
downloading. Check to see if you have enough disk space on your hard drive.
Before trying anything else, please run an anti-virus program to see if you are
virus free, and check to see if you have enough disk space.

+||||||||Starting the Game||||||||+
Ok so you?ve logged in the game, there are 8 servers currently.

1- Newb Zone (Metal Axe and under)
2- Free Zone (All Ranks)
3- Newb Zone
4- Free Zone
5- Newb Zone
6- Free Zone
7- Newb Free (Double Metal Axe and over)
8- Free Zone (Avatar Off, this means that your avatar equipment will not
give any stats in this zone)

If your just starting off go to one of the newb free zones

+||||||||Starting Off /or: Everything About Gunbound||||||||+

Ok you?ve select one of the servers and your in, a bunch of unfamilar buttons..
Well im here to tell you what everything does

At the top middlish of the screen you will see your rank, name, GP and Gold.
Well what do all these things do? Well im going to get you up to speed on
everything so you can be one of the smartest newbs around.

1)What is Rank? And how do I make it higher?
Well when you first logged in you probably noticed a little chicken by your
name, this is your rank, and since you just started your the lowest rank,
to get your rank higher you earn GP, well how do you earn GP you ask?
By winning games, but im going to discuss about how to play the game later
first you gotta know what this stuff does. Heres a list of ranks and the GP
you need for them

First you start off with 1000 GP

Chick ? 1000 GP
Wooden Hammer ? 1100 GP
Double Wooden Hammer ? 1200 GP
Stone Hammer ? 1500 GP Double Stone Hammer ? 1800 GP
Metal Axe ? 2300 GP Double Metal Axe ? 2800 GP about this later)
Silver Axe ? 3500 GP
Double Silver Axe ? 4200 GP Gold Axe ? 5100 GP
Double Gold Axe ? 6000 GP
Double Sided Metal Axe ? 6900 GP 100% your ranking to other players over 6900
GP, a list of required GP is listed on
the main page
Double Sided Metal Axe+ ? 70%
Double Sided Silver Axe ? 50%
Double Sided Silver Axe+ ? 30%
Double Sided Gold Axe ? 20%
Double Sided Gold Axe+ ? 10%
Purple Wand ? 6%
Blue Wand ? 3%
Red Glowing Wand ? 1%

Rankings are updated everyday at 50 pm Korean time.

2)What is gold for? (Using the Avatar Shop)

At the bottom of the screen you will see a button called avatar.

Well gold is to buy clothes for your avatar, and this does more than make your
character look good, it dramaticlly increases your characters stats. Heres a
List of what they do:

Sword: Increases your percentage of attack |(e.g. every Atk Point gives your
Shield: Increases your percentage of defense| attack 1% more damage)
Star: Increases your percentage of money per game
Heart: Increases your percentage of health per game
Wheel: Increases your percentage of how much you can move per turn
Cross Hair: Increases your percentage of angle
Hourglass: Decreases percentage of delay (0.6% per Hourglass point)
Mountain: Increases Climbing ability

Okkk?Your probably wondering what delay and angle and stuff like that is,
Ill talk about it later when we get into the section on playing games, which
I will be sure to discuss after we talk about a couple more things.

There are 4 diffrent places to equip things, Head/Lower Head/Body/Flag
You can cycle through these by clicking on the diffrent symbols at the bottom
left hand corner of the avatar screen. Both sexes get diffrent clothes, all
equipment is gender related besides flags, but alot of the time the boys
get alot of what the girls get and vice versa, they just might look a little
diffrent, but there are tons of unique things for both also.

After you buy something you can sell it back for 60% of what you bought it for.
You can try something on by clicking on try.

And no sorry you can trade gold or items to other people, but you can gift
things to other people by clicking on an item you own and clicking gift, then
enter their name, alot of people will advertise a ?trade? in the chat room but
99.9% of them are scammers, only trade with some one you really trust.
But thank god, softnyx says they are working on a trading system now and
hopefully it will be here soon. And remember once you gift an item you cannot
sell it or gift it again, hopefully this will all change when the trading
sytems comes out.

And as for that laundry button, I dont know what the heck that is and is
probably something that will be implemented in the future.

