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Gunshine Level 1-20 Newbie Guide


Gunshine Level 1-20 Newbie Guide by sneakymaori

Ok you started playing the best game on FB and found that you need to make friends to help with missions?
Having played since before the update I?ll give you a few tips on how to land a good group and hopefully a HIGH LVL as well.

1. Aim at least 3 lvl?s higher when trying to friend a player, chances are they remember how hard it was when they started out on tankinator.

2. Chat first before attempting a friendship or invite to group, it?s like fishing bait then catch.

3. DON?T be rude or spam comments to high lvl players; ie, come, help , follow, go go go. as these will not impress anyone, be polite and ask how to do the mission, chances are they will feel that you are interested in getting long term help, not just one mission.

4. Grind, now this is a tough subject, where, how,and why.
Where: Any lvl where you almost die on any MOB, this will give you good to great XP! Go as high as you can hit which is about 3 lvls higher than you ( Depending on your weapons and gear )
How: With patience one bad guy at a time, don?t rush in and have to use all your precious and expensive med/energy kits, you regenerate quickly enough. Remember you want xp not waste items rushing for a lvl.
Why: Ask any high lvl player this and they will tell you what I?m about to, ? You get more xp grinding than doing missions ? this is a fact, when I was lvl 26 I ground for 3 hours and got to lvl 28 WITHOUT doing any missions, using my grinding method.

5. When you have leveled enough that you don?t take damage on Tankinator ( Around lvl 14-16 ) go back to pirate and see if anyone needs a hand, its fun to see the comments like WOW awesome gear and thanks so much.

When I started I saw some of the cool items my class could get and now that I?m at that lvl you will see me at pirate helping out, I do this because when I started High lvl guys and girls helped me.

Good luck all .


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