Habbo Hotel Abbreviations Guide


Habbo Hotel Abbreviations Guide by X-Tom

Some people might feel like being lazy and therefore don?t type the entire word they mean, or shorten a phrase such as ?Laugh Out Loud? to just ?lol?, which makes it easier for them and easier for you, providing you know what it means. If you don?t know what things mean, you can find out below!

Phrase ? Abbreviation

AFK ? Away from keyboard

NM ? Not Much

BBL ? Be back later

NP ? No problem

BRB ? Be right back

NTY ? No Thankyou

BTW ? By the way

OMG ? Oh my god

BTD ? Bet the dealer

PMSL ? Pee myself lauging

IMO ? In my opinion

PLS ? Please

FTW ? For the win

ROFL ? Roll on floor laughing

G ? Games

TTYL ? Talk to you later

GG ? Good game

TY ? Thankyou

GL ? Good luck

TBH ? To be honest

G2G ? Got to go

TMI ? To much information

LMAO ? Laugh my a$$ off

YW ? Your Welcome

IKR ? I know right

IK ? I know

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