3)The other buttons

Ok, out of the avatar room, we are back in the main room
You will see the games that are currently being played?yada yada, Heres
a list of what all the buttons do 😛

Buddy List: The box at the top right hand of your screen is probably empty
this is your buddy list, to add someone click add, and put in their name
a message will pop up on their screen asking them if they want to accept
if they do their name will pop up and then you can always see if they are
logged on or off, and what game they are in and on what server, the main
function of the buddy list is for 1 on 1 chat, double click the persons name
to send them a private message. You can access the buddy list anywhere in
Gunbound by pressing f10

The Chat Box: You will see there are 8 numbers, which are chat channels on that
server, then to your right there are a list of people, their name, their rank
and their sex. To send a private message to one of them double click their name

4) View all/Waiting/Freinds/and Goto Button

Well the view all button lets you view all the games.
The Waiting button lets you view all games that are waiting for players
The Freinds button lets you watch a random episode of freinds, err I mean it
lets you see all the games that people on your buddy list are in.
And the goto button, well its broke, or it least I thought it was, on further
checking up on, it seems that it works now, it lets you hop to a game
really quick, by typing in the game number and the password if there is one.

5) Create and Join Buttons

Well the create button is pretty straight forward, there are 3 types of play
Tag- You select 2 mobiles 1 will have full health and 1 will have half hp,
die once and your out, then the slot machine will come up and you will have
a chance to drop hammers and dynamite and call down lightning upon your enemies
or give your team mates items. Also during tag press f7 or click it at the
bottom right hand part of the screen to select your other mobile.
Solo- You select 1 mobile and fight to the death, 1 death and your out
then the slot machine comes up
Score-Depending on if its a 2v2 or 3v3 4v4, etc, each team has a certain amount of
2v2 ? 3 lives
3v3 ? 4 lives
4v4 ? 5 lives

after that many people have died on a certain team the opposing team wins
if you die you get to come back after 4 turns, and you get to select the spot
that you drop onto also. No slot machine here
Jewel- this mode was taken away because people did a really lame thing to make
money called suicide jewel where 1 team would kill giving the other team a win
and then they would just take turns, it really wasnt an effective way to make
money but people thought it was well anyways there were these little things
called jewels that dropped down from the sky and each one was worth a diffrent
amount of points, first team to 100 won, no one could be hurt or killed in this
unless you suicided.

And the join button?well click on a room and press join to join the room
you can join one if its full or playing, I find this button useless because
you can just double click to get into a room, and alot of times this is better
because sometimes people will enter the room before you get a chance too.

Also during any game if all of 1 teams mobiles are destroyed even if their
points arent all the way gone, then the opposing team won, which was how
jewel suicide worked.

+||||||||Joining a Game||||||||+

Ok, ive discussed basiclly everything you will need to know besides accually
PLAYING THE GAME so, lets get right on to it.

So you find a game and you enter it, The first thing you will want to do is
select your mobile, if this is your first time playing then you will probably
have absolutly no idea what any of them do, thats what im here for
Ill start off by classifing the mobiles by type. If you want a comprehinsive
Really good guide talking about exactly what each of the mobiles do and the
best way to use them then check out the Mobile guide in this very same GameFAQs
Gunbound Section written by mrcanadian (aka Lee T. Haxxxor on GameFAQs)
Here is the link if for some reason you cant find it:

I highly reccomend you read it if you haven?t already, because it really helps.

->>-Bionic Type Mobiles-<<-

->These Mobiles gain Healing bonuses from healing items (items will be talked
about later) and are not effected by J.D. Sates Weapon 2 which will suck in
Metal Mobiles<-

Strengths: Strong to electronic type weapons (+4% protection power)
Weaknesses: Weak to Laser weapon (-4% protection power) and has worst armor


?Secret Mobiles can be gotten by choosing the Random ship, there is about a
1 in 30 chance I think that you will get one, Ive gotten Knight 3 times and
Dragon twice after about 50 randoms though, so I dont really know the exact
number but they arent too hard to get.

->>-Machine Type Mobiles-<<-

->These Mobiles have more or less the highest attack power (but not really)
But they do with out a doubt have the highest land destruction capacity on
their weapons, which is always good for bunging.<-

Strengths: Strong to electric type weapons (+4% protection power)
Weaknesses: Weak to Laser weapon (-4% protection power) and has worst armor

-Nakmachine (aka Nak )
-Raonlauncher (aka Teapot)

->>-Sheild Type Mobiles-<<-

->Whats great about these guys is that the little blue part on their hp bar
is their sheild which regenerates everyturn basiclly giving you extra life
everyturn, the only thing to watch out for is Mage?s SS which will rip your
sheild off and do 400+ damage.

Strengths: Strong to laser weapon (+4% protection power)
Weaknesses: Weak to hitting weapon (-4% protection power)

-A. Sate
-J.D. Sate (aka Cakebot)
-Lightning (aka Lovebot)

Ok, so you?ve selected your bot, now to select your items, alot of new
players will think that items cost money, but they dont, those numbers
are they delay that add (which I will discuss later of course) and the
little treasure box is how much space they take, you have a total of
6 item spaces, to use an item click it and it will be activated: Heres a list
of items and what they do:
(Items cannot be used with SS)

Dual (2 slots | Delay 550)
Lets you shoot the same weapon twice in 1 turn

Dual+ (2 Slots | Delay 400)
Fires 2 consecutive shots that alternate between secondary and primary shots
or vice versa

Blood (1 slot | Delay 0)
Takes away 8% of your health and adds 33% damage to your shot

Power Up (1 slot | Delay 150)
Gives you 33% Damage boost

Bunge Shot (1 slot | Delay 50)
Gives you 25% more land destruction

Thunderbolt (2 slots | Delay 100)
When your shot hits, then thunder comes down, great for bunging

Band-Aid (1 slot | Delay 50)
Heals a little bit. Bionics get 5% healing bonus

Medipak (2 slots | Delay 300)
Recovers 25% of hp. Bionics get 5% healing bonus

Wind Change (1 slot | Delay 100)
Reverses Direction of wind

Teleport (2 slots | Delay 100)
You fire a green shot and where ever it lands your ship will be teleported
to that spot.

Team Teleport (2 slots | Delay 50)
Switch places with team mate who has lowest energy, ends your turn after you
have teleported)

Ok so now that you have gotten your items you need to click the ready button.
If people constantly shout your name, it probably means you havent clicked it.
So when someone says rdy up, thats what they mean.

+||||||||Playing the Game||||||||+
Ugg, finally, we will finally talk about the game itself
instead of explaining everything it does

Ok so everyones loaded and the game starts and you have no clue what do to,
Ill give an explatnation of what everything does.

The players are randomly placed on a map and the turn order is randomly
selected, at the bottom right hand corner of the screen you will see peoples
names and ranks followed by some numbers, when I first started I used to think
that was the games way of saying how good a person was doing, and I always
seemed to have high numbers where as everyone else had low numbers, well
accually I was very wrong, those numbers are your delay, every mobile has
diffrent delay on their weapons, with 1 being the least delay, 2 being more
and the SS being the most (SS Stands for Special Shot) usally 1 will give you
about 800 delay and 2 about 900 and the SS anywhere from 1000 to 1500.
Big factors in delay include how much time you take (+10 delay for every
second you take) and movement and change in your angle (I would change your
angle in between your turn because then it wont count aganist you)
If you go last I would use weapon 1 because you will usally have alot less
delay and get to go twice, infact unless it would be game breaking then
on your first turn I?d reccomend using 1 unless you know the opponent
that will probably be aiming for you will have less delay than you.

Depending on what ship you picked you will have diffrent weapons
to cycle through your weapons press tab or click the 1, 2 or SS
Unless your right up next to the person, fire 1 as an aiming shot (unless
your using Ice because its weapon 2 fires about an inch further) (or if your
NakMachine because its weapon 2 goes thru the ground, which if you learn
how the second shot on Nakmachine works you could still use weapon 1 as a
aiming shot)
When it comes time your turn hold down the space bar to fire your weapon,
You will have to play for a little while before you get the hang of it
but after the first few games you usally can get a pretty good idea of how to
use it.
?>Items:Also to use an item click it at the top right hand Part of the screen.

At the top left hand of the screen you will see a bunch of symbols
these are weather effects. You can see where weather effects are about to
happen because it will say where its going to with a little arrow at
the top of the screen beforehand. Here are the weather effects

Lightning ? All weapons passing through it gain lightning effect

Force ? All weapons passing through it gain power up effect

Hurricane ? Distorts the angle of your weapons

Thor ? A Hovering Laser Satillite that when it takes its turn will shoot
lasers where ever your shot hits

Meteor ? When it appears it will keep changing the power and direction of wind

Ice(not implemented in english version) ? When it appears 15% of land damage
will be increased

Moon ? Heals you a little bit on your turn, even more for for bionic mobiles

Eclipse ? Turns on item lock (I hate this thing and yet I love it because it
has saved me many times) no items can be used if you have already guessed.

Well that about covers everything you need to know, but I will still be
updating this guide with more information later, heres what I plan to update
later and some helpful links

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